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NEW features in "TWILIO SMS TO CRM" yay!

We're always looking for ways to help improve our clients' business processes, so we added 2 new features to make the module even better.
Twilio Multiplayer - running multiple Twilio accounts for your business is no longer a hassle. You save time, respond to your clients a lot quicker and pick up the conversation wherever you left off!
Number Standardization - it's now even easier than ever to find numbers in Twilio SMS to CRM, even though they weren't saved correctly!


can i use several Twilio numbers in one Bitrix24 portal?

Yes, you can!
You just need to connect each number according to the connection instructions we provide with the module. However, you can't use one module installation across several Bitrix24 portals. For each additional portal, you need a separate module installation.


How can i know what number my clients write to since i have several twilio accounts?

With the  NEW UPDATE to our module, you don't need to worry about going through messages to know which one an SMS was sent to. 
You receive information about the sender, and the recipient Twilio number in the incoming SMS notification in the portal.




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