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Bitrix24 and Quickbooks accounting service integration


Quickbooks accounting service ( https://quickbooks.intuit.com/ ) is finance management software. QuickBooks provides a real-time data to business. It gives a 360 degree view of sales – by customer, product, project, or location. It generates an accurate profit-and-loss statement, helps to identify and analyse trends in business, displays incomes and expenses in year-over-year comparisons using pie charts and bar graphs etc.

AfrikaLoan Company asked INTERVOLGARU to automate data transferring from Bitrix24 to Quickbooks.

Bitrix and reCapcha. Fighting robots, not humans


What is a “captcha” today even a schoolboy knows. But “why” - site owners are well aware.

Any captcha is a double-edged sword. A complex captcha protects well against spam robots, but it also prevents customers from sending an application or order. Simple - on the contrary, it is convenient for people and vulnerable to robots.

To the rescue, with the motto “Just for people, difficult for robots”, hurries Google reCapthca .

Looking ahead, I’ll say that we’ve made our cool / universal / non-programming module to replace the standard captcha with reCaptcha .

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Online store profitability calculation


What formulas to calculate the conversion of sales in the online store? Almost a year ago I wrote an article about the payback of an online store. This article has surprisingly become popular and has collected more than 500 responses from people who have used the proposed calculation model.

We handed out this model in Excel to everyone who wanted to make a profitable online store. They could enter basic parameters and get an estimate of the payback period. This made it possible to select profitable niches for the online store.

We continued to work on the analysis of the online store and today we present to you our new development - Calculator of profitability of an online store.

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SMM Promotion — walkthrough


What is SMM? Do you need it?


SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a tool for customers and sales from social networks.

Today, SMM is not only cats and huskies, but also real sales. Of course, you can simply create a group, publish there 5 messages a week and wait for the crowds of new customers to come. It does not work. Without a systematic approach, there will be no result. 

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Integration Bitrix24 with Carrot Quest and One Signal


Carrot Quest ( https://www.carrotquest.io/ ) is an online service of internet-marketing: eCRM, email-circulation, pop-ups, online chat, triggers and web-analytics.

One Signal ( https://onesignal.com/ ) is a service for sending messages and push-ups by events.

AfrikaLoan Company asked INTERVOLGARU to send information about events from Bitrix24 to Carrot Quest and One Signal services.

Five general business processes in Bitrix24 that each company needs


In this article we described the business processes, the automation of which is ordered most often.

Each large commercial or manufacturing company, despite the nuances of the business, has the same type of processes for working with clients, paperwork, shipping goods or providing services. Taking into account the experience of automation of management processes in various companies, we can recommend the following five main business processes that will allow you to improve customer service, speed up paperwork, reduce non-manufacturing costs, improve the conversion of transactions, improve employee KPI.

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Promotion of medical services in social networks. Cosmetology Clinic Case


Social networks are primarily a place where people have fun, communicate, learn news, watch fun content.

Promotion of medical services in social networks often has some difficulties. For example, a small number of subscribers compared to groups of entertainment topics, goods and services of frequent demand. Even with high attendance, such groups rarely enter and often unsubscribe, having received the necessary information. Particularly reluctant to join groups of clinics that provide specific services: the restoration of reproductive functions, urological centers, etc.

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Bitrix24 as HR-portal, personnel development center and corporate university


For a company, it is important that employees share its principles. Thought in one direction. We saw the goal, felt responsible for the result. Then people work better. And they become happier (but this is not certain).

When you have 20 people, there are no problems with this. When 50, begin. When 500 or several thousand is no longer a problem, but pain.

It is like a garden - while it is small and picked up from congenial people, it is enough to water and weed in time. But if there are many different colors, more effort is needed. What are the tools for garden care, we describe below.

To unite people, you need to gather them in one place, inspire, teach, entertain, reward, punish, give responsibility, give information and do a dozen more HR pieces. Some corporatives in the fresh air here will not do. We need a permanent platform for such activities.

Internal HR portals are a good solution. If you do it right, they live, grow and help the company grow. Not in words, but in life.

We share the experience of creating such portals on Bitrix24.

