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Bitrix24 as HR-portal, personnel development center and corporate university

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HR-портал на основе Битрикс24

For a company, it is important that employees share its principles. Thought in one direction. We saw the goal, felt responsible for the result. Then people work better. And they become happier (but this is not certain).

When you have 20 people, there are no problems with this. When 50, begin. When 500 or several thousand is no longer a problem, but pain.

It is like a garden - while it is small and picked up from congenial people, it is enough to water and weed in time. But if there are many different colors, more effort is needed. What are the tools for garden care, we describe below.

To unite people, you need to gather them in one place, inspire, teach, entertain, reward, punish, give responsibility, give information and do a dozen more HR pieces. Some corporatives in the fresh air here will not do. We need a permanent platform for such activities.

Internal HR portals are a good solution. If you do it right, they live, grow and help the company grow. Not in words, but in life.

We share the experience of creating such portals on Bitrix24.

How does HR portal differ from other intranet portals?

An ordinary corporate portal, in our understanding, is a working tool. Tasks, CRM, business processes. They do not require corporate design and gamification, as they do not require such things from MS Excel or 1C.

It is more difficult with HR portals - employees cannot be forced to use them in the form of an order. It is necessary to make the portal beautiful and interesting. This is the difference. When they make a "utilitarian" internal portal, they do not think about beauty.

Why HR portals are convenient to do in Bitrix24

The development on Bitrix24 has several significant advantages:

Price license.

It seems that 139 000 rubles. over 50 users, that's a lot. A license for 1000 users generally costs 699,000 rubles. But let's calculate - let 750 people work for you. This means that for each user you pay 932 rubles. in year. Or about 80 rubles a month. Compare this with salary costs. Or imagine that using the portal will make employees at least a couple percent more efficient.

This arithmetic, as well as comparison with competitors (calculate how much licensing MS CRM Dynamics will cost), makes the purchase of Bitrix24 profitable - the price-to-performance ratio is very decent.

Many development teams.

Beatrix has thousands of official partners in Russia. This is not counting the small teams without partner status. Finding a stable team with experience, portfolio and reputation is easy. The average hourly rate is not exorbitant.

Good security out of the box.

The programmer in the development must comply with the recommendations of the vendor.

The proactive protection module must be enabled and properly configured.

These two rules are enough for your portal to be protected from the main threats.

As you can see, Bitrix24 is well suited for the care of your "garden".

Ideas for HR portal with examples of solutions in Bitrix24

Corporate design

HR-portal is not only a working tool. The image component is also important. Therefore, we cannot do without corporate design.

There are two ways to bring the portal design closer to your corporate identity:

  1. "Cosmetic" repainted.

  2. Full "renovation" with redevelopment.

The first method assumes that the “skeleton” of the portal remains unchanged - the position of the elements and their behavior do not change. We change the color scheme, add branded strokes and details.

Пример доработанного дизайна HR-портала на Битрикс24

The second method will require re-design, draw and impose a portal. In fact, we will “throw away” the entire standard design and layout.

The pros and cons, as in the analogy with the repair are obvious.

The first option is faster and much less expensive. We recommend him. In addition to the speed of implementation, in this version it is still possible to preserve the possibility of updating the portal. Here is the approximate result of such work:

Сильно изменённый дизайн корпоративного портала Битрикс24

The second option guarantees a more individual result. But the price and terms are much more. Design, design and layout can take from 3 months of work. Updates are becoming a complicated procedure.

News, events, company life

The basis of the HR-portal is informing employees about the life of the company. This part is not difficult to implement. Efficiency will depend on the quality of the content. We have identified some good ideas for implementation below.


What will be in the news that employees are interested in? Who will post the news? Where to get the material from? These questions you should work out before designing the section.

We recommend simplifying the news structure. At the first stage it is not necessary to divide them into categories, regions, etc. This can be improved when you really have enough material to fill different categories.


New employees

A company recruiting people means growing and everything is in order. This is a controversial statement, but usually employees perceive hiring new colleagues in this way.

Make a job at a mini-event. Tell us about the newcomer to the portal. Photography, hobbies, briefly about what he will do - people respond well to such messages. A new one will join the team faster.


Everyone loves birthdays. Alert people about who to congratulate today. If the company has several hundred employees, you can do it in a live tape. But if you have several thousand people working, you need to think about a separate section and restrictions so that congratulations do not interfere with the main work.

Company results

Employees must be aware of their contribution to the common cause. To do this, often demonstrate the achievements and results of the company. The extraction of 1 billion tons of coal or the launch of a new product on the market, the victory in an exhibition or the launch of a car into space - the themes may be different. Just do not write "clerical" language.

Well perceived infographics. If your indicators are expressed in numbers, ask the designer to prepare a banner in company colors.

Introducing the new employee with the company

Getting a newbie to a company is not an easy process. It is necessary to quickly convey a large amount of formal and informal information - various regulations, contacts, rules of conduct, etc.

