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BITRIX24 applications

The only way to expand the capabilities of the cloud Bitrix24 portal

Bitrix24 applications will help

Get reports that cannot be done using standard tools
Integrate the corporate portal with other systems
Create documents by template
Calculate salaries and bonuses for employees
Add information from external sources to the portal
Automate business processes

A vital  advantage of applications is the possibility to install them multiple times

The application is developed just once and can later be installed easily on any corporate portal, be it the "cloud" or "on-premise".
This is very convenient if there is a network of branches or representative offices that work in separate copies of the Bitrix24 portal.

How Much Does Bitrix24 Application Development Cost?

It all depends on the task and wishes for the beauty of the interface.
A few examples for evaluating the order of prices:

Some common tasks
Custom Report - $900
Automatic task creation when moving deals to new statuses - $1350
Calculation of Employee salary, based on CRM indicators - $900
Add a section or knowledge base - $700

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