We will analyze and report on the quality of your website

SEO audit

What does SEO audit mean?
SEO audit is a comprehensive report on the quality of your website with prioritized improvements. We will evaluate time, money and efforts of your developers that should make your website better.

Analysis Stages
1. Technical and search audit. Assessment of compliance of the site with the current search engines’ standards.
2. E-commerce SEO audit. Assessment of compliance of the site with the current E-commerce guidelines and standards.

1. Report of errors and imperfections found, recommendations and priorities for improvements in PDF document.
2. A Skype consultation, that includes answering your questions concerning the SEO report.

Buy SEO audit

Scope, hours Price, USD.
Search and technical audit 20 400
E-commerce audit 20 400
800 USD

SEO website audit checklist

General website condition 

Research the general aspects 

Technical SEO audit  

Correctness of the server-side response of the main website pages, including home page, product page, category page, article and page 404
 Server-side response speed and html-document assessment
Size of scripts and CSS files
Test of the website load speed
Assessment of compliance of the web pages slicing with the validation standards ( and search for errors and aberrations
Outcomes and recommendations

Analysis of the website performance in Google Search Console  

 Search engine filters
 Check of the robots.txt file with special attention to the Disallow directives
Sitemap.xml check
Check of affiliations of the domain
Recommendations concerning the configuration of 301 redirect
Website geotargeting
Check of address registration in "My business Google"
Correctness of code configuration of Google Analytics script
Outcomes and recommendations

On-page factors and keyword optimization 

 Page structure analysis (header, bread crumbs, main block, sidebars, footer)
 Page template analysis
 Evaluation of code redundancy
— Check of code beyond
 Evaluation of the quality and uniqueness of the website text content 
 Recommendations for protecting the website content from illegal copying
 Check for uniqueness and correctness of page titles
 Check for correctness of keyword optimization
 Evaluation of the website texts to spam criteria
 Novelty of the content
 Evaluation of meta-tags (title, description, etc.) and H1, H2 headings
— Correctness of using ", and other text tags
 Evaluation of optimization of illustrations
 Evaluation of internal link structure
 Check of the copyright in the website footer
 Check of invisible content presence on the website pages
 Check for the availability of a sitemap designed as a set of links to all main website categories on a single page
 Outcomes and recommendations

Website presentation in search engines 

 Evaluation of domain age with WHOIS and
 Snippet optimization
— Check for favicon availability
 Check for the availability of contact information in snippets
 Check for the availability of “short links”
— Check of structured data on the website
 Outcomes and recommendations

Link building and off-page factors 

 Checking for the presence of outbound spam links
 Internal link structure (page weight) analysis
 Definition of website trust and recommendations on trust building
 Recommendations on link building
 Recommendations for engaging site visitors via forums and blogs
 Website promotion services

Competitive analysis 

 Comparison of 4 competitor domains 

Outcomes and recommendations based on the comparison

E-commerce audit checklist

Check of shop and organization contact information availability 

— Check for the availability of several means of contact (phone, e-mail, skype, etc.) 
Check for the availability of addresses and telephones of particular organization’s services, offices, headquarters.
Check for the availability of interactive maps to the offices. 
Check for the availability of particular company representatives’ contacts with their photos. 
Check for the availability of company age and its confirmation on the website. 
Check for the availability of bank account details

Ways of communication with the e-shop and the company 

— Check for the availability of several contact telephone numbers 
 Availability of service to request a call 
— Check availability of links to social network groups/accounts

Quality of client support 

— Client support hotline 
 Possibility of contacting the store manager online
— Check of rapid reaction to a new order on the website 
— E-mail and sms order confirmation on the website 
— FAQs or Help webpage
— Availability of a live photo of client support manager 
— Availability of rapid response to an online consultation 
— Fresh posts on social networks

Assessment of goods presentation in the catalog 

— Sufficient quantity of services or categories and items
 Descriptions and specifications of commodities / description of services
 Unique photos of commodities and possibility of detailed view of commodities 
— Information on prices (discounted prices, loyalty points) 
— Information about availability of commodities in stock and delivery 
— Cross-sell / Up-sell 
— Video reviews 
— 3D models of commodities
— User-generated reviews 
— Comparison of commodities 
— Popularity rating of commodities

Different payment and delivery options 

— Possibility of online pay 
 Possibility to buy in credit and without registration (buy in one click) 
 Availability of several points of collection by a customer 
 Competitive delivery price. 
 Delivery to different regions. 
 Rapid delivery. 
 Availability of different payment options. 
— Online delivery time estimation
 Multiple stores or stocks

Marketing measures 

— Special campaigns 
 Special offers 
— Availability of the "Sale" page on the website

Website section “About the company” 

— History of the company 
— Certificates and awards 
— Vacancies 
— Photos of the office 
— Photos of company employees


— Availability of every section, category and commodity on the website in 3 clicks
 Filters and sorting for fast search of commodities or services
— Assessment of on-site search
— Absence of third party advertising on the website

Web analytics 

— Correctness of web analytics systems configuration 
 Check of the basic analytical parameters (traffic sources, geography of visitors, medium time on the website, bounce rate, conversions)