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Build a comprehensive HR management system in Bitrix24

Provide a unified information environment. Manage employees throughout their lifecycle. Organize and automate internal business processes.  Improve work experience. Build a motivated team and increase staff productivity.
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Some features that can be implemented in a Bitrix24 HR Management System

Corporate culture and company life

Customize Bitrix24 to reflect your brand image with
  • A new home page
  • Create an "About" page to share your company values with employees
  • Company and industry News
  • Performance indicators
  • Employee birthdays

Organize employee recruitment and on-boarding processes

Create a knowledge base for staff

Create an online university for Staff training

Find out how employees feel, and collect to their ideas

  • Send an appeal to supervisors and managers
  • Manage Idea collection processes

Automate and organize internal HR business processes like

Bitrix24 Intranet Redesign

We help our clients develop new layouts for their Bitrix24 CRM and HR Management System that reflects what their companies stand for. 

Below are some examples of our redesign projects.

Bitrix24 Design Customization for a pharmaceutical company

Bitrix24 Design Customization for construction company

Bitrix24 Design Customization for a food manufacturing company

Bitrix24 Design Customization for an IT company

Staff Birthdays in Bitrix24

By default, Bitrix24 displays information about  upcoming birthdays for the next few days. This is suitable for small companies, but for companies with thousands of employees, it can be inconvenient.
In a particular Bitrix24 HR Management System implementation project, we made it possible to display birthdays for the month, according to departments.

Staff only see "upcoming birthdays" of colleagues from the same department as them.

You can see whose birthday it is for the current date, and whose is upcoming within the month. 

We also improved the system of congratulations and notifications about birthdays, to make them less annoying. This is especially important for large enterprises where 50 or more employees have birthdays on the same day.

Organizing staff recruitment in Bitrix24 HR Management System

The HR management System is integrated with job placement sites, so that candidate profiles which match the vacancies of your company can be added to Bitrix24 with one push of a button. 

A deal pipeline is allocated to processing candidates. Each interview and assessment stage corresponds with a stage in the candidate deal pipeline. Each stage of the pipeline can be automated - for example, to send notifications of interviews.

As you get more and more employees, your HR managers can understand the most effective sources of applicants, and you can refine your hiring strategy accordingly. 

Automating the on-boarding process

The onboarding process usually comprises of several sets of separate tasks, which could be handled by different responsible persons:

  • Preparing a work station ;
  • Organizing a welcome party and tour of company premises;
  • Organizing access to internal IT systems;
  • Registration in the personnel department;
  • Application for a bank card;
  • Familiarization with responsibilities;
  • Training;
  • Etc.
This process is the same for every new employee. It should  be automated!

We recommend implementing a business process that creates a series of tasks and sets the different responsible persons. Some tasks are performed concurrently, and others, after the completion of previous tasks. Each task would have its own responsible person, observers, and deadline.

Office map

How can you find a colleague who works in a different department in a large enterprise?

We create office maps with a markup by department. 

Map users can search for an employee or department, and the desired location on the map will be highlighted.


All necessary contact information on one page with convenient search and filters.

Employee training in Bitrix24 CRM

We implement online training courses in Bitrix24. It includes the following features:

  • Course registration
  • Knowledge base
  • Accepting and rejecting applications for training.

Applications and services in Bitrix24

Internal services of the company, such as:

  • Invoice payment;
  • Application for a Business trip;
  • Budget approval;
  • Organization of access to internal information systems;
  • Application to the Admin and financial department;
  • Outgoing and incoming documentation;
  • Issuance of certificates;
  • Vacation applications;
  • Selection and training of personnel;
  • IT help desk;
  • Workplace preparation;
  • Ordering passes;
  • Ordering equipment and office supplies;
  • Application for financial assistance etc.

    In one location - your Bitrix24 portal!

Employee Assessment

Implementating employee assessment will clarify the direction of employee development.

Time tracking

With a customized  HR Management System in Bitrix24, you can keep track of employee work hours. 

This helps you track labor costs for projects or tasks, and measure your ROI.

The cost of implementing a Bitrix24 HR portal

Naturally, the price for such work is very different from project to project. 

Write to us - we will set up a meeting, find out your requirements and create the project budget accordingly. 

Below are some guidelines:

  • 5 000 EUR- recruitment automation based on the standard Bitrix24 functionality or with an individual main page (with minimal redesign);
  • 10 000 EUR - we implement the corporate image of the client in Bitrix24, we create an individualistic main page;
  • 25 000 EUR - we implement the corporate image in Bitrix24, automate the recruitment process, add several functions (for example, an office map or an application);
  • 50 000 EUR - full-fledged implementation of a HR portal for a company with1000+ employees;
  • 115 000 EUR - full-fledged implementation with increased requirements for redesign and integrations (Personnel Management, Document Management, AD, Internal accounting systems, Payment systems etc.)
These prices do not include the cost of a Bitrix24 license. 

For each project, we prepare a cost estimation and Technical Specification individually.

Why choose INTERVOLGA for a Bitrix24 HRMS implementation?

  • Our specialists possess all existing Bitrix24 competencies
  • We are in the TOP 15 Bitrix24 teams in the world
  • We specialize in large-scale implementations and complex integrations
    ( AD, Business processes, queue services, management software etc.)
  • We know how to implement complex solutions, and ensure that your Bitrix24 still receives updates.
  • We have strong industry expertise (construction, finance, logistics, health, etc.)
  • We teach other IT companies how to implement and customize Bitrix24
  • We offer ready-made solutions for companies
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