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Overview of services for integrating WhatsApp with Bitrix24

We have offered Bitrix24 services for a long time - implementation, customization, and integration. One of the most popular work scenarios with Bitrix24 CRM is communication with clients where it is most convenient for them. By email, phone call, text message, or messenger, of which, WhatsApp stands out as one of the most popular. Every business needs an integration with whatsapp, as there’s hardly a client who doesn’t use the messenger. Especially for you, we have researched all the popular methods of achieving this.

WhatsApp integration with Bitrix24 is directly possible via the WhatsApp Business API, but access to it is limited. To get access, you need to submit your company's data for review. This is a long process, and access is often denied. Therefore, we have to integrate via external connectors.

In this blog post, we show you how

External connectors

List of the most popular services for integrating Bitrix24 with WhatsApp:

Each of these services has the same principle of integration of WhatsApp with Bitrix24, namely:

  1. Downloading and Installing the app from the marketplace.

  2. Create outgoing and incoming channels in the service itself (outgoing channel - Bitrix24 portal installed by the service application, incoming-WhatsApp Web application on the service side).

Authorization in WhatsApp is performed by scanning a QR code with your phone, which leads to many inconveniences when working with integration.

Summary table of integration services capabilities:






Correspondence in Bitrix24 chat






Quoting messages, message statuses(delivered, read)






Support for all media file types






Automatic creation of leads,contact, deals in CRM when a message comes in via WhatsApp






History of correspondence in CRM cards






Ability to write to the client first






Voice messages






Working with business processes and robots












Working with WhatsApp groups






Next, we will analyze the integration services of Bitrix24 and WhatsApp in detail.

Integration with Wazzup

Let's go step-by-step in configuring Bitrix24 integration with Wazzup service.

1. Register on the service's website

Go to the site https://wazzup24.com/ and register. After registration, a test period of 3 days will be available to get acquainted with the service for free

2. Adding an incoming channel

After authorization, the user enters his personal account.

Select “Channels” in the left menu, click on the “Add channel” → " WhatsApp”

A form opens with a QR code for authorization.

To continue, you need to open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone -> Settings ->WhatsApp Web, where you will be prompted to scan the QR code.

After scanning the QR code, a new active channel with our number will appear in your merchant profile.

Install the Wazzup app from the Bitrix24 marketplace and configure integration (outgoing channel).

Now you need to configure integration in the service's merchant profile.

Select “Integrations” from the left menu, click on the button “Add integration” → “Bitrix24”.

Enter your CRM portal URL in the form

When you click on the "Connect" button, you will see a link for authorization using the OAuth Protocol. The wazzup chat bot will appear in the portal

Wazzup Features

In open Bitrix24 lines, we can see the client's message, as well as on mobile

For this integration, the open line was configured so that customer data is automatically saved in CRM. 

To save leads manually, open the menu actions → "Save to CRM".

A notification will appear in the chat that a new lead has been created.

In the lead card, you can view your conversation history.

Integrating with i2crm 

Let's perform a step-by-step configuration of Bitrix24 integration with the i2crm service.

1. Register on the site https://i2crm.ru/. After completing registration, users are given a 7-day trial period to get acquainted with the service.

2. setting up the incoming channel

After logging in to the site, you need to set up an incoming channel. To do this, select in the header “Settings" → “Incoming channels”

On the page that opens, click on the "Create channel" → " WhatsApp”

When creating a channel, you can create a small list with advanced settings.

Click the connect WhatsApp button and scan the QR code from your smartphone


After scanning the QR code, we see a message about a successful connection. Click the "Create channel" button”


Install the i2crm app from the Bitrix24 marketplace and configure integration (outgoing channel)

We find the i2crm app in the Bitrix24 marketplace and install it.

Go back to the i2crm service site and select "Settings" →in the header. “Outgoing channels”.


Click on the "Create channel" → " Bitrix24”

Select the necessary settings for integration, click " Connect Bitrix24”

After successful authorization via the OAuth Protocol, a message about successful access to the portal is displayed. 

Click "Create channel". Integration is configured.

I2crm functionality

Let's write a test message to the number for which we configured the incoming channel:

We can open a chat in the portal, go to the tab with open lines and see the conversation

In the integration settings, we specified the "open lines" mode of operation. According to the logic of “open lines”, a message from a new contact will automatically create a lead in CRM:

Responding to a message from the Bitrix24 chat:

Let's use your smartphone to check if the message was received:

Integration with OLChat 

The integration process with OLChat is somewhat different from integration with other services. When configuring this integration, you don't need to register on the website. All settings will be made in the Bitrix24 app.

First, you need to install the app from the Bitrix24 marketplace.

After installation, we will see notifications that OLChat has been successfully connected.

Next, you need to connect the connector to an open line. To do this, in the Bitrix24 portal, go to” Contact center " → " [OLChat] WhatsApp”. Click " Connect”

After connecting, we will see the following in the chat with notifications::

The next step is to connect to WhatsApp. Go to the “OLChat "tab in the Bitrix24 portal, hover over the “QR code" link. A QR code will appear in the pop-up window and you will need to scan it using the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

After scanning the QR code, the connection status should change to " Connected”

After completing these steps, the integration is configured and ready to work. All that remains is to set up an open Bitrix24 line for distributing incoming messages between managers, setting up working hours, working with CRM logic, and so on.

OLChat Functionality

Let's create a new contact and write to the client first via the SMS functionality. Go to the contact card → "SMS", select the service [OLChat] <Connector name>, write the message text and send it

We check if the client received the message:

We will respond to the message in this chat and see an automatic message in response from the Bitrix24 open lines settings:

We can open correspondence with the client in Bitrix24 chats in the open lines section or directly through the CRM card.

