INTERVOLGARU is Russia-based Bitrix24 integrator. 
We solve problems of developing businesses.

ERP, online stores, lead generation, sales Intelligence, analytics, trigger mailings and dynamic digital marketing.


INTERVOLGARU has more than 30 Bitrix-specialized developers.

If you are a Bitrix24 distributor in your country and you are experiencing difficulties solving complex technological issues, we would like to become your long-term partner. Our specialty is solving complicated Bitrix24 related issues. 

We are experts in technology.
Our goal is to bring businesses RESULT - Money, Time saved, Customer satisfaction and Improved sales. 
Stepan Ovchinnikov,

What we do


INTERVOLGARU professionally implements Bitrix24. We are the gold certified partner of 1C-Bitrix. We have been a leader in Bitrix24 sales since 2011.


We created a new module for businesses.
Receive your incoming message in the portal Bitrix24!


Attracting buyers for your products and services.
We develop business Internet promotion strategies.


Analytics of online stores and service sites. The study of advertising campaigns and user actions for increased applications and benefits of the site.  


Look throught our cases

One Signal

One Signal is a service for sending messages and push-ups by events. AfrikaLoan Company requested  INTERVOLGARU to implement a feature that enabled  information about events to be sent from Bitrix24 to Carrot Quest and One Signal services.
INTERVOLGARU developed a special mechanism connecting Bitrix24 and Carrot Quest which processes big data in Bitrix24 and calls external services. Our mechanism sends more than 80 events and users’ details from Bitrix24 to Carrot Quest and One Signal services. 


The Kenyan government’s eCitizen portal provides such services as booking a driver’s test with the National Transport Safety Authority, applying for a passport from the Immigration Department and others. So the portal collects a lot of data about Kenya’s citizens.
INTERVOLGARU created the automated customers’ ID verification via the eCitizen portal. Bitrix24 automatically sends a request to Kenya’s eCitizen portal to verify client’s ID Number and Name.


Quickbooks accounting service is finance management software. QuickBooks provides real-time data to business. The task of INTERVOLGARU was to send data about customer payments and loans to Quickbooks from Bitrix24. 


CEDIS's main business is electricity distribution. Through the implementation of its main activities CEDIS provides quality meeting the needs of consumers at all voltage levels, and a safe and stable supply of electricity for the economy and the population of Montenegro. The module developed by INTERVOLGARU makes it possible to split responsibility for a deal between several employees. At the same time, every stage of a deal can have a different person in charge. The rights are flexibly configured, which allows the admin to add or remove employees  from deals at the right moment.