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HR processes implementation in Bitrix24 for Bright Way

Bright Way is a dynamically developing group of companies whose strategy includes the implementation of many significant projects in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has over 400 employees. The company's offices are located in several European cities.

The company has a HR specialist who performs important tasks:

  • organizes trainings and develops training programs for employees;

  • develops and updates job descriptions, and also transfers them to employees;

  • maintains a pleasant working atmosphere in the team: organizes and announces corporate events, sends congratulatory messages on birthdays in the feed.

This is a ton of work for one HR specialist. This is why Bright Way decided to use Bitrix24 to automate HR processes.

Bitrix24 out of the box is a good HR tool. The standard e-Learning module can be used to publish training courses for employees. The feed contains necessary functions for congratulating employees and posting company news.

What were the problems where automation was required?

The standard e-learning module did not meet the requirements of Bright Way. It had the following limitations:

  1. It isn’t possible to set access control to courses for different employees and employee groups which is sometimes required.

  2. There is no clear individual training path for employees.  They can’t understand exactly which courses they need to take for their roles.

  3. Getting course completion statuses for employees is a long tedious process for supervisors and the HR specialist. What’s worse is that this process is required quite often for the prompt selection of working groups for participation in projects.

Aside from these, in a company that employs 400+ people. The HR specialist has to congratulate about 2 people a day on their birthdays. Add this to various corporate events and holidays - and HR spends half a day on content for news in the feed, while other tasks wait, unattended to.

Everything about the job descriptions was simple - Bitrix24 does not have a ready-made mechanism for storing and keeping them in order. There is a Knowledge Base, but inconvenient and not flexible enough. Bitrix24.Drive is suitable for storage, but it is not clear how to link specific positions to specific documents.


For a comprehensive solution , we agreed with the client that they would install our HR module for corporate training, and then, we’d make the necessary improvements. Below we describe some interesting extensions of the basic functions of Bitrix24.

Special attention had to be paid to training users to work with new features.

Application for training

At Bright Way, employees can choose the courses they want to take. In order for the HR to promptly track and moderate received applications for training, we publish notifications in the feed with the employee's profile and the course title and description for which he applied. The HR sees applications immediately and promptly responds by adding the employee to the course or declining the request with an explanation.


Application for a course.

The system of corporate training in the company is built in such a way that an employee can be given the task of taking a particular training course. When an employee is added to a course, they receive a notification about it.


You have been added to the course.

Employee training control

Supervisors and department heads should be able to control the training progress of their subordinates, and also help solve any difficulties they may have during the course.

When selecting a team to solve a particular problem, it will be easier for a manager to make the right choice if he sees the competencies of all his subordinates and their development track.

For the convenience of both the manager and the employee, we display a list of training courses and the status of their completion right on the employees profile page.



An employee card with details of his training work.

Supported role model:

  • HR sees the completed courses of all employees on the portal;

  • Line employees can only view a list of their courses;

  • Supervisors can view the list of courses of their subordinates.

We display the date of employee enrollment in a course, as well as the course completion status directly in the widget with the list of course participants. The mechanism helps to control "truants" who do not study anything, do not pass exams and do not develop. This is where the HR can help.


Course participants, enrollment date and progress.

Publication of Position Profiles (job descriptions)

It is the HR department’s responsibility to familiarize employees with their job responsibilities. In “old school” companies, this usually happens like this: they print a document - a job description - and hand it over to the employee to sign. When changes are made to the instructions, they are reprinted and redistributed to employees. This method is inconvenient, wasteful and non-eco friendly.

Bright Way is a modern company that cares about the environment. The company developed and implemented a clear and understandable form called “Position Profile”. 

To understand the area of ​​responsibility or activity of your colleague, you simply need to look at their Job Profile.

We decided together with the customer to place the Position Profile in the Bitrix24 user card, because it is important for new employees to have this information in an easily accessible place. 


Employee position profile.

When you click on the corresponding item of the horizontal menu, it opens in view mode in the slider. In this case, if necessary, it can be downloaded to your computer.

position profile.png

Online viewing of the Position Profile.

We also created a unified directory of employee positions with job descriptions attached to them. When creating a new user in Bitrix24, HR fills in the value for the Position field, and in the user profile, the job description automatically becomes available for viewing. Very convenient!

When changes are made to a job description, The HR manager only needs to upload the new version of the document to the directory. All employees who hold the updated job position can immediately familiarize themselves with it.

Birthday Congratulations: Scheduling message posting in Bitrix24 feed.

The HR congratulates colleagues on their birthdays and other holidays. Everyday, there are about 2-3 birthdays.

So as not to forget to congratulate everyone, the HR manager manually publishes congratulations for employees daily. We’re sure you can see the problem already - it takes a lot of time.

We came up with and implemented a “postponed publication” for the Feed. Now the HR manager can spend half a day once, write  posts, publications and congratulatory messages a week in advance, and then go about their business.

The company’s employees are located in different time zones, and the scheduled messages arrive according to their time zones. Now each employee receives a greeting card on the morning of their birthday!

How does the scheduled message module work?

On the left menu of the HR’s screen, there’s a new item “scheduled messages”. Clicking on it opens a page with a list of scheduled messages. For each message, you can see the date and time of the scheduled post.


Scheduled messages.

When you click on the “Add message” button, a card for creating a new scheduled message opens. The appearance and functionalities of this page are similar to the standard page for adding a message to the Bitrix24 feed. Once the message has been composed, you can schedule when it will be sent. The message can be saved as a draft using the “save as draft” button.


Creating a delayed publication in the Live feed.

In a situation when it is necessary to publish an important message at the beginning of the work day, the HR manager can write the text in advance and simply indicate what time the post should be sent. This is a much better solution than logging into Bitrix24 earlier than the start of the workday in order to write and send a message.

The results of our implementation of HR automation - Business results.

Thanks to the implementation of improvements to the corporate training module on Bitrix24, we, together with our client, have achieved the following results:

  • It has become easier for production line employees to navigate their responsibilities and plans for their development. The Position Profile mechanism, together with the Training Courses, made it possible to have a transparent corporate training process. 

  • Significantly reduce the time HR specialists spend on tasks and completely freed them from routine operations. By combining the tasks of publishing news and the capabilities of scheduled Messages, HR can properly organize their working hours. A very rough estimate shows 30 working hours of HR time saved per month.

  • Supervisors and their subordinates can now both view and understand the progress of the employee according to his training program.

  • The list of training courses and competencies on the user profile page allows the heads of structural divisions to reduce the time it takes to select a project team. The main point here is that the speed of decision-making has increased.

INTERVOLGA is ready to help you automate HR processes using Bitrix24. Write us!

  • 16.11.2022