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Automatic leads distributing at CRM Bitrix24

If a company has two or more employees responsible for leads at CRM Bitrix24 there arises a question of distributing leads among the employees. At present CRM Bitrix24 has no such function and every time the responsible person is assigned by the manager. How to automate the process? INTERVOLGARU offers several simple decisions to  solve the problem.

At first you should define the order for the leads distributing. Below we identified several most common decisions.

  1. Random leads distributing. Any request can be processed by any employee in charge.

  2. Random leads distributing by groups. There are several types of requests (for example “Europe”, “Australia”, “USA” and several groups of those in charge “Manager for Europe”, “Manager for Australia”, “Manager for USA”). According to the request type the group in charge is selected. After that the strategy is similar to strategy in number one. That is useful for requests distribution via geographical location, type of service etc.

  3. Even leads distributing. New lead is assigned to an  employee who has fewer leads at the moment.

  4. Mixed strategies. That is a man-day rate (after having processed 50 requests – go home, that is maximum for one employee), based on employee’s personal preferences, and different estimations and metrics: skill level, employee’s effectiveness etc.

Let's see how we implemented some of the strategies at Bitrix24.

Random leads distributing

Bitrix24 Standard and higher level subscription plan allow to create Trigger which will be activated via moving a lead to the appropriate stage. At first we should create a new stage “For distribution”. Moving the lead to that stage will trigger the leads distribution routine.

With the command “Edit in Workflow Designer” at section “Automation rules” simple workflow is created. Two steps are needed: “Select Employee” and “Change person in charge”.

At the first step the list of employees in charge is formed. Here we can add standby users. The second step of workflow assigns a random user as responsible for the current lead.

Random leads distributing for regional groups of employees

We could implement the strategy via two ways:

  1. Set a proper number of stages (for example “For distribution - Europe”, “For distribution - Australia” and “For distribution - USA”).

  2. Add the field “Region” at Lead Card and at the Employees. Then we customize the Bitrix24 Workflow for random lead distributing  with the step “Condition”.

Even leads distribution

That issue also could be solved via Bitrix24 Workflows.

Let’s see the other options.


Bitrix24 Plus and higher subscriptions allow setting up a webhook for moving a lead to a particular stage. All the Bitrix24 subscriptions allow using a universal webhook for Lead changing (ONCRMLEADUPDATE). In any case Bitrix24 notifies an outside server about the event with the webhook. At this point developer skills or external service such as Zapier are needed .

INTERVOLGARU can write a script for you. The script will get signal from Bitrix24 and then acts via algorithm:

  1. Get the list of all people in charge from Bitrix24

  2. For each person get the number of actual Leads from Bitrix24

  3. Select the employee with the fewest Leads

  4. Assign that employee as person responsible for the new Lead.

Mixed strategies

For all other strategies the individual solution is needed. INTERVOLGARU company deals with implementation and customization of Bitrix24 from Bitrix24 market entry. We are competent and highly experienced in that field.


There are no automated solutions for the leads distributing process at Bitrix24. The distribution can be implemented via:

  1. “Simple strategies” like Automation rule+Workflow (Bitrix24 Standard and higher subscription plan), in which case it takes us 2-7 hours to configure Bitrix24.

  2. “Mid-level strategies” like Automation rule+Webhook+PHP (Bitrix24 Plus and higher subscription). The configuration lasts 5-10 hours.

  3. “Smart strategies” like Webhook+PHP (any Subscription plan). The configuration takes 15 or more hours.