Business processes automation in Bitrix24

Disorder, paperwork and lack of system are expensive.
Via the automation of business processes, we will help your company
to reduce costs and become more efficient.

Why you need to automate business processes

Reducing the loss of time and money

Growing of sales and conversion

Increasing the efficiency of the office

Reducing errors

Improving scalability of business

Working with clients more effective

Bitrix24 CRM has powerful tools for automating business processes.

The things which can not be done with default tools, can be implemented by expanding the functionality of Bitrix24 using the built-in API. 

We automate: 

Contracts negotiation; 

— Requests for holidays; 

— Invoice paymen; 

— Outlet opening; 

— Leads processing; 

 Deals management; 

 Template tasks creating.

There are two ways to automate business processes in Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 business processes designer

Advantages of using a standard business process designer:

Rapid development — you can implement the business process in 2 - 3 working days.
— Availability — we can develop simple linear business processes in 8 - 10 hours ($250 – $300).
— No problem with updates — there is no chance of errors in your business-process after Bitrix24 updating.

The cost of a simple linear business process — $300

Individual business processes in Bitrix24

The advantages of individual business processes:

Individual interfaces — we implement interfaces that speed up the work and show additional information, such as reports.
— Individual information exchange — if business process data is not in the system, we can import it, the way your business needs
— Work with tasks — individual business processes can be built on tasks, whose capabilities are much broader than the assignments that are used in the business process designer.
— The ability to link different parts of the system — you need to operate with tasks, transactions, calendar and documents on Bitrix.Disk? No problems.

Cost of an average individual business process — $870

We'll increase the efficiency of your company with the help of business processes in Bitrix24

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