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Bitrix24 CRM as a Marketing tool : Case study of a Dental clinic

Our client, ŠkodaDENT is a prestigious dental clinic located in Rijeka, a beautiful coastal city in Croatia. 
Their services include: implants and fillings, Orthodontics, veneers, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, X-ray and Paediatrics

The clinic prides itself in its individual approach, giving each client the best. They are well-known for their hospitality and quality service.

As at when they came to us, they had been in business for over 5 years and had gathered a lot of client data saved in different locations – spreadsheets, Dental software, emails, etc. 

Although they were already doing a good job, they wanted to offer their clients even better experience. After much research, they decided to achieve this by implementing a Bitrix24 on-premise CRM as a Marketing tool.

They would import all their client histroy and data into Bitrix24 CRM, categorize clients according to their requests and behaviours, and then, create campaigns for the different client segments. They would have all previous procedures a client has come in for, the doctor(s) who attended to him, special requests, future wishes, etc in one location. 

This information, coupled with having the right tools to use this information is what they needed.

The Benefits of Implementing Bitrix24 CRM as a Marketing tool:

As mentioned earlier, ŠkodaDENT wanted to improve and expand their business. Having their client database in one location – Bitrix24, would enable them

  1. to offer their clients better service - They know what procedures the clients have had, and can suggest further treatment, send appointment reminders, create targeted services and products

  2. to build longer-lasting relationships with clients - They will never lose client data, since all data that they get from different sources will be saved automatically to the Bitrix24 CRM

  3. to categorize leads for effective marketing based on patient history, preferences, language, and other criteria.

We started with several Skype calls with our client, which helped us understand their business processes, the way they interacted with clients, what was important to them and how we would implement Bitrix24 to meet their goals.


The specifics and stages of the project were ready - 

  1. Bitrix24 Migration from cloud to on-premise. We download data from their cloud version to a new on-premise portal

  2. Integration of their Website with the new Bitrix24 CRM using CRM forms

  3. Email integration with the CRM- Gmail and Private mail server

  4. Bitrix24 SMS integration -To allow sending and receiving SMS in their Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM Implementation Process

1. Migration from Cloud to On-premise

ŠkodaDENT had already purchased an on-premise subscription, but unfortunately, it had expired, as they hadn’t used the portal for over a year after purchasing it. 

We clarified their Server specifications with their IT manager to ensure that they had enough resources for the migration.  

Given that they had used the cloud version briefly, we had to inform our clients when to stop using the cloud portal. Then, we “fired” all users to avoid anyone logging in accidentally. 

This step was very crucial to avoid having errors in the new on-premise version.

After this, we renewed their license, prepared data for migration and installed the on-premise solution on their server.

2. Email, SMS Integration

As a dental clinic, our clients received hundreds of enquiries daily via webforms, phone calls, emails, live chat and social media. 

Almost all the enquiries that came in could be grouped into the services the clinic offered. 

We set out to connect all Skodadent’s communication channels with their clients to their CRM.

Our clients had a private mail server that they had used for about 2 years. However, the interface of this server was quite inconvenient to work with and could only be accessed from a computer. 

Due to this fact, they routed mails to Gmail server and used the Gmail interface. 

Whenever an email was sent/received via Gmail, a copy was sent to their private server.

This way, emails were saved in both Gmail servers and theirs. 

We connected their B24 with their private server to copy all emails to their portal. Then, we disconnected and reconnected their portal to Gmail. 

We chose Gmail instead of their private server 

  1. to avoid having duplicate emails. 

  2. Gmail can be accessed on any device.

3. Website CRM forms integration

Our client’s website was created in WordPress and is available in 4 languages (English, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian). 

The requirements for the contact forms were 

  1. Visitors of the website should be able to select what service they want from the contact form. This would make it very easy to find categories of patients who 

    1. speak what language 

    2. have opted for similar services. 

  2. The CRM forms should be in the style of their website.

Having the “service selection” feature in contact forms makes it super easy to plan marketing campaigns. You know exactly what language to use and what service to offer your clients.

You can also analyze the data quickly and find out where to focus your marketing resources. 

We created Contact forms in 2 languages - Croatian and Italian.

On the lead card, the service the client chose is reflected.

From the leads filter, you can display all leads that selected the same service from the contact form and send the same marketing campaign to them.

4. Croatian language pack Installation. 

As we know, the on-premise version of Bitrix24 only supports a few languages. Croatian isn’t included. 

We were able to install a Croatian language pack from a Croatian Bitrix24 partner for ŠkodaDENT since all their employees are fluent in Croatian.

Results of our Implementation Project:

  1. Leads from all communication channels are saved to the CRM

  2. leads from years ago which our client forgot about are now in the CRM and include “source” - where the client contacted the company from

  3. Our client can market efficiently, sending the right campaigns to the right clients and in the right language

  4. Our client can now analyze which of their services are higher in demand and scale their business effectively.

Plans for the Nearest Future:

1. SMS and Telephony integration 

We plan to integrate ŠkodaDENT’s portal with Twilio and our Incoming SMS to CRM module to enable our client to receive and send SMS right from their B24 portal.

We will also connect their telephony to allow voice calls to be saved in the portal!

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