Ekaterina Bogachenkova

How Bitrix24 fits a fitness network


It happens that business growth generates problems. It becomes difficult to follow  every current process, deal and request. It is almost impossible to analyze the database of contacts by hand.

Employees control is complicated due to the lack of bounds between the client base and documents. Sometimes there is no actual client base.

Our clients often come to INTERVOLGARU with similar problems.

The problem

In autumn 2018 the head of WellFit fitness club chain  came to INTERVOLGARU. WellFit had three branches in Volgograd in October 2018. The database of thousands of their clients had been gathered for several years but had never been used.

The client sad: “WellFit has a huge database of clients, which is difficult to use. We have problems with proceeding and accounting of registrations,  the workflow ordering is challenging.” All the information about clients was within 1C accounting system.

In short, the request was: “We have contacts in database. What could we do with them? How to organize the sales department work from the scratch? Our competitors told that they had began using the CRM. After that their revenue increased significantly.”

WellFit decides to order their clients’ requests processing. We suggested Bitrix24 implementation for the purpose.

Bitrix24 implementation

We asked the client about their implementation expectations before starting. So we received tasks:

  • to return WellFit former clients;

  • to involve  those who left requests but didn’t come back for fitness;

  • to sell extra services to current WellFit clients;

  • to write  new inquires into the system.

We prepared and agreed on the action plan. We’ll tell you about every stage of it.

Bitrix24 registration

It is not difficult to create a Bitrix24 CRM. The main thing is to change a new portal name. The name is generated automatically. Usually it looks like “abrakadabra”. So we can change it for a name of the company for example.

Structure configuration

We draw the scheme of WellFit company and management structure.

Company structure
Management structure

Then we create the structure at Bitrix24. So you could find who manages whom.

Customization of CRM entities (contacts, deals)

For CRM entities customization we have to define the main options.

We should know about each customer the following:

  • name;

  • phone number;

  • the club department address;

  • date of birth;

  • gender;

  • preference: group, gym;

  • status: current club client, ex-client, potential client.

Those fields will be at clients cards.

We distinguish the main stages and their details:

        1. Interest.

The clients who don’t buy a season ticket. The operator marks that fact and creates a notification to call the client in a month or week.

        2. A guest visit date arranged.

The CRM operator sets a guest visit date and creates a notification to remind the client about the visit date.

If the client didn’t come for the guest visit, the CRM operator clarifies the reason and creates an appropriate notification.

        3. A visitor comes as a guest.

The CRM operator gets feedback and creates an appropriate notification for future. For example, if a client didn’t choose the training group, the CRM operator tunes the notification to call him or her in a week.

        4. A visitor is making a decision.

The CRM operator calls the client to know his or her decision about the next visit  and to tune notification. For example, the client decides to go on training at a competitors’ club. In that case the notification should be tuned to call in a month when competitors’ club monthly subscription finishes. So the notification will come in a month.

        5. The Club Client (Closing deal).

After closing the deal the CRM operator tunes the notification to call the client in  three months to offer an individual training session.

Contacts import to CRM

Previously WellFit formed  the contacts database. It was  necessary to bring the database to Bitrix24. Bitrix24 has a  very convenient export-import system.

We use the system to transfer list of contacts from CSV into CRM.

Configuration of access rights

As usual each employee has their own tasks. So the list of duties at CRM will be different for different groups of employees. The system of groups and roles is implemented at Bitrix24. So each user has access to a proper list of functions.

We created the following list of roles:

  • gym administrator;

  • manager;

  • director;

  • administrator.

We tuned access permissions for every role.

Then we add role to every employee. So each employee can only perform their functions.

Bitrix24 invitations for employees

We have created the company structure and the list of CRM roles already. So we need to add users at Bitrix24.

We use Bitrix24 invitations for employees. This  function sends e-mails with a link to invite a new user. It is easy and convenient.

Guidelines for employees

We wrote guidelines  for the employees. There is  the information about:

  • how to use the CRM;

    • how to add the leads;

    • how to change stages;

    • how to close the deals;

  • how to upload clients’ database;

  • how to change access rights and users’ roles.

Writing guidelines is a routine stage for Bitrix24 implementation. So after the implementation clients don’t usually ask how use that system.

What do we get?

The client receives Bitrix24 implementation. Now each transaction and client will be fixed at Bitrix24. The system is easy to understand. You can look at each deal, check the stage, recognize the problem and push the deal to its closing.

Kanban board for deals movement monitoring

So the contacts are your assets now. The contacts become customers. After the implementation the percentage of recorded deals grow seven times within one month. The percentage of closed deals grow by 30% for the same month.

All internal company communications occur at Bitrix24, which is very convenient. It is easy to ask colleagues about a current task or a client, to get a link for a deal or receive other answers via Bitrix24 chats.


Bitrix24 implementation is the way to optimize and speed up the company work, to improve financial performance.

If you realise that Bitrix24 is good for your business, contact INTERVOLGARU.

  • 08.02.2019