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Bitrix24 Migration

We help you migrate from other CRMS to Bitrix24 or from Bitrix24 cloud to On-premise according to a detailed procedure, migration guidelines and with full testing. 

We ensure no data loss, No downtime.

Our Bitrix24 migration procedure

Conventionally, we divide Bitrix24 migration into three stages.

  • License Purchase;
  • Portal audit;
  • Acquiring a server (if you don't have one) and testing;
  • Buying a domain and SSL certificate;
  • Collecting data for customizing mail and additional integrations (for example, AD);
  • Agreeing (with the client and Bitrix) on the migration time.
  • Downloading a backup;
  • Portal installation.
  • Protocol testing (taken from audit);
  • "Disconnecting" the cloud portal;
  • Transferring accesses and instructions to the client.

Bitrix24 migration from Top Bitrix24 developer

The cost of migrating Bitrix24 from the "cloud" to "box" is 1000 EUR
This includes the full procedure listed above:

  • Audit,
  • Testing,
  • Server configuration,
  • Checklist control.

This price can be higher if:

  • The size of the Bitrix24 portal is more than 200 GB;
  • There are additional integrations (AD, etc.) that require configuration;
  • There is a need to control a large number of applications or business processes after the migration;
  • It is required to use non-standard server software configurations or when the routine for accessing the local network is complicated (for example, through a "teamviewer" on a remote PC).

When you purchase a Bitrix24 license from us, migrations costs 350 EUR

Why choose INTERVOLGA for Bitrix24 migration?

  • Experience - more than 350 completed Bitrix24 projects.We have migrated portals hundreds of times.
  • A detailed checklist for the procedure - The procedure is a 10-page checklist, developed and refined constantly with every migration experience

  • Competencies - we have all the competencies required for migration and this is confirmed by Bitrix Inc.
  • We are recommended by other Bitrix24 partners, and our competitors
    • we are well known in our industry
    • we have a good reputation
    • we are recommended by other partners.
  • Large implementations - we are one of a few dozen companies that Bitrix recommends for the most complex projects.
  • We train others to implement, customize and integrate B24 with other systems - we release training materials on Bitrix24 commissioned by Bitrix Inc.

How we deal with Bitrix24 Migration risks

  • Data loss. This is completely excluded as we take all necessary steps to avoid such.
    Your cloud portal will continue to work normally. In the rarest cases when something goes wrong, your employee can continueworking in the cloud portal, while we repeat the migration procedure.

  • Inconveniences for users - we often carry out migration on weekends or day-offs to minimize this risk. After the migration, we test that all functions work properly before the start of the client's work week.

  • Complex, non-standard migrations - we have more than 30 programmers in our team, we teach others how to work with "on-premise" Bitrix24. We know Bitrix24 and other Bitrix tools perfectly.

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