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What Is CRM Field Level Security?

The default access permissions in Bitrix24 are used to hide CRM entities completely from employees who do not work with them. For example, an employee in the production department of a company will have no access to leads, deals, contacts or companies in the CRM.

But sometimes, it is necessary for an employee to have access to some fields on a CRM card, without having access permissions to others - this is what our CRM field level Permissions module is for.

CRM field Access permission module helps you to restrict the access of Bitrix24 users, user groups, or entire departments to specific fields in CRM cards, while granting them access (viewing or editing) to other fields on the same CRM card.

The security and confidentially of fields is always guaranteed.

Usage scenarios

  1. To Grant access permissions to specific CRM fields, while restricting access to other fields on the same CRM card.  For example: deal amount, or the client's full name, goods delivery address or quantity, 

  2. To grant Bitrix24 users access to fields based on the deal stage - For example, when a deal or lead is in the "new" stage, all fields are available for viewing and editing to all users , and at the "In operation" stage, the field is already hidden or inaccessible for editing.

  3. To restrict permission for which employees can change lead or deal stages in the CRM, even though they have access to the fields.

Why is having CRM field level security important?

  1. Ensure the confidentiality of client data in law firms, medical institutions,

  2. Declutter the CRM view for your employees. Too much information can be overwhelming

  3. Protect your client base. No one can steal information that they do not know exists.

  4. Grant employees access to only the fields they need for each work stage.

  5. Prevent unauthorized changes the CRM.

We prepared a guide on how to configure field access permissions in the module settings page.

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