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What we offer you

improved Business Process

Automating business processes will help you become more efficient, save time, money and reduces chances of errors.

increase in Sales

With Bitrix24, we can guarantee you an increase in sales as you will have a unified and effective customer management system. You can also track your KPI, view reports at any time and make necessary changes to grow your company.

A personalized system

With your very own Bitrix24, tailored to fit the exact needs of your company, you'll have the tools you need to outdo your competitors.

our services - what we do

Within a period of 3 weeks, we undertake the task of building a portal that's optimized for the needs and goals of your company. 
The steps in our process include: 
1. Business Analysis
2. Bitrix24 configurations for teamwork
3. Portal configuration for effective work with clients
4. Connecting Sales channels to the portal (Telephony, mail, website, messengers)
5. Sales process Automation.
6. TRAINING on how to use the system(1 week)


The result of the audit will be a PDF document containing
1. test of all four components (listed below) of your Bitrix24 corporate portal.
2. Recommendations for resolving errors.

We will provide you with a certified, letter-headed, signed version of the document ON REQUEST.


A. server configuration test
B. Performance test

Code Quality

Checking modules and components for compliance with 1C-Bitrix development rules

Bitrix24 standard settings

Check that your Bitrix24 is optimally configured to suit your company.

Integration with external systems

A. Integration quality tests
B. Performance tests

Cost of a Performance Audit

The cost of an audit depends on the number and complexity of modules and components. On average, a performance audit of the Bitrix24 corporate portal takes 25 hours.

At our $50/hr  or45/ hr rate, this sums up to $1,250 or 1,125.

business process automization

The risks of not having a system to prevent clutter, manage paperwork and other business processes are high. By automating your business processes, you save time, become more efficient & profitable.

Provided there's data, we can automate any business process. Contracts, applications, invoices, opening of outlets,Lead Processing, conducting transactions, task templates creation, etc.

using a business process designer

We expand the functionalities of Bitrix24 to make even more powerful tools using the in-built API.

Average cost $400 or €360.


We implement and automate ANY business process you desire, even though it's not included in Bitrix24 features.  You get 
1.  Personalised interface 
2.  Unique logic
3.  Individual business processes “built” on tasks.
 4.  Ability to link different parts of the system

Average cost  $1,250 or €1,125.

Cloud & on premise customizations


Each company has its own specifics.

INTERVOLGARU have extensive experience in customizing and fine-tuning both "boxed" and "cloud" versions of Bitrix24 to fit the exact requirements/ business process of any company.

Our Bitrix24 Customization capabilities include, but are not limited to:

‎• Custom reports;  
‎• Connection of payment systems to business processes;
‎• New statuses and buttons in tasks;
‎• Generation of commercial proposals for complex templates;
‎• Better (more intuitive, more aesthetic, simplified) corporate portal;
‎• Adding custom fields and sections;
‎• Design of special business processes;
‎• API for integration with external systems (services);
‎• Payroll;
‎• Automated document generator(applications, invoices, etc);
‎• Chat bots,
• and much more! 

of projects

To customize the cloud version of Bitrix24, we create applications on the "client side" using HTML, CSS, and JS. 

‎• No need for separate hosting, a separate domain or SSL certificate.

‎• You cannot configure scheduled actions;
‎• There's a delayed response to events in the portal;
‎• It's impossible to connect/work with PHP functions (e.g mail).
‎• You cannot change existing interfaces;
‎• Integration with external systems is difficult;

Unlike the Cloud version of B24, there are LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES for the customization of boxed B24!

What you can do is dependent on

Time constraint
 - A new portal design for example, takes a full development cycle (about 3-4 months);

-  A more complex customization would require more money :)

Need to update the portal - More time and resources will be required to make major changes to the portal.


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