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Bitrix24 and Kenya’s eCitizen portal integration


INTERVOLGARU has completed the Bitrix24 and Kenya’s  eCitizen portal  integration for  AfrikaLoan .

The Kenyan government’s  eCitizen portal  provides such services as booking a driver’s test with the National Transport Safety Authority, applying for a passport from the Immigration Department and others. So the portal collects a lot of data about Kenya’s citizens.

Kenya’s  eCitizen portal  also allows financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies to check and verify whether the information and identification documents provided by their clients are legitimate.

The task was to verify clients’ personal ID data at Bitrix24 with Kenya’s eCitizen portal.

Automation Instagram - detailed instructions for smm-specialist


An article about the safe work in Instagram using automation software. 

Instagram is hard to automate, and most operations are a solid routine. The platform is closed, strict paranoid security requirements.

When one specialist works with several accounts, there is not enough time for thorough study. We'll tell you about the services - assistants in promoting Instagram.

Instagram algorithms regularly undergo changes. To promote your account, you need to consider a large number of factors. Therefore, for promotion we recommend using popular and proven services that monitor changes in algorithms daily and take into account these changes in the operation of services.

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New in the email Bitrix24 - release Bitrix24. Sydney


Today we will talk about one of the new Bitrix24.Sydney release.

Bitrix24. Mail is a full-fledged email client with integration with other sections of Bitrix24.

Waited for such a module for a long time. The request “we want managers to use the portal as a mailer” we have heard repeatedly. Let's see if the new section responds.

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Features of the promotion of beauty services in social networks. Makeup Artist Case



Increasing the flow of applications due to the promotion of groups in social networks on Instagram and Facebook .


  • monthly increase in subscribers,

  • building up a loyal user base for the word of mouth effect,

  • attracting clients to training programs

building portfolio and connections through collaborative projects .

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Bitrix24 and Africa’s Talking integration

Implementations We have written earlier about integrations of Bitrix24 with M-Pesa and Transunion . At present INTERVOLGARU has completed several integrations for AfrikaLoan company. The article is about the integration with Africa’s Talking SMS-service ( https://africastalking.com/ ).

We set up analytics on landings and Bitrix24. Websites - step by step guide


We notice the general trend of simplifying content and delivering marketing messages to consumers. Landing page designers (landing pages) are a prime example. Tilda, LPGenerator, PlatformaLP - tools that do not require serious skills in web development. If you do not require a wow design, the site can be made in a few hours. This will be a full-fledged web page. There will be forms on it, you can sell something with it.

Bitrix released its designer landing pages in October 2017. In the first six months, users created hundreds of thousands of pages. At the presentation in October 2018, ~ 100 thousand pages of shared access were announced.

The next stage is an army of marketers, promoting the sites of Bitrix24 in various channels from all sites. This stage is in full swing. The volume of traffic will only grow.

The next wave - the heroes-analysts who rake up the traffic debris, sift valuable ore, indicate the direction of development.

What stage are you now? When will you go to the next?

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17+ functions of wholesale B2B online store. Interface examples


Say “online store” - what is remembered? Beautiful site for retail sales.

Shopping cart, large photos, “selling card product”, “place an order” and so on.

Thousands of articles have been written about such stores, templates of such stores can be downloaded on the Web or installed along with the content management system.

The owners of such stores integrate them with trading platforms (Google Merchant Center and others), working to increase conversion. The main question is “how to attract? how to sell?

But the online store may be different. The online store can be focused on wholesalers, on regular customers, on interaction with branches and distribution networks.

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Bitrix24 and TransUnion integration


AfrikaLoan Limited asked INTERVOLGARU integrate Bitrix24 with TransUnion credit history bank ( https://www.transunion.com ). Before we had integrated Bitrix24 and M-Pesa for that Company.

Such online loans lender as AfricaLoan needs to prevent fraud delivering customers a seamless experience.

Transunion produces a comprehensive assessment of risk. TransUnion Identity Verification verifies consumer-provided information by bringing together vast data and analytics. It combines insights on consumers, their digital devices, transaction behaviors and known associations.

