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"Vacation in order" for Bitrix24"

The crux of the matter:

To arrange a vacation, you need to agree with your supervisor, write an application, get approval from managers, and so on... 

In some countries, for instance, each employee MUST go on vacation at least twice a year. In a company of 50 employees, that is at least 100 vacations to be arranged per year.  There are documents flying all over the place, some of which get mixed up and lost.
Other employees do not know who is going on vacation and when. They only find out when they need the employee’s input and they’re nowhere to be found.

But, there’s good news - We’ve devised a method to prevent all this!

Our  solution "INTERVOLGA: Vacation in order" can be used for the registration of vacations in Bitrix24: from the moment of submitting an application to approval and accrual of vacation pay. If earlier the registration of a vacation for only one employee could take more than a working day, then with our solution this process will “cost” each participant no more than ten minutes.

Vacation script

The employee chooses the vacation period himself and coordinates it with his manager or supervisor (so that there are no overlaps with other employees who have similar roles at work and with important company events). The manager agrees, and the business process sets a task for registration of the vacation. 

Easy right? In practice, there are many features that need to be taken into account for automation: 

  • The number of days to be counted excluding weekends, 

  • will the vacation be at the employee’s expense or that of the employer, 

  • How much time must an applicant “book in advance” for their application to be approved?

For example, an employee starts a standard business process and specifies a vacation interval from 09/14/2020 to 09/18/2020. It seems that the situation is harmless, but if you look closely, the employee decided to cheat a little (or simply made a mistake), because the vacation falls from Monday to Friday and does not include weekends.

Most often, such a vacation will not be approved by the manager, but the standard business process does not know this, and the application will “fly” to the supervisor, HR officer and director for approval. If no one from management notices this on time, then this can lead to unpleasant situations, conflicts or confusion. And the number of such applications is limited only by the number of employees.

Our solution takes many of such nuances into consideration.

Automated solution "Vacation in order" 

INTERVOLGA’s solution takes into account all the nuances of filing for vacation in organizations. It is an improved algorithm for the vacation approval business process, automated absence reminders and integrated with 1C: ЗУП.

*1C: ЗУП is Bitrix24’s payroll and personnel management system
We can integrate our “Vacation in order” solution with your payroll and management systems.

What can the “Vacation in order” solution do?

!!! Please note: 

The features we demonstrate here are built according to Russian laws and general principles guiding Russian companies. 

They can be changed to fit the regulations of your company and country. 

1. prohibition to apply for leave "at the expense of the employer" less than two weeks before the proposed vacation date.

According to Russian laws, an employee must receive their vacation pay, no later than 3 days before the start of the vacation. The application must be submitted no later than 2 weeks in advance. 

We can implement the rules and logic of the module to fit the regulations of your country and company.

Such a notification is received by an employee who submitted their application less than 14 days before the proposed vacation start date:

2. Inclusion of weekends during the vacation period

If an employee applies for a vacation for a period of more than 4 days, then the weekend is added automatically. This is a defence against cases where a worker would try to take a part of the vacation without including weekends, thereby increasing the length of the remaining vacation.

Also relevant for vacations lasting more than 11, 18 and 25 days - weekends will also be added. 

 In calculating vacation days, humans can make mistakes. But not our system- our solution will always work as it should.

3. less than 5 days vacation, without weekends

When an employee applies for a short vacation at the expense of the employer, the system also sets a task for the manager for approval, with a note that the vacation does not include weekends and that they should pay attention to this

4. "I urgently need a day off at my expense!"

If an employee submits an application for a vacation at their own expense no earlier than 3 days before the start of the vacation, and the number of days off does not exceed 3 days, the absence schedule will not be synched with with the personnel management and payroll system (in this case,1C: ЗУП) , and for the employee's supervisor, a task will be created for “subordinate’s Day off” 

5. Transfer of vacations in 1C: Salary and personnel management

Synching employee absence schedules with 1C: ЗУП occurs daily and automatically. No manual actions are required! If the vacation is approved, it will appear in 1C. The accountant will see it in the schedule and issue a vacation.

We could implement the same or a similar feature with your company’s personnel management and payroll system.

6. Employee Vacation Reminders

Our solution notifies supervisors, managers, HR personnel, and accountants (the list is customizable) about upcoming vacations of employees. The reminder (a list of employees who are going on vacation from two weeks to a month)  is displayed in the live feed. 

This feature is helpful in the re-assignment/delegation of tasks and planning the works of departments in general.

7. Reminder and task for the accountant

In addition to the fact that the accountant sees upcoming and current vacations in the schedule, the “INTERVOLGA: Vacation in order” solution constantly reminds them of the need to organize employee vacations with notifications.

Also, a task is created for the accountant to "process vacation". Until this task is completed, notifications will continue at intervals. 

The task created also depends on the type of vacation the employee applies for - if the vacation is on the account of the employee, there will be no need to calculate vacation pay. 

We are ready to provide you with a solution tailored to your requirements.

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  • 07.05.2021