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SMS & MMS Messages from Twilio in your Bitrix24


Twilio SMS to CRM makes communicating with your clients easy, convenient and secure. It's as easy as sending and receiving Text Messages!

The latest update: Open Channels integration

Now the Twilio SMS to CRM application can work with Bitrix24 Open Channels.
You may add the application to the Contact Center and connect to Open Channels.

Upon receiving an SMS, the Open Channel dialog opens. SMS and MMS come into the dialogue.
When the operator answers, the application sends an SMS to the subscriber through the Twilio gateway.

In the settings of Twilio SMS to CRM there is a switch "Use Open Lines"
For the correct operation of outgoing SMS, specify the identifier (SID) from the twilio.com personal account in the Twilio SMS to CRM settings.

Please note that outgoing SMS in Twilio does not work in all countries.

MMS Support! 

With over 1000 supported file types, you can now receive video, Image and audio messages from your clients right in your Bitrix24!

No learning curve!

It makes sense to reach clients on communication channels they already use daily, and to do so using tools you and your staff are familiar with. Twilio SMS to CRM will connect your Bitrix24 CRM and Twilio accounts, so that you can send and receive Text messages from your clients right in your CRM.

self-employed specialists

Gym instructor, tutor, consultant, solicitor- whatever your profession, Twilio SMS to CRM will keep you at the top of your game. You'll be able to respond to clients' SMSes as soon as you receive them on the go from your Bitrix24 mobile portal. You'll be able to build relationships with your clients, establish trust and find the keys to their hearts.

small businesses

The success of a business greatly depends on how it's customers are treated.  Twilio SMS  to CRM will help keep your customers your priorityby reminding you of letters, emails and packages to be sent, calls to be made, meetings to attend and will also help send scheduled messages to the right recipients. 

large companies

To keep your customers satified, you have to know what they want. You can learn a lot about your clients via personal chats, analyze the data, and create unique offers for your customers.
 You can also create and update customers' profiles in Bitrix24 with information from SMSes, monitor their changes in preferences so as to make appropriate business decisions.

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Send Twilio message — 
Receive SMS/mms

With Twilio SMS to CRM, Say goodbye to third party apps.
We integrate your Bitrix24 CRM with SMS and MMS services for your business activities with our new module "Twilio SMS to CRM"

Why our module

How things work

when An sms/MMS comes in...
Our module searches through all the numbers in existing entities that were checked in the module settings (Lead / Contact / Company / Deal):
- in case of an existing entity in the portal with the same number - the incoming message will be saved in that entity.
- in case there are no entities with that number - the module offers you a choice to create a new CONTACT or a LEAD and then saves the incoming message in it. 
- in case there are several entities in the portal with the same number - the incoming message will be received in all of them.

Give every customer personal attention

Every customer is important, so treat them that way. Replying customers' questions or enquiries via SMS gives them a personal touch, helps you establish trust and makes your customers fall in love with you. 


Almost every person in the world has a phone, and sends SMSes.
People more often check SMSes than messengers. With "Twilio SMS to CRM", you'll be able receive messages from customers a few seconds or minutes after they're sent, and you'll be able to reply right away in Bitrix24.

Adapt your products and services to satisfy your customers BETTER

When chatting with clients, you can get feedback about a product, service or brand, without having to send surveys or emails. This information can be used to improve already existing products, develop new products as well as scale your business effectively. 


what is it?

The newly added Twilio Multiplayer feature takes the hassle off managing different branches of your company using different twilio numbers from the same Bitrix24 portal!
As well as the sender's information, you can now also see which of your Twilio numbers received a message.

why is it important?

-To know what branch/manager of your company a message/enquiry is for,
-To save time,
-You develop even better relationships with clients, because your conversations are a continuous thread.

What's more?


To make our module accessible to all our customers, we have introduced a new MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION system.

With only $24 or €20/month, you can now access the full features of the module.

Year license costs $270 or €247. You can OWN the module as well as have access to all future updates.


FREE for 7 days

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You get ALL the features of the trial version
24/7 Technical assistance
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You get ALL the features of the trial version
24/7 Technical assistance
You decide new features to be added

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