TWilio Sms

in your

Bitrix24 CRM

With Twilio SMS to CRM, you can establish Twilio two way SMS communication in Bitrix24.
With the newly added open channels feature, you can send and receive SMS in a continuous chat thread!

MMS support

Send and receive twilio MMS and attached files.
Note: limitations on file size are set by Twilio and your mobile operator


Manage multiple Twilio numbers for different branches of your business. You can see exactly which of your Twilio numbers received an SMS.

Open Channels

Connect "Twilio SMS to CRM" module to Open channels to enable sending twilio SMS from Bitrix24 using our module.

Simple, Convenient way to Receive Twilio sMS for your Business!

It makes sense to build communication with clients using channels they use daily, and to do so using tools you and your staff are familiar with - SMS.
Having a CRM with text messaging ability will strengthen the relationship you have with your clients even more.

self-employed specialists

Gym instructor, tutor, consultant, solicitor- whatever your profession, Twilio SMS to CRM will help keep your clients at the centre of your business. You'll be able to send and receive your clients' SMS on the go in your Bitrix24 CRM. You'll be able to build stronger relationships with your clients, establish trust and find the keys to their hearts.

small businesses

The success of a business greatly depends on how its customers are treated.  Our twilio two way sms integration will help you to receive inbound SMS in real time. 

You will be able to respond swiftly to your clients' requests, reviews, wishes and complaints.

Large companies

To keep your customers satisfied, you have to know what they want. You can learn a lot about your clients through text messaging. You can analyze the chats and create unique offers for your customers.
 You can also update customer profiles in Bitrix24 with information from your message threads, monitor their changes in preferences to help you make the right business decisions.

How inbound sMS works 

When there is a twilio inbound SMS, our module searches through the CRM entities that were selected in the module settings for a match.

If there is a match, the inbound SMS will be saved to that CRM card.
If there are several matches, the twilio inbound SMS will be saved to all of them.

If there is no match, a new CRM entity will be created and the inbound SMS will be saved to it.

Maintain a continuous message thread with Open Channels

Twilio SMS to CRM works with Bitrix24 Open Channels.

Add the module to Bitrix24 Contact Center and connect to Open Channels by selecting "Use Open Lines" on the Twilio SMS to CRM settings page!

When there is an inbound SMS, the Open Channel dialog opens. You will be able to receive SMS in the dialogue.
When you respond, the module sends your SMS to the client through the Twilio gateway.

To send SMS through open channels, specify the identifier (SID) from the personal account in the Twilio SMS to CRM settings.


Please follow the guide below to set up the Twilio SMS to CRM module.
If you have some problems, please CONTACT US

Two way SMS for Bitrix24

Setting up Two-way SMS for Bitrix24 is a 3-step process.

Step 1. create a Twilio ACCOUNT

Create an account on and buy a number with SMS sending and receiving capabilities.

Step 2. two-way sms VERIFication

Verify that Two-way SMS is supported for the locations you will be receiving SMS from.

Step 3. install twilio sms to crm module

Download and install our module to receive SMS and MMS in your Bitrix24 portal. We offer a Free 14-day trial.

MMS Support! 

With over 1000 supported file types, you can receive video, Image and audio messages from your clients right in your Bitrix24!


what is Twilio multiplayer?

The  Twilio Multiplayer feature helps you manage different twilio numbers in one Bitrix24 portal!
In the notification of an inbound SMS,  you can see which of your Twilio numbers received a message, and the sender's information

why is it important?

-To know what branch/manager of your company a message/enquiry is for,
-To save time,
-You develop even better relationships with clients, because your conversations are a continuous thread.
What's more?

Give every customer personal attention

Every customer is important, so treat them that way. SMS gives a personal touch to your business. It helps you establish trust and makes your customers fall in love with you. 


Almost every person in the world has a phone, and sends SMS.
People more often check SMS than messengers. With "Twilio SMS to CRM", you'll be able receive twilio SMS from customers in real time, and can reply right away in Bitrix24 CRM.

Adapt your products and services to satisfy your customers BETTER

When texting with clients, you can get feedback about a product, service or brand, without having to send surveys or emails. This information can be used to improve already existing products, develop new products, and scale your business. 

What our clients are saying

Maria Sanchez

Owner, Boxmark

"They had a fast response and attention to detail."
The final integration helped streamline processes.

Jonathan Levi

CTO, Coffee

"The app works great."
INTERVOLGA executed a seamless integration. The app works flawlessly, so there aren't any areas for suggested improvement.

TaNoah Morgan

President, Ms Insurance Agency

INTERVOLGA's project was finished excellently. Though there were mishaps because of the outdated instructions found at first, the client saw the updated instructions later on, allowing a seamless workflow from then on.

awards & recognitions

1. We received a Rising Star award and a full review piece from Finances online. 


2. Our "Twilio SMS to CRM" module is recognized by Bitrix Inc. as a must have tool in Bitrix24 CRM.

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Monthly subscription is no longer available for Twilio SMS to CRM. However, we will support active monthly subscriptions until the expiry dates.

Please verify that Twilio SMS is available in your country before installing the module


14 days FREE

- FULL access

- Technical assistance

6 months


- Access to all existing and new features 

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Have any problems?

If you can't find find a solution to your problem here, Please send a message


Yes, you can!
You just need to connect each number according to the connection instructions we provide with the module. However, you can't use one module installation across several Bitrix24 portals. For each additional portal, you need a separate module installation.

I have installed the module but i don't receive SMS

This can be caused by several reasons.
please follow the instructions to solve the problem.


When there is an incoming SMS, you receive information about the sender, and the receiving Twilio number in the incoming SMS notification in the portal.

I receive too many notifications of Incoming messages

By default, all CRM entities are set to receive inbound SMS. To learn how to change this, please follow this guide