Telephony Asterisk and Bitrix24


Each company invariably passes certain “milestones” in its development:

  • accounting system,

  • internal and external electronic document flow,

  • task tracker,

  • CRM.

It has arrived (and for a long time) it's time to pour calls into this controlled information flow. All the conditions have already been created: it is hundreds of IP-telephony providers (among them there are both market giants and ambitious newcomers). Every second CRM system already has the ability to integrate with PBX. And we can help you complete this integration.

Let's see what opportunities the Bitrix24 platform provides for integration with telephony systems.

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Payment system M-Pesa and Bitrix24 integration

Implementations In the middle of 2017 AfrikaLoan сompany contacted us to integrate Bitrix24 with M-Pesa Services ( https://www.mpesa.in/portal/ ).

The tasks were:

1. to send money from Bitrix24 via M-Pesa to the customer,

2. to have info about receiving money from customers into Bitrix24.

3. The information about all successful payments / payments cancellations / payments error should be at Bitrix24 report.

4. If the payment to the customer fails Bitrix24 sends query to M-Pesa for repeating the payment.

5. Bitrix24 allows loan controllers to see the payments balance and each the payment to / from customer.

Setting user rights in Bitrix24


In a serious company, the division of access rights is an indispensable thing for moving from chaos and anarchy to order and organization. Access rights are needed so that all employees fulfill their specific duties, without being distracted by the tasks and duties of other employees.

Proper installation of access rights primarily affects the organization and discipline of employees, which contributes to an increase in overall efficiency and productivity. In addition, the differentiation of access rights increases the information security of your company.

To properly establish access rights, you must first understand them: what they can be applied to and what they are.

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Electronic approval of documents in Bitrix24. Simplify bureaucratic procedures


Tons of paper documents are an integral part of the life of an organization. As it grows, a huge number of contracts, bills, acts and internal documents appear. "Papers" are beginning to interfere with the real work:

  1. Agreement agreement with an important client is delayed for a month;

  2. Documents are lost within the organization;

  3. It is not clear: who is waiting for what and from whom - no one can be found responsible;

  4. Electronic versions of documents are stored on employees' computers and are transmitted to each other by mail or on flash drives;

  5. To find the right contract, you need to go through a chain of three, five, fifteen people.

There are at least two symptoms from the list? Congratulations, you have lupus, you suffer from red tape.

We know how to help. In Bitrix24, business processes are automated and an electronic document management system is built.

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Facebook dynamic remarketing: instructions

Implementations Facebook dynamic remarketing is a tool that allows you to show cards of viewed, but not purchased items using a data feed and special settings. The ad is shown to users on Facebook and other sites that are part of the advertising network.

To configure it is necessary:

  1. Organization page and advertising account in the social network Facebook.

  2. Installed Facebook pixel code on all pages of your site.

  3. A script that sends events to a Facebook pixel.

  4. Structured uploading of goods to a special file.

If you have ever placed an advertisement on Facebook, obtained results from an advertisement and were able to view statistics, then the first 2 steps have already been implemented. Consider the following steps in more detail.

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Advertising campaigns: what is it and how much does it cost?


In this article I want to tell you what lies behind the concept of “Maintaining contextual advertising”, because I often encounter a lack of understanding of what makes the complexity of this service, what it includes and why it is needed.

The article will be useful to the clients of our agency and those who are going to become them.

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Guideline, who are you?


«Brand recognition.

Branding for serious competition.

Bright visual difference from competitors.»

Oh, these are such sweet words! Any customer sees them in a sweet dream. Only now, after receiving a budget for advertising, he completely loses sleep.

How to find the optimal balance of price / quality / terms? PF-FF, so easy! It is necessary once to develop a quality guideline and stop wasting staff time, the company's money on developing each new design layout from scratch.

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Contests in social networks for business: what you need to know about the mechanics, rules, budget and advertising


An article about the importance of competitions in modern social networks. Relevant to the middle of 2018. It contains mini-instructions for conducting competitions and marathons in popular Russian social networks.

Have you decided to “warm up” the subscribers and organize an interesting competition? Read the article, you will succeed!

