Bitrix24 is a modern Corporate web system that offers a ton of possibilities. 

As a business tool, it can be used to build business processes, grows sales and manage a company. Bitrix24 creates a platform for efficient work.

To start using the system, simply register on the website and invite your colleagues. 

Up to 12 people - free!

The possibilities of Bitrix24 are diverse. The ability to apply them correctly requires experience and/or training.

INTERVOLGARU implements Bitrix24 professionally. 

We are a GOLD-certified partner of 1C-Bitrix , a sales leader in the Southern Federal District of Russia since 2011, with 1000+ successful projects under our belt!

Our Bitrix24 Services:

We implement B24 as a HR tool for employment, staff management, and all types of HR tasks

Bitrix Inc. recommends us for large deployments of Bitrix24

CRM for the sales department

Major customization of Bitrix24 portals for the sales department

Rent a dedicated Bitrix24 team

  • B24 implementation — batch implementation and individual projects
  • Pre-design analysis —we develop documentation for implementation and customization
  • B24 licenses - cloud and box
  • Performance audit - We find and solve problems in hardware, portal confighurations and code.
  • Migration from cloud to on-premise - We help with the transition of portals from cloud to box
  • Business processes- automation and optimization of business processes
  • Document flow in Bitrix24 - a ready-made solution for organizing document flow
  • Training - teaching the basics and subtleties of working with B24
  • B24 CRM- optimization of work with clients
  • B24 Applications- we expand the capabilities of cloud editions
  • B24 Customization - any type of customization and settings
  • B24 Maintenance - monitoring, backup and technical support
  • B24 Integration - with a website, payment or other business systems
  • Ready-to-use modules - our products

We have accumulated experience in individual industries, allowing us to offer the best practices. 

medicne & pharma
finance & economics
furniture & manufacturing
hotel & tourism

what our clients say about us

"The "Red Keds"  advertising agency team expresses deep gratitude to "INTERVOLGARU" Web Agency for their help in creating unique business processes in Bitrix24.
Thanks to your work, we have optimized the system of internal electronic document management, and this, in turn, had a positive impact on all departements of our company.

Thank you!"



The right people in the right job can solve any problem

  • Leadership
  • Stepan Ovchinnikov
  • Bitrix24 projects
  • Anton Kolodnitskiy
  • Development
  • Alex Shkarupa
  • Marketing
  • Aleksandr Davydov

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