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Bitrix24 Customization & Refinement

We extend the capabilities of Bitrix24, adding features that your company needs, but are unavailable by default, making it an even more powerful business tool.

What can be customized in Bitrix24? 

Each company has its own specifics., and so, despite the power and numerous features of Bitrix24, it could sometimes be lacking.
INTERVOLGA has extensive experience in refining the "box" and "cloud" versions of Bitrix24. 
We do the following:

  • Custom reports;
  • Connecting payment systems to business processes - STRIPE, PAYPAL, etc;
  • Adding custom statuses and call to action buttons in tasks;
  • Generating commercial offers based on complex templates;
  • Corporate portal redesign;
  • Creating custom entities and sections;
  • Configuring an information exchange platform for contractors
  • Interface simplification;
  • Implementing Constructors of special business processes;
  • API for integration with external systems (services);
  • Calculation of salaries, depending on the effectiveness of managers;
  • Automatic and manual sending of loan applications to the bank;
  • Chat bots.

What features can be added to Bitrix24 depend on what version it is - On-premise or cloud.
 The technologies for customizing also differ.

Below we share the differences and show examples of our refinements.

Bitrix24 development

Bitrix24 "cloud" customization

To customize the "cloud" version of Bitrix24, we create applications.
Conventionally, applications for Bitrix24 can be divided into two types.
To work "on the client" - we use HTML, CSS, JS.

  • No separate hosting is required: the application is hosted on B24 servers;
  • You do not need a domain and an SSL certificate for it.
  • You cannot configure the execution of scheduled actions;
  • It is impossible to react in a timely manner to events in the portal;
  • PHP functions (such as mail handling) cannot be used.

Bitrix24 customization

Bitrix24 "on-premise" customization

Bitrix24 cloud is seriously limited when it comes to customization possibilities.

  1. Not all entities have access methods in REST API
  2. You cannot change existing interfaces
  3. Integration with external systems is difficult.

With the on-premise version however,


The boundaries and limitations are only established by:

  1. Time - if you need a total redesign, be ready for the full development cycle (for 3 - 4 months)
  2. Money - indepth chnages can take hundreds of hours to implement.
  3. Portal updates - if there are serious changes in tasks or deals, updating the portal then becomes a tedious process.
Below we will describe five interesting modifications to Bitrix24 on-premise

1. Customization of tasks and task statuses

Trade network (300 employees)

We implemented custom task types and a customizable system of statuses.
Asides the “normal task”, we created the following task types, with each type, having it's own set of statuses

  1.  "incident”, 
  2. “service request”,
  3.  “change request” and 
  4. “reconciliation task”.

 There is also transition logic between statuses: For example, When a task is on the status “new”,  it is impossible to immediately move to the “completed” status. Some statuses require a comment before the status button can be clicked.

The available buttons, labels on them and possible actions also differ in some cases for the director and task performer.

2. Constructor of business processes with milestones

Leader of the Year in the "Drugstore" segment in 2016 (6,000 employees)

Many companies have business processes that take place in sequences and stages. For example, website development, launching an advertising campaign, building a store or shopping center.
For our customer, it was “opening an outlet”.

As we collected the client's requirements, it became clear that

  1.  The in-built business processes designer does not allow for  such a setting. 
  2. It's not possible to "approve a schedule", 
  3. The interfaces for viewing the list of running processes is inconvenient.
We solved this problem by creating all the necessary interfaces. After successful implementation, the client asked to implement the designer of such business processes, so as to automate other processes themselves.
To do this, we added the required functionalities in the original business process and added a mechanism that allows the client's employees to create processes on their own.

The customer's business analysts independently created more than 10 types of processes and trained end users.

3. Redesign of the Bitrix24 corporate portal

Logistics company (600 employees)

We developed and implemented a new design for the start and login pages.
To create the page, we used standard components. This retained the updateability of the portal.

4. Creating a chatbot for document search

Nationwide food delivery network of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine (2000 employees)

We conducted an analysis of how the employees work, and we discovered that all portal users actively use chat bots. Since this was the case, we decided to make our own to search for documents -  "Document Search". We chose Google cloud for storing documents. The major reason for that is its commendable information search algorithm.

When a user asks a question in the portal, the bot accesses the document storage, initializes a contextual search for the contents of the documents, and returns the result.

5. Development of a template designer for commercial offers

"Company name" - we  are bound by an NDA and cannot disclose
Large manufacturing company, with a 25% share of the Russian market in its industry
The company's managers spent a lot of time on creating commercial proposals, becuase they had to input a lot of details manually.
We developed a commercial proposal template constructor for the client. Now, company employees can create CP templates in Word, mark them up, and use any required fields from leads, offers and related entities.

Our prices for Bitrix24 Customization

We estimate tasks in specialist hours.
The hourly rate is $50 or 45EUR.

We will do the following within the corresponding time frame
10 hours - we will customize the standard Bitrix24 reports
25 hours - we will implement a template designer for commercial offers
50 hours - we will redesign the start page of the corporate portal
100 hours - we will implement a flexible business processes constructor using tasks

Do we offer discounts?
We offer discounts when 

  1. The client makes a deposit of at least 85%
  2. we have freedom to plan our time and resources (we carefully plan our work, and if you give us more freedom in managing resources, we will give a noticeable discount); For example, we are usually ready to give a 15% discount on the cost of work, which will begin in 5-6 weeks from the date of agreement on the conditions and prepayment.
  3. exceptionally high volumes of work or long-term contracts

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