Bitrix24 Integration

We connect Corporate portals with their accounting systems, Websites, lead generator services and call tracking services.

Corporate portals are rarely ever used on their own. About half of all calls we receive from our customers, are requests to integrate Bitrix24 with other information systems.

In 90% of cases, this entails:

Integrating Bitrix24 with the Company website:
Saving the results of filled-in feedback forms to the Bitrix24 CRM;
Saving orders from the website to Bitrix24 CRM.

Integrating Bitrix24 with lead generation and call tracking systems:
Tracking the source of leads;
Tracking and saving calls from the website to the CRM Bitrix24.


Case study: Integration of CRM 1C-Bitrix24 with LPgenerator and CoMagic
Bitrix24 synchronization with the time tracking system in Google Spreadsheet
Implementation of self-hosted Bitrix24. Cost of 50 typical tasks
Embedding Bitrix24 into a website using a widget and a CRM form
External integration and information exchange with Bitrix24

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