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Twilio SMS to CRM update: Open Channels integration

Our Twilio SMS integration module can now be added to Bitrix24 Contact Center and connected to Open channels. This will allow you send and receive Twilio SMS and MMS in a continuous chat thread.

You can add Bitrix24 users, groups or even departments to a created open channel.

How to set up Open channels integration in Twilio SMS to CRM module

Go to your Twilio account, copy your “ACCOUNT SID” and “AUTH TOKEN” from your Twilio account.

twilio settings

Next, go to the Twilio SMS to CRM module Settings page in Bitrix24. 

There’s a new option -  "Connect Open Channels".

Paste your Twilio Account SID and AUTH TOKEN in  the respective fields.

On completion of this step, the module will be available on Bitrix24 Contact centre page.

From here, the next steps are exactly the same with setting up open channels for any other communication channel.

  1. In Bitrix24 Contact center, click on “Twilio (by Intervolga)”, a configuration page opens up where you can choose or create open channels.
    contact centre settings

  2. Click on the dropdown to create a new open channel or to connect an old one.
  3. add an open channel

  4. Click on “configure”, to complete other settings - Queue, worktime, Auto Actions, etc.
  5. open channel settings

    queue settings

  6. When you click on the “other” menu item, you can change the name of the open channel

    open channel title

And with that, you’re all set up. 

Testing Open channel integration with our Twilio SMS module

  1. When you receive an SMS from a client, a notification is sent to an agent in the queue according to your queue settings

    incoming SMS to open channel

  2. A dialog opens (an Open channel). SMS and MMS are sent to the dialog. When an agent responds, the application sends an SMS response to the client through the Twilio gateway.

dialog via open channel

Please note:
  1. The open channel you create for Twilio (by Intervolga) is linked to the domain name of your Bitrix24 Account. Therefore, you need to reconfigure it if you change the domain name of your Bitrix24 Account.

  2. Outgoing SMS messages in Twilio do not work in all countries. Please verify the status for your country before installing our module.

If you have any questions about the features of our Twilio SMS to CRM or a feature you’d like to implement in your Bitrix24, please send us a message

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  • 20.07.2021