There are two main approaches to this task. The first is to create a knowledge base for a new employee, collecting all the necessary information in one place. This database will help both newcomers and existing employees. It is only necessary to monitor the relevance of the information.

Technically, this could be a separate group of Bitrix24, with its tape. And important files can be saved on a group disk. You can make a separate page with its own design.

База знаний для новых сотрудников в Битрикс24

The second approach, more modern and complex - step by step training. As in some applications and games. In step-by-step training, you need to show the user the basic capabilities of the system - how to use business processes, where important information is located, etc.

One of our clients additionally used a video - this is how information is perceived better.

When “passing” the steps you need to visually mark it. It is important to strike a balance between convenience and technical complexity.

When “passing” the steps you need to visually mark it. It is important to strike a balance between convenience and technical complexity. For example, you can actually try to track whether the user watched the video or not, and you can note the fact of the launch of the video itself. We advocate simpler solutions. We will refine and complicate when people really start using the portal, and business will see the benefits.


Of course, HR-portal is not only the life of the company and the knowledge base. An important part is the automation of business processes (BP). This is the forte of Bitrix24. The developed BP designer allows even without programming to increase efficiency.

We will look at the most basic processes, with a focus on HR:

  1. Reservation of meeting rooms;

  2. Application for a business trip;

  3. Purchase of equipment.

  4. Application for vacation.

Meeting room reservations

Everyone wants to discuss important matters in a comfortable meeting room, with a projector and other “buns”. In order not to encounter during negotiations with colleagues, negotiation rooms must be booked in advance.

In small companies, a separate calendar is enough for this - the event is simply entered into the calendar and the meeting room is considered booked.

In large companies, this process is regulated. Plus, there are often several negotiation rooms, and the assistance of a secretary or technician may be needed to prepare for the discussion.

BP can help again.

It is important that the information on booking negotiation is often duplicated in other systems. There will need integration.

Approximate plan for BP reservation negotiation:

  1. The initiator starts the BP, selects the negotiation, date and time, leaves a comment. If you need the help of a technician or secretary, notes these options. He can also add participants so that information about the event appears in their personal calendars.

  2. BP checks the employment negotiation on the selected date. If the meeting room is busy, the initiator is invited to choose another date.

  3. If your organization requires someone to agree on a reservation negotiation, then such a step is needed.

  4. If the negotiation is free, an event is created, a negotiation is reserved. After you need to synchronize with other systems, where users follow the events. For example, a frequent request is to synchronize booking information with MS Exchange.

  5. If you selected options for the assistance of a secretary or technician (for example, set up a video conference), then these employees should receive alerts. If necessary, they leave comments, which will then be shown to the initiator.

  6. You can then send the initiator a notice of successful booking and complete the business process. For a certain time before the event (for example, 1 hour), all participants will receive a reminder.

After the implementation of this BP, the chance of overlays when booking negotiation rooms is greatly reduced.

График занятости переговорной в Битрикс24

Travel request

We had successful negotiations, it was time for a business trip and a personal meeting.

Employee business trip is not an easy task. It is necessary to issue travel allowance, order and pay for the plane, transfer, hotel, issue all the documents. The employee must provide supporting documents.

In order not to miss any little things, you need a BP.

The overall scenario is similar to the BP vacation application. Even in the schedule of absence trip is also better to add.

  1. The initiator starts the BP with the date, place and purpose of the trip. If this is necessary in your workflow, the initiator attaches a scan of the service memo.

  2. Business trip is consistent with the head.

  3. The personnel officer is assigned the task of preparing a travel order.

  4. Accounting officer is assigned the task of issuing travel.

  5. If necessary, the responsible officer is asked to order and pay for tickets, transfer, hotels, etc.

  6. After everyone marks their tasks completed, the notification of the successful design of the trip is shown to the initiator.

  7. The day before the trip, the initiator receives a reminder.

  8. After completing the trip, the initiator receives a task about the need to attach scans (or photos) of documents confirming the expenses (if this is accepted in your company).

  9. After the initiator has attached the documents, the task is set for the accountant - he checks the documents, saves them and completes the BP.

Well, there were no problems with the business trip, the competitors won, the contract was concluded. It's time to get to work. Before this, it is necessary to settle the formalities. This will help another business process - the coordination of documents. We wrote two separate articles about him:

  • Mini-EDS based on Bitrix24;

  • Contract negotiation business process.

Application for the purchase of equipment

The agreement was agreed to, to work on the project you need to purchase hardware or software. This process also requires coordination and the participation of several employees. So to speed up you can use business processes.

Let us give an example of a similar BP, which is used here:

  1. The initiator creates an application for the purchase of equipment or software. In the application, he indicates what exactly he needs. Usually, a link to the online store is also attached, so that the price and the article are clear.