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20 unpleasant features of Facebook as an advertising platform


When a client comes to us who has already independently placed an advertisement on Facebook, as a rule, he already has a page, an advertising office and a pixel (that is, the code that needs to be placed on the site to collect the audience and track events). For our convenience, we make ourselves administrative access to customer data and work through the Business Manager. But if a client created a pixel from a personal page, and not from an organization’s page, then access to it is impossible.

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GeoIP city definition and geo-dependency on sites


Why do you need GeoIP

Your task is to show different phones / prices / availability of goods depending on the user's city? Or maybe you want to simplify the user ordering? - These tasks rest on the automatic determination of the country / city by IP-address.

Is it difficult to locate a user by IP address? Probably not difficult. But to do it qualitatively - the task is not for the faint of heart. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Accuracy is extremely low and varies depending on the base of IP-addresses.

  2. IP addresses are constantly changing their location, and site owners forget to update their databases.

  3. Developers have a temptation to go along the curve track and start accessing online services.

  4. Developers too lazy to do caching

  5. The name of the city, which returns the geo-base, it is difficult to associate with the site location and business logic.

  6. In Bitrix there is no ready-made component to display / change the city

The difference in labor intensity between “and so come down” and “reliable solution” is 20-40 man-hours. We stuffed cones for a long time, and when we’re tired of it, we put together all our developments in one cool module for Bitrix .

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37 errors in online store baskets that interfere with conversion


The main goal of any online store is the sale of goods or services. One of the main tools for making sales through the online store is, of course, a shopping cart. In the article we will try to figure out why this tool is often not an assistant, but, on the contrary, a hindrance in the “went to the site — saw — acquired” algorithm.

For those who want to find a panacea for the lack of sales through the online store in this article, we have some advice - think in a comprehensive way, do not look for the source of problems in only one place. We analyzed the baskets in online stores and reviewed the errors encountered.

I can’t say that every online store has a snowflake personality, but there are still several large groups for which some tips will ultimately bring profit, while others are not relevant. So read, taking into account the profile of your activity.

When choosing the appearance of a product card, placing buttons, developing an order algorithm, you must take into account the characteristics, tastes, demographic and other indicators of a potential buyer.

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Media Planning for an Online Advertising Campaign


In this article, we learn:

  1. On media planning in theory: I will give definitions, I will describe the stages, I will share textbooks.

  2. On media planning earlier and now: TV, newspapers, radio, outdoor and his highness the Internet.

  3. Consider the main indicators of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Let's see the real calculations in the table.

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Facebook and Instagram for an online store of designer goods with ROMI 221%


The client is a large online store of designer furniture and interior items. Basically, these are high-priced designer products. But the assortment is so different that in the same catalog for 16,000 items, trinkets for 300 rubles and a dinner table for 800,000 rubles are side by side.

According to the statistics of the last 3 months, the average order amount is 16 570 rubles. Online store revenue is about 11 million rubles a month.

Target audience of the client:

  • interior designers;

  • wholesale buyers;

  • final consumers: people of high and medium income, often residents of elite cottage settlements;

  • owners of restaurants and cafes.

There are several advertising channels in the work: contextual and targeted advertising.

In the article we will look at Facebook and Instagram. Work on them allowed us to apply interesting targeting in combination with specially selected content and achieve an increase in ROMI by 3 times.

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Bitrix 24 CRM and Zapier


Bitrix24 CRM is popular with small business CRM having great opportunities, even for free. API Bitrix24 allows to integrate it easily with other systems even in cloud version (we wrote about successful integration Bitrix24 CRM with  Twilio SMS ).

Zapier is a convenient visual constructor for WEB-system automation. Zapier allows to assemble workflows at Trello, Gmail, Wordpress etc into a unified process. At the moment (while we are writing this article) at Zapier there are no units ready for connection with Bitrix24 CRM.

In this article we will show how to set interaction between Zapier and Bitrix24 CRM.

Automatic call to a customer from Bitrix24 workflows


Bitrix24 module Workflows is a versatile tool for business processes automation. Via the module you can gather data, make calculations and save the result.

Not every automation workflow session is efficient. For example, if an employee has to call several clients sequentially to ask questions and write down the answers to be automatically processed.

