Work Hours
8:00 am - 6:00 pm UTC+3

For all Bitrix24 services, our rates are $65/hour

Basic customization of a self-hosted portal usually takes 10-15 hours.
Estimation for complex implementations, customizations and integration depends on your requirements. We will explore your portal and develop the best solution for your business.

Here's our work processs

When you come to us with a request, we analyze how feasible it would be to implement the request.
Then, we set out to research the best possible solution (secure, maintain the updatability of the portal, maintain server performance, best technologies). For each solution, we outline pros and cons.

Our specialists also help choose the most suitable solution according to your priorities.
After this, we provide a estimation (a concise outline of implementation steps).

Each project stage is carefully planned and controlled by our project managers, whoset up weekly calls to discuss project details and keep you informed on progress from enquiry to completion.

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Twilio sms to CRM
Twilio SMS Bitrix24

Twilio SMS to CRM integrates your Bitrix24 CRM with Twilio, making it possible to send and receive Twilio SMS in Bitrix24 CRM. MORE

Price: $810 $486

Microeda (FREE)
CRM with electronic document approval

With MicroEDA, you can collaborate with other people to approve documents. Both users and non-users of Bitrix24 can take part in approval processes. MORE

Price: FREE

CRM Field permissions
Bitrix24 field permissions

 Grant users and user groups different levels of access to fields in the CRM. You can set accesses for viewing, editing or hide the field completely.

Are there features you need but are lacking in any of the modules,
we'll implement them.

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