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I have installed Twilio SMS integration, but I don't receive SMS

There could be a few reasons for this. We will go through each reason, how to identify the cause in your situation, and also troubleshooting steps. 

1. Twilio isn’t set up properly. 

Our module is meant to deliver SMS from Twilio to your Bitrix24.
If your Twilio configuration is wrong, You will not be able to SEND/RECEIVE SMS in Bitrix24. 

Verify that you have set up Twilio correctly for SMS

2. Twilio doesn’t support 2-way SMS communication for your location
(Countries such as Russia, Cuba, Costa Rica etc.)

Even though you might be able to send SMS from your Bitrix24 using a Russian Twilio number, Your number might be displayed as a CODE, making it impossible for clients to respond.

Hence, It’s important to verify that Two-way SMS is supported for your chosen Twilio number.

3. For US and Canadian Twilio Numbers: Bitrix24 didn’t automatically append the “+1” country code. 

To verify that isn’t the problem, 

    1. navigate to the number you wish to receive an SMS from 

    2. add +1 to the number manually.

    3. Send a TEST SMS

3. Your Twilio webhook is wrong

Sometimes, you may receive incoming messages in Twilio, but they do not appear in Bitrix24. Solve the problem by following the steps below:

  1. The generated webhook may have 2 "ru/", like this:
    In this case, please remove 1 "ru/", to get something like this :, before pasting it in Twilio.

  2. After pasting the webhook in "A message comes in", change HTTP POST to HTTP GET 

If you've tried all the steps above and you still don't receive  :

  1. uninstall our module from your Bitrix24 portal.

  2. Send a TEST SMS from your Bitrix24 to a friend. Do they receive the message?

    If yes, reinstall our module according to the instructions here-
    Send another TEST SMS from your Bitrix24, then reply to this SMS.

  3. Check if you receive the reply in your Bitrix24 portal.
     If not, 

  • Navigate to the Twilio SMS to CRM homepage. Copy the link displayed in “Configure” (as highlighted in the screenshot).

  • follow THIS LINK to login to your Twilio account. You’ll see all your active phone numbers.

  • Navigate to the number you don’t receive SMS from and click on it. A “properties page” opens. Scroll down to “Messaging”.

  • Paste the link you copied in “A message comes in” Webhook

  • You should receive SMS now.

If you followed the steps above and you still don’t receive SMS, uninstall the module completely, and Re-install as “admin”.
Twilio SMS to CRM module installation guide

If you still do not receive SMS in Bitrix24 after re-installing as admin, send an email to with the following information.

  1. your Twilio webhook 

  2. Your Bitrix24 intranet address

  3. Screenshots of errors you get in B24

  4. Screenshots of your module settings

  • 13.11.2019