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Twilio SMS to CRM installation Guide

Welcome to our “Twilio SMS to CRM” installation guide! We’ll help you set up your module in a few steps.

This installation guide is written with the assumption that you have installed Bitrix24 CRM and you have set up your Twilio


Watch our video-instruction:

or checklist:

METHOD 1: downloading from marketplace

1. First up, go to the module download page, click on “install

2. Enter your company’s unique Bitrix24 address and click on “install”

3. You’ll be directed to a your Bitrix24 page. click “install”

4. Agree and Install. Viola

If “Twilio” automatically appears in the left menu, you have successfully installed Twilio SMS to CRM.


1. Sign into your bitrix24 portal as ADMIN, scroll down the left menu bar and click on “More"

2. Click on “Applications”. Twilio SMS to CRM appears. Click on “View”. In the window that appears, click “Install"

3. Agree and Install.

Refresh the page. If “Twilio” appears in the left menu, you have successfully installed Twilio SMS to CRM.

Twilio Incoming SMS settings

Click on “Twilio” in left menu, and click on the “settings” tab in the window that appears

1. Set who you want to receive SMS messages from. Contacts is set by default. You can add companies, leads, and Deal

2. Select who receives notifications of Incoming SMS. Click on the drop down button and choose “select users”.

You can select from Recent users, Company structure or Search for a name. When you find a name you would like to add, click on it, and they’re added (they appear in a panel on the right). These people will now receive notifications of incoming SMS.

To stop a user from receiving SMS notifications, simply click on the "X" beside their name, and they're deleted.

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  • 07.11.2019