Meanwhile, the portal received a notification about the client's response and updated the contact card:

Delete the contact and dialog in WhatsApp. Let's test the situation when the client wrote first. Write a message from the client and respond to it from the Bitrix24 chat:

Here, on the client's side, you can notice an interesting detail - the name of the user who is currently corresponding is added to the message sent from the Bitrix24 chat.:

With this integration, the open line is configured so that data is saved to CRM automatically. To save manually, in the actions menu, select "Save to CRM". Then, you can go directly from the chat to the card of the created lead.

From here you can also click on “view lead card”.

Let's take a look at the OLChat app settings.

In the main menu of the app, there is a toolbar that contains the settings of the app and WhatsApp groups

The “Add WhatsApp "button redirects the user to the” Contact center" of the portal, where you can add new open lines to the application.

The “Settings " button opens the settings window, where you can enable/disable the available activation and robot functions of the app, as well as add your own icon for the connector.

The "WA groups" button allows you to add and configure a WhatsApp group chat in the portal.


Enable the WhatsApp group. To do this, click the "Connect group" button.

In the new window, select the connector:


After selecting the connector, select a group to chat:


Click on the "Create group chat" button. In the group settings, you can add employees to the chat, as well as manage the “incognito” mode by hiding or showing the names of employees in the WhatsApp group chat.


The group chat itself is located in Bitrix24 chats (not in open line chats). All messages sent by employees in this chat will be sent to the WhatsApp group.

At the moment, OLChat does not have the ability to work with group chats in CRM.

You can also create a public chat, then add users (employees, company departments, extranet users, etc)

WhatsApp groups and voice messages in OLChat

Connecting an existing WhatsApp group. Select the connector and the group that you want to connect, click " Create group chat”

Bitrix24 has created a chat designed for communicating in this WhatsApp group:

Let's go back to the group chat in Bitrix24. The message is received:

If any of the numbers are not already in the CRM, by clicking on the lightning icon beside the message, you can create a lead, contact, company or deal.

We also tested Incognito mode.
We sent 2 messages - One will have incognito mode enabled, and the other will have It disabled. This is how we'll check if OLChat really knows how to show / hide employee names.

The message “You don't know who answered you” was written with “Hide employee names " enabled, and the message “And now you know!” - with it turned off.

Let's check how it appears on the client's smartphone:

As you can see, when the "Hide employee names" option is disabled, the name of the employee who sent the message is added to the message sent from the Bitrix24 chat.

Of all the connectors we tested, only OLChat has support for voice messages.

We send voice messages to the group:

The voice notes arrive in Bitrix24. You can listen to them:

Integration with Pact.im

First, you need to register on the merchant’s official website,and wait for them to contact you!

Next, you need to install the service's app Pact.im in Bitrix24. After installation, a window opens with the code for configuring integration.

Next, go to your personal account on the site Pact.im. Select the “CRM Integration " tab and insert the key specified after installing the application on the portal in front of the “Bitrix24” field.


We return to our portal, select the "Pact" application in the left menu, and see a message about successful integration configuration.

Next, you need to connect the channel with WhatsApp. Go to your personal account on the site Pact.im, go to the “Channels " tab.


At the setup stage, we are only interested in steps 3 and 5.

In step 3, we are asked to select settings for syncing messages.

In step 5, you need to scan the QR code from your phone to log in via WhatsApp Web.

After the QR code has been scanned, you just need to wait for the service to configure it.

The last stage of integration is setting up open lines on the portal. Go to our portal in “Contact center " → " WhatsApp (via Pact.im)”


Next, you need to select an open line and click "Connect".

This step completes the integration process.

Pact.im Functionality 

Send a message to the connected WhatsApp number:


A message was sent to the open line:


We will respond to a message from the open lines chat and check if the message was received in WhatsApp.


The client received our response:


You may notice that in the app Pact.im implemented functionality similar to OLChat, in that you can see the name of the employee who is currently responding to messages from the portal.

Save the conversation in CRM. According to the settings of the selected open line, a new lead should be created in CRM.


The lead was created, you can see this in CRM.


Go to the lead card. From the card, you can go directly to the chat and view chat history.


Note for all integrations

Each of the presented integrations works with open Bitrix24 lines.

There is a small toolbar in the header of the Bitrix24 open lines chat.


It allows you to:

  • invite users from Bitrix24 to the chat

  • redirect chat to an employee from Bitrix24

  • end the dialog

  • open the menu of additional actions that allow you to pin/unpin the dialog for the current operator, save it to CRM/go to the CRM card, view the message history, and mark the chat as spam by forcibly ending it.

This functionality of Bitrix24 open lines fully works for all the presented integrations.


Currently, if you want to work with WhatsApp only from Bitrix24, then the most convenient service to use is OLChat. It does not require registration on the service's website, the integration setup process is intuitive, and it is performed from the installed app in Bitrix24. The service also has two important advantages that make it stand out from the rest: working with WhatsApp groups and supporting voice messages.

If you do not take these factors into account, then the functionality of all services is approximately the same. OLChat stands out because the service does not have a messenger in your personal account on the service's website, while the main functionality of other services is presented in the messenger on the site.

You should choose one of them based on your personal preferences and the cost of tariffs.

For any business looking to get maximum access to leads, integration of Bitrix24 with WhatsApp is a necessity!

We have integrations of Bitrix24 with Twilio, Sage, Stripe, etc. 
See a list of integrations here: https://intervolgaru.com/search/?q=integration&amp;s=

You focus on your business, while we help you set up integrations of Bitrix24 with any business tool/program - accounting, payment gateways, management, etc.

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