The Workflows module doesn’t have integration with Bitrix24 telephony. Time is valuable. That is why we minimized the time for switching between Bitrix24 tasks, telephony, contact card and questionnaire.

We have trained Bitrix24 to manage phone calling via the Workflows.

Automatic leads distributing at CRM Bitrix24


If a company has two or more employees responsible for leads at CRM Bitrix24 there arises a question of distributing leads among the employees. At present CRM Bitrix24 has no such function and every time the responsible person is assigned by the manager. How to automate the process? INTERVOLGARU offers several simple decisions to  solve the problem.

At first you should define the order for the leads distributing. We identified several most common decisions.

Contract approving in company. Document automation


The business produces a lot of documents: mails, contracts, acts, bills, invoices, reconciliation acts, etc. This paper work is enjoyable for young businessmen , because it gives the feeling of company’s growth.

If a  company has more than 10 employees, then the number of people  who are responsible for approving of and signing documents grows. The new positions appears: project managers, sellers, lawyers and bookkeepers. All of them participate in the workflow. Clients and vendors also edit the documents and wait for a quick response.

You just can’t waste your time running around, looking for versions of documents, sending mails with the edited contracts. And the person in charge will never know where the exact document or person is.

Paper work and sending e-mails is time-wasting and can spread chaos.

The solution we would recommend is Document Automation Systems (DAS).

How Bitrix24 fits a fitness network


It happens that business growth generates problems. It becomes difficult to follow  every current process, deal and request. It is almost impossible to analyze the database of contacts by hand.

Employees control is complicated due to the lack of bounds between the client base and documents. Sometimes there is no actual client base.

Our clients often come to INTERVOLGARU with similar problems.

Bitrix24 implementation for Sales Department

Implementations The article is written for heads of sales departments. The information is useful for IT directors who are looking for features to boost sales .
Heads of sales departments pick up sales information, seek for sales growth and sales team efficiency.
We will tell you how to customize Bitrix24 for the objectives.

Incoming SMS within Bitrix24

Implementations There is an Australian coach. He uses free cloud version Bitrix24 for managing trainings. Bitrix24 sent info SMS to clients using Twilio ( https://www.twilio.com/ ) as the SMS provider.  Currently there is an SMS integration between Twilio and Bitrix24. The problem is that Bitrix24 not receive the messages from Twilio or no two way SMS communication. Incoming SMS was available at Twilio Personal Account only.

Case of Bitrix24 integration for Prestalatino company


Prestalatino gives out micro loans in Mexico. This company successfully operates in Russia and enters the market of several developing countries. Below we will discuss the entry into the market of Latin America - the Prestalatino project.

The client invests in automation and business processes. To be faster and more efficient, they actively use online databases and services. Starting with the bailiffs' database and ending with the automatic transfer of the debtor’s case to court.

Synchronizing Bitrix24 with Active Directory. Problems and solutions


This material is of relevance for synchronizing self-hosted Bitrix24 with Active Directory and LDAP.

The article is long, so let us start with the conclusion. We often have to solve the task of synchronizing Active Directory with Bitrix24. The tools needed are available, but some additional setups are required. This article is about fine-tuning methods and solving problems related to such informational exchange.  

We will consider a specific example. Our customer is a large production company. There is a configured domain controller and Active Directory with a list of users.   

The task is to transfer users to Bitrix24 and set up synchronization. For the purpose of synchronizing information from the user fields and during user deactivation in Active Directory, it was deactivated in Bitrix24.

The self-hosted Bitrix24 version has a standard module for this task - “AD/LDAP integration”.

Prior to synchronization, this module needs to be installed or updated.

It is possible to set up periodic synchronization. The basic setup makes it possible to define periodicity only in hours. We set synchronization for every hour. It makes sense to increase this time to 24 hours after portal setup is complete, as Active Directory data normally seldom change.

Important! The synchronization itself occurs only after user authentication at the portal. If the user has not visited the portal, it is necessary to press ‘Activate’ in the user list to enforce synchronization. Otherwise, the user will not be synchronized until they enter the portal.

CRM Bitrix24 in 2018


Developers of cloud-based CRM Bitrix 24 are quick in reacting to changes in demand and often release new versions.

