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Bitrix24 is a modern corporate web-based system that helps build workflows, processes, grow sales and manage a company. A CRM implementation in a company creates a work environment that promotes efficiency and effectiveness.

To start using the system, register on the bitrix24.com and invite employees.
The possibilities of Bitrix24 CRM are diverse, and their correct application requires experience.

INTERVOLGA has been professionally implementing Bitrix24 CRM for over 10 years. We are a gold certified partner, and a recommended developer for large development projects.

Our Bitrix24 Services

We are certified experts, and can handle any project. We specialize in Bitrix24 implementation, development and integration with other systems.


Bitrix24 implementation is a delicate process that sometimes entails


We develop modules for Bitrix24 that provide you with custom functionalities. Some examples include 


Bitrix24 as-is is not enough to meet the needs of many companies. We customize Bitrix24 CRM according to your needs and requirements. We Build

HR Management

We turn your Bitrix24 CRM into a HR tool to manage employee lifecycles, give staff a pleasant work experience, provide a unified information environment, and build a motivated team.

Bitrix24 Tech support

24/7 monitoring and assistance in resolving issues.
We set up automatic backup creation, and ensure that your CRM portal is stable and uninterrupted.

Ready-made Bitrix24 Applications & Modules

Twilio sms to CRM

Twilio SMS for Bitrix24

Twilio SMS to CRM integrates your CRM with Twilio, making it possible to send and receive Twilio SMS in Bitrix24. 

Microeda (FREE)

CRM with electronic document approval

With MicroEDA, you can collaborate with other people to approve documents. Both users and non-users of Bitrix24 can take part in approval processes. MORE

CRM Field permissions

CRM field permissions

 Grant users and user groups different levels of access to fields in you Bitrix24 CRM. You can set permissions for viewing and editing. You can also hide fields completely.

Why is INTERVOLGA the best developer for Bitrix24 Projects?

Top Bitrix24 partner and developer
INTERVOLGA is a team of highly qualified specialists with a wealth of experience in Bitrix technologies.

Because of our vast experience and expertise, we recommended by Bitrix Inc. and other partners and for complex projects.


we possess all required competencies


Completed Bitrix24 projects


Certified for Complex implementations


certified Bitrix developers. 

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Our Team

StepanOvchinnikov, Bitrix MVP
write -stepan.ovchinnikov@gmail.com

Stepan Ovchinnikov

A large project and there are some questions?
Anton Kolodynitsky, Bitrix expert
write -ak@intervolga.ru

Anton Kolodynitsky

Large implementations, HR systems, automation, Customization, integration with ERP systems
Alexander Davidoff, Bitrix Product development
write - dav@intervolga.ru
Product development

Alexander Davidoff

Twilio SMS to CRM, MicroEDA
Do you have suggestions for further development?
INTERVOLGA development team, Gold Partner

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How much do our services cost?


One hour of work of a specialist of our company.
Communication is priceless, therefore it is free.

We are constantly improving our internal processes and studying new technologies in order to do our job correctly and quickly.

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We provide

  • regular online planning meetings;
  • qualified specialists;
  • an organized team;
  • full transparency and regular reporting.

For development and customization, we also offer a work format of 100/month. What can we achieve in this time:

new non-standard pages or section;
2 reports with individual settings;
integration with 3-5 web services;
calculators, etc.