INTERVOLGA - Top Bitrix24 Integrator

INTERVOLGA is a team of highly trained specialists in Bitrix24 technologies. We have been in the IT industry since 2003, and have provided Bitrix24 development services since the creation of the CRM.

We use only the best technologies, and are constantly increasing our skills, knowledge and expertise to be able to create quality software solutions that our clients can rely on.

Our Key competencies are production and development of complex Bitrix24 projects - Large implementations, creation of Human Resource management Systems in Bitrix24, Business automation, customization, and integration.

We extend the capabilities of Bitrix24 CRM to meet your company's needs.

We have completed 800+ Bitrix24 projects in several industries - pharmaceutical, restaurant chains, construction, fitness, electricity and more.


we possess all competencies required for any Bitrix project


Completed projects since 2003


Certified for the implementation and maintenance of large bitrix24 portals


qualified Specialists. 8 project teams, no freelancers 

INTERVOLGA is ready to help you streamline and automate your business processes

Our Leadership

StepanOvchinnikov, Bitrix24 MVP

Stepan Ovchinnikov

A large project and there are some questions?
Anton Kolodynitsky, Bitrix24 Expert

Anton Kolodynitsky

Large implementations, HR systems, automation, Customization, integration with ERP systems
Alexander Davidoff, Bitrix24 Product development
write -
Product development

Alexander Davidoff

Twilio SMS to CRM, MicroEDA
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