Aleksandr Davydov

I have installed Incoming SMS, but I don't receive SMS

Here’s what you can do

  1. Confirm that you installed the module correctly. 

“Twilio SMS to CRM” should appear as a menu item on the left menu panel as shown in the picture below.

If “Twilio SMS to CRM” doesn’t appear, uninstall the module, and re-install using this GUIDE. After that, everything should work properly. 

2. If you installed the module correctly:
  • Navigate to the Twilio SMS to CRM homepage. Copy the link displayed in “Configure” (as highlighted in the screenshot).

  • follow THIS LINK to login to your Twilio account. You’ll see all your active phone numbers.
  • Navigate to the number you don’t receive SMSes from and click on it. A “properties page” opens. Scroll down to “Messaging”.
  • Paste the link you copied in “A message comes in” Webhook 

You should receive SMSes now.

If you followed the steps above and you still don’t receive SMSes, uninstall the module completely, and Re-install as “admin”.

Twilio SMS to CRM module installation guide

  • 13.11.2019