Twilio SMS to CRM

We created a new module for businesses.
Receive incoming messages right in the Bitrix24 portal!

achieve a new level in communication with customers

The number of mobile users is rapidly increasing worldwide and has already the number exceeded desktop users. We offer you a chance to reach potential buyers via SMS messages. SMS is available to everyone, It's a convenient way to interact with customers and increase sales. With the help of our module, Businesses that use Bitrix24 are able to communicate with their customers directly from the CRM. All you need do is register on Twilio and integrate it with your Bitrix24.

"Twilio SMS to CRM" Module for businesses

If you use Bitrix24, we can integrate the CRM system with SMS services for your business activities with our new module "Twilio SMS to CRM"

Self-employed specialists

  • trainers
  • tutors
  • consultants
  • lawyers

Small businesses

  • catering
  • wedding agency
  • event agency
  • travel agency

Large companies

  • HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café industry)
  • transport
  • fintech
  • IT
  • online shop
  • food delivery service

Bitrix24 is a multifunctional CRM system for communication with clients. Business processes in the system keep you at the top of your game: it will remind you of letters/emails to be sent, calls, meetings and will help send messages to right recipients. 

To use SMS service, you need to connect to Twilio SMS aggregator and integrate it with Bitrix24. 

We successfully launched incoming SMS communication for several clients and wrote a case on the blog about one of them. 

Due to a high demand of our solution, we decided to develop a module for receiving SMSes  in Bitrix24 portal.

Advantages of incoming SMS

Increase customer loyalty

Replying customers' questions or enquiries via SMS gives them a personal touch. This is important to attract and maintain regular customers.

Begin a dialogue with customers by two-way SMS communication

Make your business personal. Make conversations with customers more interesting by connecting via SMS.

Create customer profile

Collect and analyze  data, and update customers' profile in Bitrix24 with information from SMS. Create unique offers and terms of cooperation for your customers.

Send messages to the right customers at the right time

Regardless the scale of business, every customer is important. You can use incoming SMS as a means to get feedback about a product, service or brand. This information is helpful  when creating a new product or improving on an already existing one.

universal and fast means of communication with customers around the world

Almost every person in the world has a phone, so SMS is one of the most popular communication channels. 

People more often check incoming SMSes than messengers. With "Twilio SMS to CRM", you'll be able receive messages from customers a few seconds or minutes after they're sent, and you'll be able to reply right away in Bitrix24.

Adapt incoming SMS for any kind of business and increase sales

Consumers confidence and interest in their purchases often times depend on the quality of communication with the vendor. Incoming SMSes will help you know more about the client and find the key to their heart.

Our specialists will handle all technical settings, while you test Incoming SMS on your customers and evaluate the results.

Technical advantages of incoming SMS

Connect existing software

If your Bitrix24 is connected to Twilio, we will set up incoming SMS in a few hours. If not, we will connect SMS service and integrate it with the CRM system for your business.

Fast prioritization

Receive SMSes in Bitrix24 and reply customers' messages in a few minutes or even seconds!

Scale with confidence

It doesn't matter whether your business is a large enterprise or a startup, incoming SMS is a MUST HAVE. The SMS settings are flexible, and ALL SMS interactions with your customers are confidential.

Incoming SMS is a convenient tool for communicating with customers,  regardless of their phone models or mobile operators. Anybody with a mobile phone can start an SMS dialogue with your business.

Install our Twilio Incoming SMS Module and you get the most convenient tool for communicating with your customers via SMS.

Cost of "Twilio SMS to CRM" Module


free for 7 days

  • try yourself!
  • collect incoming SMSes from your clients in Bitrix24
  • add more than one Twilio number 



  • registration on Twilio
  • Twilio integration with Bitrix24
  • setting up incoming SMS in Twilio
  • no additional payments! 

Try incoming SMS

The service will be useful for any business that wants to increase sales, revenue and the number of buyers. 

We've told you the technical features and benefits of "Incoming SMS" for business and. But do not take us at our word. TRY IT YOURSELF. Send us a request today!

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