  2. The application is approved by the head.

  3. Then the application goes to the accountant, who orders and pays the bill.

  4. If there is no delivery, the employee is asked to pick up the goods.

  5. We, on this BP is completed. If necessary, you can add a task about setting up a new vehicle for registration (entry in the register).

The process is simple, its development will not take much time.

Vacation application

All work on the project is completed - you can think about vacation.

Conveniently, when an employee leaves, everyone will find out who needs it. It is also convenient when there is a public schedule of absences.

The task of preparing for the vacation can be automated.

Sample Script:

  1. The employee makes a request for vacation, indicating the start date and completion date. If necessary, you can ask the reason for the leave. :)

  2. The head of the employee receives an alert, which indicates all the necessary information. The supervisor can also display a warning if the employee’s vacation intersects with someone from his department.

  3. Leader confirms (or not) leave.

  4. In the schedule of absences an employee leave is created.

  5. The accountant is given the task of issuing vacation pay with a date X days before the vacation.

  6. Personnel Department staff is tasked with the design of vacation.

  7. If an employee needs to collect any documents, he is notified of this.

Thus, we reduce the mess and empty "walking" around the offices. And thanks to the schedule of absences, everyone knows when colleagues will not be in place.

График отсутствий в Битрикс24

As you can see, already with the help of several simple business processes it is possible to automate a substantial part of the company's activities. This will help your HR portal to be not only beautiful and interesting, but also useful.

Employee development and training

Automation alone is not enough. Employees make a decisive contribution to the company's performance. We need to learn, hold, develop them.

This is a large block of tasks, we consider the most popular requests - training, development management and various incentives.

Employee training

The learning module is implemented in Bitrix24. It allows you to organize classical training in the form of courses. Courses may consist of several topics. A tree structure with multiple nesting levels is supported.

After completing the course, you can pass the tests. There may be several tests for one course. Records of the number of attempts to pass the tests. You can forbid to proceed to the next course, if not passed the tests.

The design of the lessons themselves and the courses are utilitarian - no beauties and delights. But the tool is quite working. Suffice it to say that Bitrix itself uses these courses to train partners and certify developers. We have several times implemented a training module in public and private companies - it performs its function.

If necessary, the appearance can be refreshed and brought closer to your corporate identity.

Модуль обучения Битрикс24

Employee development management


The desire of employees to speak with the company should be encouraged in every possible way. Feedback will allow time to notice the problem or opportunity. Below are two popular and simple ways to organize such communication.

Contact with the director

In large companies, there will be five or more intermediate links between the average employee and senior management. This means that the alarm can be lost.

Good practice is to allow any employee to write an anonymous (or not) message to senior management. After all, if an employee writes "to the very top", then the problem is really serious.

This opportunity must be promoted in every way. And if there are too many messages, a secretary can be connected for the initial filtering.

You can solve this problem in different ways. If you need a filtering mechanism or some kind of logic to process a message (for example, distribute messages to managers in different directions), then it is better to do a business process.

If no filtering or distribution is needed, the usual feedback form is sufficient.

It is important to save messages and give an answer for each. One of the practices is to create a separate page where absolutely all the questions and answers of the managers to them are published. This will increase the transparency of the work.

Suggestions for improvement

Here it is already important not only to collect proposals, but also to assess the reaction of the collective to them, to provoke discussion.

In the simplest case, a separate group of Bitrix24 is allocated, where everyone can leave a proposal for improvement. Employees "like" and comment on interesting offers.

If the communication goes beyond the reasonable, you can turn on the pre-moderation of messages. And on the contrary, to stimulate the placement of sensible offers, you can reward the authors with a few of the best posts of the month with symbolic gifts. For example, products with branding or the company's own products (if you do not produce oil or coal, of course :)).

HR portal based on Bitrix24 - how to start and how much it costs

Above, we described some ideas for the HR portal and showed how to implement them on Bitrix24. Perhaps we have convinced you and before you a specific question - how to begin? The correct sequence of actions:

  1. Think about what goals you want to achieve with the help of HR-portal. Write out three main goals, think about what functions to achieve them will be needed.

  2. Find good experts on Bitrix24, who will be ready to talk not only about technology, but also about business. We know these. :)

  3. Think together over the scope of work.

  4. Determine MVP. It is important. Do not try to do everything at once. The main task is to quickly launch a minimum product and “drive” employees into it. Then they themselves will tell you what is sorely lacking.

  5. Write a brief TK on MVP. This will allow you to get a predictable result, and give us an accurate estimate.

  6. Take and make. We will undertake this trifle. :)

As you can see, nothing too complicated. We are ready to connect at any stage and help with experience and brains.

In conclusion, the most interesting question is how much it costs.

In our experience, if we are talking about a small alteration of the design (the first option is in the paragraph about corporate design), several individual pages and simple integrations, then we will be packed in 200 hours or 2-3 months. Further, it all depends on your appetite.

Call - let's talk about your project.

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation.

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