Another large-scale update was presented in spring, 2018.

Let us go over all the new features in detail.

In this article:

  • What is the most important thing about the Bitrix24 Hong Kong update?

  • How will the work of clients and implementers change?

  • Which new market is Bitrix gaining a foothold in?

The most important question is who stands to gain from using Bitrix24? What sort of companies should adopt Bitrix24? What does the future hold? 

Bitrix24 migration: Cloud-to-self-hosted


Why "migrate" from the cloud version of Bitrix24 to the on-premise edition, how to prepare correctly for the migration and what surprises you may be waiting for along the way - we will try to understand in the article.

First, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud version and on-premise edition of Bitrix24 and the signs that it's time for you to migrate to the on-premise version.

Embedding Bitrix24 into a website using a widget and a CRM form


Bitrix24 developers are taking serious efforts to ensure that it is possible to provide informational exchange between Bitrix24 and different systems. We will look at how such informational exchange is possible with a corporate website and show how to set up leads using the B24+Website connection.

Let’s start.

We are going to use the cloud version of the Bitrix24 service.

Your website can be built on any platform: Wordpress, Drupai or Joomla. We will just add to it the html code created by Bitrix24 at the end.

For demonstration purposes, we will use a test website built on the Bitrix platform, but the setup can be performed on ANY platform.

Bitrix24 new CRM card. What has become better and what should better be reinstated

Implementations On the 10th of October 1C Bitrix released a lot of new updates in the cloud version of Bitrix24. Traditionally, such massive changes influences the name of the product. Therefore, we would like to welcome you to “Bitrix24 Tokyo”. My colleagues and i decided to reveal the most interesting updates in the series of articles.

Bitrix24, BPM'online, amoCRM and SugarCRM comparison

Implementations In INTERVOLGA I am occupied with Bitrix24 implementation and customization and often asked about other CRM systems. The questions are very different: someone wants to move from amoCRM and asks if we can transfer existing data to Bitrix24 and how much it will cost, someone examines different CRM systems to choose from before implementation and asks questions about their differences, another one has faced some strong technical limitations customizing an existing system and wants to be sure it won’t happen again if they decide to move to Bitrix24 etc. It is difficult for me to give a fair answer since we work only with Bitrix24. In order to close this knowledge gap I’ve decided to “touch” most popular of them and compare them with Bitrix24.

Implementation of self-hosted Bitrix24. Cost of 50 typical tasks


How many customers use the self-hosted Bitrix24?

More than a million companies use Bitrix24. I believe there are at least 60% of them are inactive or just trying B24 for testing.

Therefore, consider 400 thousand of them. Let's drop those who are completely satisfied with the cloud version and do not want anything more.

Let it be 200 thousand. Let's drop those who do not want to spend money and energy on the boxed version (the financial costs at the initial stage for the cloud version - at least 20 times less).

So, there are 20 thousand customers left. These are companies that have bought or are ready to buy a self-hosted version and invest in the development of the system "for their needs." These are serious customers. They are waiting for a good job.

Bitrix24 software improvements are complex. To fulfill them, you must understand the tasks of the business, know the structure of the system and be able to solve problems. Competent developers are few. There are even fewer active developers.

The market is promising but empty. We develop and support corporate portals on a self-hosted version of Bitrix24. Our goal is to take a larger share of this growing market.

An important step towards this goal is to have a broad outlook and deep competence in how to create extensions for Bitrix24, how to evaluate this work and how to properly do it. The price of the error is high.

The article gives an overview of the tasks of extending the functions of Bitrix24 for the summer of 2016. Each task is commented and evaluated.

E-mail tracking in Bitrix24: Your CRM takes your letters automatically


In latest Bitrix24 Update « Corsica » there are some new functions — Open Channels, CRM-forms, E-mail- и 1C-trackers. We have examinted them and are ready to share our results. We will tell you about Email-tracker for workflow automation in your company.

Manifesto of Bitrix24 implementation

Implementations How should Bitrix24 be implemented? Is it possible to be prepared for this task? The implementation of a new system is always an answer to a specific problem. And the company managers and especially employees can rarely imagine a way to success. We have analysed a big amount of implementation projects and have prepared some recommendations regarding the technology of the successful implementation. 

