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Implementing ITSM technical support in Bitrix24

INTERVOLGARU as a web integrator

Web integration is the creation of large information web systems, deeply integrated into the Customer's business. This decreases the cost of working with clients, increases sales and automation of processes.

INTERVOLGARU is a competent web integrator . We have the resources (skill, competence and workforce)  to solve all complex web integration problems.
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Our principle is to bring value to the client's business through the intelligent application of web technologies. 

Bitrix24 is one of the key platforms with which we solve integration problems.
The task of maintaining ITSM technical support standards with the help is an interesting integration task.

We transformed Bitrix24 Tasks into an ITSM technical support tool. We add our own statuses, transition matrices, services, and SLA to Bitrix24

The 1C-Bitrix platform includes a "technical support" module (it is used, for example, on the Bitrix website). In theory, the module is suitable for creating tickets, assigning responsible people, and viewing statistics.

In practice, however, its interface is outdated - It doesn’t have enough functionality for organizing support according to the principles of ITSM.

At the same time, it’s worthy of mention that the functionality of Tasks in Bitrix24 is developing quickly, has a convenient interface, and is liked by users.

This made it reasonable to further develop Tasks to the level of a convenient ITSM tool with a user-friendly interface and a good reporting system.

We handled the project of expanding the logic of Tasks from 2 main perspectives

  • Adding everything that is “missing” in tasks (service directory, customers, objects, SLA, custom transition matrices)

  • maintaining the current features of standard reports, the interface, and software mechanisms.

In a nutshell, our “extended tasks” should improve on and add to the standard features of Tasks, without breaking anything.

Here’s our account of our results.

Bitrix24 Custom Task 

We added custom tasks to the system. In addition to the “normal task”, we added the following Tech Support tasks 

  1. “incident”, 

  2. “service request”, 

  3. “change request” and 

  4. “Contract negotiation”.

The last task type is used extensively in “advanced business processes”

Custom status system, customizable transition matrices

Each task type has its own set of statuses.

Transition logic between statuses is configured for each task: for example, immediately after “new” status you cannot move to “completed” status. There are also some statuses that require a comment before they can be changed .

The availability/visibility of buttons and their related actions can also differ for different employees - Example more buttons and functions for the director of the company

Our Customer's employees actively use task filters, reports, work groups, and Gantt charts. Therefore, it was important that with the introduction of custom tasks, that these standard functions were retained.

It was also important that the custom tasks were available on the general tasks list together with standard tasks.

We studied how Bitrix24 tasks and statuses work intensively, and improved it.

The resulting “extended statuses” are adapted for the Customer.
They also have a simple settings page where a user with the needed accesses can rename the statuses and change their colors.

Moreover, the system administrator can set a “transition pathway(matrix)” between statuses for each task participant.

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  1. our steps for setting up extended task statuses, 

  2. steps for setting up a transition matrix between employees, 

  3. a  cost estimation of such work.

Adding ITSM to Bitrix24: Customer, service, objects and SLA

According to the ITSM standard, a task is tied to a specific business unit, service, and “object”. This further allows you to take into account the costs of maintaining units, equipment and facilities.

We made the directories customizable and linked SLAs to them. Now, after selecting a service, the deadline for the task is set automatically. It also records the time spent on task implementation in the log.

For clarity, resource management is implemented in the form of a “traffic light of objects”. The hierarchical map shows all serviced devices and services. Depending on the set of tasks for each, they are highlighted in colors: green - “okay”, yellow - “attention required”, red - “failure, main process stopped”.

You can see the details of what is wrong when you click on the object.

A site map with traffic lights allows Responsible persons, internal clients (employees who request for the implementation of business processes, usually directors, Head of departments) and management to keep track of the current situation.

The full picture of the work of technical support for ITSM will be described in the next article, where we will talk about the clever integration of Bitrix24 with e-mail.

“Share” this article on social networks, fill out the form at the bottom of the article, and we will send you the second part of this article, which contains 

  1. our steps for setting up extended task statuses, 

  2. steps for setting up a transition matrix between employees, 

  3. a  cost estimation of such work.


Serious implementation of a corporate portal is the adaptation of the program to perform the tasks required by the customer.

Two requirements are vital :

  1. The client’s foresight and ability to describe clearly what he needs plays a huge role. In this,our customer did great.

  2. The developer should be able to perform complex modifications related to the standard functionality of Bitrix quickly and efficiently, and so that nothing breaks.
    We do this very well!


The article shows the result of our work.

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  • 31.05.2021