What can the module do?

The solution allows you to hide or prohibit editing a specific field in a Deal or a Bitrix24 Contact from a specific user or group of users.

For example, the transaction amount or important commercial parameters, you can leave available only to the top management of the company. At the same time, you can leave all other information open.

Or you can hide customer contacts from ordinary employees - they can work, and the customer base will be safe.

You can also configure access depending on the stages of the deal - at the New stage, the Conditions field is available for editing and viewing by the user, and at the In operation stage, the field is already hidden from it or inaccessible for editing.

The module works correctly with built-in access rights in Bitrix24 CRM. First, it is checked that the user has access to transactions at all (for example). The Bitrix24 mechanism works here. Further, the availability of certain fields for the user is already checked.

Video demonstration of the module operation

Module price

Module subscription — from 22 USD per month

For 1 month For 3 month For 6 month For 1 year
Price per month
27$ 24$ 23$ 22$
Total price
27$ 72$ 138$ 264$
Saving 9$ 24$ 60$

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