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CRM Field level permissions module for Bitrix24: how it works

This post explains the features, and how the CRM Field-level permissions module for Bitrix24 works.

Goto “Settings” - Module settings - “INTERVOLGA Field-level permissions”

module settings

Choose feature “Permission settings” and correct CRM Entity.

For example we chose “CRM Deal: General”

You may find all deal stages in the configuration table.

deal stages and settings

Our test user: It is a member of the “Intervolga Demo Group”.

user groups and settings

We try to add a Forbidden access to field Client for stage New for that group.

1. Try to turn off all groups.

forbidden for all groups


user can not view forbidden fields

by the way, admin can see them all

admin can view all fields

2. Add a group “Employees” for “View”

grant access for the view


user can view this field in crm

But we can not edit this field:

user can not edit this field

3. Add a group “Intervolga Demo Group” for Edit.

grant all permissions for user group

Result: we can edit a contact in this deal.

user can edit the information

Other entities have the same settings.

If you have questions about this module, or you want to purchase a full version, please write us

  • 23.03.2021