Creation of the world in the company by implementing Bitrix24


Bringing order in the organization is a creative task. You must push yourself and your colleagues, perform qualitative changes. It can only be fulfilled by a strong-willed and wise leader.

This article describes how it can be done with the use of Bitrix24. We advise you to read the article  Manifesto of Bitrix24 implementation , where the main "commandments", i.e. principles of work are summarized.

To experienced administrators and IT-employees we recommend to explore a high quality (though voluminous and complicated) training course (in Russian) on the portal implementation from 1C-Bitrix .

This article describes the sequence of Bitrix24 implementation steps within 7 steps - "dys". Every step is not 24 hours, but a more extended time period, usually 1-2 business weeks.

We are going to talk about a small or a medium-size company without any experience in the serious automation of processes.

The key thesis is the following: the Bitrix24 implementation is based on the employees' constructive attitude and diligence. 
Work with people is about love and not about violence.

Privilege tuning for regional departments in Bitrix24 CRM

Implementations We have heard many times from our customers the following question: how to tune a cloud version of Bitrix24 for correct work with several regional representative offices in the same portal. Company Management wants to rule and collect accounts in one place, but be sure that access rights and scopes between regions are strictly determined. Such organizational schemes suit for any net structures or franchise companies. See details in the article.

Project case: Bitrix24 is now used at the manufacturing enterprise


NDA and features of the case

It is a real story about the project of Bitrix24 implemantation at an enterprise.

We signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), according to which we could not name the exact field of the Customer's activities (the company is specific, almost unique), show screenshots and say aloud any kind of particularities.

External integration and information exchange with Bitrix24

Implementations We continue the topic of the Big Bitrix24 implementation. That means that you've bought the box version and you are developing its capabilities.

A serious implementation of Bitrix24 will surely require integration with the external systems. For example:

  1. Uploading the products database to the CRM from the warehousing or another accounting software.

  2. Synchronizing counteragent companies with the accounting or recording program.

  3. Binding leads and transactions to the requests for the warehouse or production.

  4. Creating leads at registration of new applications in other systems (sites, email, electronic archives, etc.).

  5. Receiving reports, including data from Bitrix24 and other systems.

This article is about love.

Bitrix24: Key performance indicators and custom reports based on CRM


Bitrix24 is used to solve management tasks in different organizations.

In some cases there are 5 employees, in other cases - 500.

Maybe you have 5 transactions a week in CRM, or maybe 500 calls a day.

Even the concept of "project", "transaction", "offer" have different meanings in different organizations.

How do you use it then? Why does it work at all?

I must say that creation of a software product "for any company", what Bitrix24 has become, is a surprising phenomenon. Who is this system for? What organizations is it for?

For everybody? or for "nobody"?

You can say that Bitrix24 is suitable for everybody to solve 80% of tasks. And for the remaining 20% everybody needs a fine setting and update.

In accordance with the principle of Pareto the first 80% are easily implemented. We are trying, studying, watching videos, getting used. Everything works. This is a small implementation.

The remaining 20% are more difficult. You need the research and the expert's work. Sometimes - "in terms of workflows". Sometimes - a database designer, a REST API expert and a programmer on some kind of React JS.

In this article we talk about a most interesting case of developing "the second type applications" for cloud Bitrix24 and show the possibilities of expanding the service functionality.

Real application of automated business processes: Bitrix24 CRM


Last Bitrix24 reports and webinars were dedicated to business processes in general sense and says almost nothing about their implementation in CRM. We are sure that every specialist who work with Bitrix24 CRM can name several problems which should be automated. Let's examine below one of them and offer an algorithm to solve it using business process.

What Bitrix24 business processes actually are and how to manage them

Implementations In this article we will examine the question of business process control in Bitrix24. We will show you examples in which you will find the answers for questions like where to find running business process, how to stop specific process, how to restart stopped ones, and how to determine who impedes the work in the company. 
We will give you some recommendations which enable Administrator or an employee to watch and control business processes in Bitrix24.