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Project case: Bitrix24 is now used at the manufacturing enterprise

NDA and features of the case

It is a real story about the project of Bitrix24 implementation at an enterprise.

We signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), according to which we could not name the exact field of the Customer's activities (the company is specific, almost unique), show screenshots and say aloud any kind of particularities.

One would think that it was a problem.

 But while preparing the material we understood that specific addresses, facts and screenshots actually changed quite little, and lack of reference to individuals and the company allowed us to make some important generalizations.

As a result - perhaps it is good that the story of the successful Bitrix24 implementation will be told without details.

Requirements. How Bitrix24 was chosen.

About the enterprise

There is a modern well-organized factory. As they say everyone would love to have it like that. There are small and big orders, a warehouse, shipment. There is the production and the office area.

The company is actively applies IT technologies, works according to the International quality standards (ISO).

In fact, the business processes in the company are regulated and applied. The sales department works by a few dozens of standard regulations, there are specific procedures prescribed for work with wholesale buyers.

Of course, life is more complicated and richer than regulations, but we have to admit - there is real order at the enterprise.

What is missing? What is "another system" and especially Bitrix24 for?

Business objective of introducing the information system

Any big implementation of an information system is a revolution in the company. It affects far more than just technology and databases. Implementation always involves people and their relationships.

On the one hand, it is easier for an external contractor - he is not involved into personal relationships with the team and is obliged to be friends with only one or two implementation initiators.

On the other hand, not understanding the team relations and the company's traditions it is easy to "mess things up".

A good technique for solving issues and misunderstandings is to understand from the very beginning what is important for the customer, the business objective of the implementation.

If you know the business objective, you can always understand, whether the new introduction helps or prevents the company from reaching the objective, and you can prove your point of view in a well-argued manner.

We defined the business objective and the key element of the implementation. The most important is the comfort of dealers during their work in the CRM and the automation of workflows of application processing.

Implementation tasks

  • combine the sales department, marketing department and employees of several hundred dealers into an information space;
    In Bitrix24 terminology - CRM, drive and internal communications, training performance, internal regulations.

  • coordinate deliveries to several tens of dealers and distributors. 
    It's important! 
    Provide access control in accordance with the dealership agreement on the division of areas of responsibility: the dealer must see only his transactions and contacts. 
    In Bitrix24 terminology – drive, access rights to the CRM and workflws in CRM and the Activity Stream.

  • Provision and automation of workflows for selling the equipment and transferring the defective equipment to the warranty repair;
    In Bitrix24 terminology - workflows.

  • Access of all the interested participants to the regulatory documents and standards.
    Drive and regulations.

Tellingly, the Customer came knowing well what he wants.

We needed to choose only a certain way of implementation.

We always advise to start from the cloud, as it is convenient, cheap and practical.

Chosen, bought, started

We have described the procedure of Bitrix24 implementation several times. We advise you to read:

We are going to describe how Bitrix24 was implemented at our exemplary enterprise.

By the way, we are located far from the Customer and we have never met its employees, though after a few months of work we began to recognize everybody's voices.

How to implement Bitrix24 at a plant

1. Install the portal in the cloud. 
It is clear that "to install" means to buy a license key in INTERVOLGA and register, but it sounds so impressively!
In this case the second level domain was connected, which isn't done often.

2. Upload the structure of the company. 
It can be done with the connector to 1C: Salary and HR Management or Microsoft Active Directory, but in this case we just typed it manually.

3. Create necessary groups according to the given tasks, invite the required people, together with consultants develop and type in regulations, conduct a mini-training.

A tiny note: almost all the customers want a "training" at the beginning. We kindly agree, set the price, start communicating. In a week (sometimes after the first "session") it becomes clear that nobody needs to be taught anything. The smartest ones have understood everything and already press all the buttons with enthusiasm, the laziest ones are relaxed, but react with obedient jogging to the manager's hollo.

Conclusion: The basic functionality of Bitrix24 is studied "immediately", but the development of regulations and the workflows automation requires external experts.

4. Adjust CRM for work of the plant's managers and the dealers' managers.

Peculiarity: not only employees of the plant itself work in CRM. There are also dealers' and distributors' managers registered there (they have slightly different rights and extremely different prices).

It is done to ensure that the dealers form orders for themselves. It is implemented in the form of registering a transaction. And the manager of the plant confirms this transaction, i.e. he changes it from the "in work" stage to the "closed" stage.

In the cloud version of Bitrix24 there is no way to forbid the user to change a certain status of the transaction, in our case a regulation was introduced for that. 

If it is important to forbid, we advise you the workflows in the Activity Stream or at the Lists.

There was a special setting of the CRM access rights conducted, so that dealers could not see orders of other dealers and managers of the plant could see only the orders of those dealers, with whom they are directly connected.

5. As long as it is not possible to create separate documents in the CRM, and it is possible only to attach them to the fields of the existing Entities (Invoice, Offer, Transaction), we refused the idea of launching workflows in the CRM of Bitrix24
It was decided to implement the workflows "Request for the products delivery" and "Return of products under warranty" separately in the section Lists at the portal.  

6. Then, for the work convenience these workflows were put into the section of the Workflow portal - Workflows in the Stream, so that all the workflow actions would be displayed in the Activity Stream of the portal.  

Examples of automated workflows

We automate the workflow in Bitrix24. How to set a task to an external expert.

– You have cured the girl?! - The old man gasped. - But what do you know about deseases, you, illiterate, rogue and skint bum!
– I don't know anything about diseases, but I know something about girls, – Hodja Nasreddin answered. 
Leonid Solovyov. A story about Hodja Nasreddin

Of course, the customer knows everything about his company. Much better than consultants.

Of course, an external expert (for example, an INTERVOLGA employee) is much better versed in Bitrix24 than the customer, knows its possibilities and limitations and has the required experience.

So what shall we do? How can an understanding be reached?

We have the procedure of questioning the customer and and describing the process, leading to the result.

It is necessary to describe Documents, Roles, Statuses, Notifications and Tasks that are involved in the workflow.

These concepts are clear to the customer and they are easily apllied for Bitrix24.

Testing and launching

The setup of processes is performed by us first at our "portals for development".

Then, after being tested the workflow in the form of a parameterized file is transferred to the Customer's portal by his staff.

It can be done in such a way, but it is much easier when the Customer gives administrative access to his portal.

Our experience shows the following: after 2-3 integrations of "manual" workflows transfer to the client's work portal almost all the clients give the administrative access. And we do not abuse it.


The result is "top secret", but a great deal of work has been done.

Results of the workflows automation using Bitrix24 at an industrial enterprise

The enterprise operates at the cloud version of the Bitrix24 portal. Switching to the box is considered, but it's not a priority.

Several dozens of employees and several hundreds of dealers actively use workflows. 

A tiny note: a task for the workflows automation always looks like a "small scheme" and "half a page of text".

We always write the technical specification reformulating the work-task into a specific design: documents, statuses, steps, interfaces.
If it is done, the total labor intensity is 20-25 hours (rarely more than 30). But if you step into action straight away, the statistics is here still sad: the workflow has to be altered 3-4 times.

The implementation took a bit less than 3 months.

We are planning the implementation of several new workflows, a more active use of the drive and internal communications.

The Customer is satisfied, we liked this experience.

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  • 17.05.2016