We investigate and analyse the technical and software components of your portal and give a detailed report of the condition. We give recommendations for solving any problems we find, and help implement these solutions.

Why do you need a performance audit of your Bitrix24 corporate portal?

In one sentence - an audit is needed when the incorrect operation of the portal significantly reduces the efficiency of the company.
Translated into specific problems:
  • Tasks and the CRM are loaded in at least five seconds - employees waste a lot of time;
  • The portal is unstable, with constant errors;
  • "Search" functionality works incorrectly or takes a lot of time;
  • Additional modules written by previous developers make it difficult to update and use new Bitrix24 features.
Bitrix24 corporate portal is a complex platform. For it to work correctly, you need to meet several requirements, which we will discuss below.

Audit components : what we investigate


  • Is it configured correctly?
  • Is its performance and speed adequate for current and future portal opertaions.

Bitrix24 standard settings

  • Is everything set up in an optimal way?

Code quality

  • Are the third party installed modules and components in compliance with Bitrix24 development rules?

Integration with external systems

  • quality and performance
    • How well was the Integration done?
    • does if intefere with the portal performance or with other functionalities?

What is the result of a performance audit?

A .pdf document containing the results of our investigation on all four components of the Bitrix24 corporate portal.
The document will also contain recommendations for eliminating errors.

If necessary, we will print the document on letterhead, sign and certify with a seal.

A few examples

  • The client came with a request "portal slow" .
    We found the cause, and wrote instructions for eliminating it.

  • The client came with a request “to check the quality of the contractor's code” . We checked the basic settings and improvements. Found copying of components, which puts an end to updates.

How much does a performance audit cost

The cost of the audit depends on the number and complexity of additional modules and components. Complex integrations also increase labor costs.
On average, performance audit of a Bitrix24 corporate portal takes 26.5 hours of work. At our rate per hour (45 EUR/hour), this is 1200 EUR

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