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CREATE AUTOMATED Bitrix24  Workflows,
increase efficiency

Having clutter, too much paperwork, and the lack of an organised system are costly.
By automating business processes, we will help your companybecome more efficient and reduce running costs.

Why you need to automate workflows in Bitrix24


A company selling medical products lost more than $15,000

INCREASE personnel efficiency 

reduce errors

No more “forgetting” about clients and losing contracts as a result - a sad reality for many businesses

scale your business effectively

Competent automation is a step towards "all-round" success

Bitrix24 has powerful tools for Business workflow automation

And what cannot be achieved using these, we implement by expanding the functionality of Bitrix24 using the built-in API.

We automate the following processes:

  • Contract approval;
  • Leave approval;
  • Bill payment;
  • Opening retail outlets;
  • Lead processing;
  • Conducting deals;
  • Requesting for certificates;
  • Creation of template tasks;
  • Calling customers;
  • Sending a courier;

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automate business workflows in Bitrix24
workflow automation process


If our ready-made business processes do not meet your needs adequately, we can develop a custom automation for you.

The cost of a simple linear business process is $650.

The cost of a more complex process with integrations is from $2000.

Our Business process solutions

e- document approval

Approve official documents (contracts, invoices, acts, etc) without ever leaving your seat.


Ensure uniform workload amongst employees. At every point in time, no one is overloaded.


Simplify application processes, Keep employees informed on who will be absent when, plan tasks

HR automation

The process of recruiting new employees doesn't have to be chaotic. We'll show you a better way.

automate outlet opening

It's easy to get lost in the hundreds of steps required to open a new outlet. We'll simplify the process.

We increase the efficiency of your company using Bitrix24 business processes.

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