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I get too many notifications of Twilio inbound SMS in Bitrix24

Twilio SMS to CRM is programmed to receive incoming SMS to all bitrix24 entities (leads, deals, companies and contacts) that are connected to the sender’s number and are “selected” on the settings page as Receiving CRM entities.

In the situation above, If there is an incoming SMS from +1235578964, and this number is connected/saved to a company, lead, contact, There will be 3 notifications, because all 3 entities will receive the SMS.

To avoid this, Simply untick the entities you do not want to receive SMS.

Please NOTE:
Bitrix24 entity “Deals” is dependent on “Companies”. Every Deal is connected to a Company. 

Hence, If you use Deals, You will receive SMS in at least 2 entities.
This is the standard Bitrix24 behaviour.

  • 15.09.2020