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Advertising campaigns: what is it and how much does it cost?

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In this article I want to tell you what lies behind the concept of “Maintaining contextual advertising”, because I often encounter a lack of understanding of what makes the complexity of this service, what it includes and why it is needed.

The article will be useful to the clients of our agency and those who are going to become them.

What is contextual advertising?

INTERVOLGA is Google Partner. We follow quality standards: once every three months we confirm our status, and once a year our specialists undergo compulsory certification. We are constantly improving the effectiveness of your advertising. 

Google Partner

Conducting contextual advertising is tracking and changing the settings of advertising campaigns by specialists with the aim of improving the quality of traffic and increasing the flow of applications, as well as preparing and submitting reports on advertising to the client.

What works are included?

Urgent work

We work according to the production schedule: we plan and coordinate the work at the beginning of the month. With this approach, both the manager and the customer always know what and what time is happening in the project. This helps us and you to plan your activities.

But there are force majeure. For example, a competitor has launched a promotional campaign. In such cases, we can always quickly add or modify ads at the request of the client.

In other cases, we adhere to the schedule.

Weekly work

  • Every week we check:

  • advertising budget expenditure;

  • ad serving position;

  • main metrics: number of conversions, CTR, conversions, refusals, time on the site, viewing depth;

  • job call tracking.

If we see deviations in weekly indicators, then we look for the reason and change the settings. Usually every week we adjust:

  • a list of negative words and thematic sites on the Web and CCM;

  • targeting settings;

  • bidding strategies;

  • ad texts;

  • restriction of expenditure on advertising campaigns;

  • key phrases.

Monthly work

Every month we do an analysis of the effectiveness of advertising and provide the client with the following information:

  • advertising campaign statistics;

  • report on the expenditure of the advertising budget;

  • calculation of CPA, CPO, ROI, LTV;

  • conclusion about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the percentage of KPI achievement;

  • recommendations for improving the landing pages of the site;

  • approval work plan;

  • forecast of the advertising budget for the next month.

We discuss with some clients that it is necessary to do additional work every month. For example, to add an advertisement for a monthly promotion.

Why do I need to constantly adjust advertising settings?

Constant maintenance of contextual advertising allows you to manage the result: receive targeted quality traffic and increase the flow of applications and requests without increasing the advertising budget.

How much is the service?

Separately, I emphasize that in the article I speak only about accompanying advertising campaigns. Launching campaigns is a separate story with its own laboriousness and individual approach.

If you have one site and several advertising campaigns, you can meet the 4 hours of work per month.

But the work of specialists is usually more, see the table:

What we advertise?

Number of ad campaigns in Google AdWords

Hours per month, min

Corporate website



Site with a catalog of goods or services



Online store



* The hour rate is shown on the pricing page: .

Advertising Campaigns Frequently Asked Questions

If my advertising campaigns are professional, they still need to keep?

Advertising campaigns require monitoring in any case. Unprofitable traffic, active advertising of competitors, clicks, lack of calls - all these problems can be overcome if you follow the advertisement correctly.

In addition, there are many cases where advertising campaigns require mandatory adjustments. Examples:

  1. seasonality of many goods and services

  2. updating or expanding the range;

  3. new promotions on the site;

  4. change of site design or design of new landing pages;

  5. technical work on the site or damage to the server or hosting;

  6. any change of url-addresses (for example, a change in the structure of the site directory);

  7. change of domain name or company name;

  8. change store contact information;

  9. constant updating of prices for goods and services;

  10. Ads over time lose clickability, “do not cling” eyes, you need to adjust at least once in 3 months.

Do you set your own rates?

We set up bidding strategies for Marilyn's online advertising automation system. With this system, you can optimize rates for the specified parameters. For example, by value CTR or ROI. It is she who raises or lowers rates during the day, and we set the rules. Marilyn also reports 404 errors and disables advertising if the site is unavailable.

And can I myself distribute how much to spend on each category of goods?

Yes, we can make this setting with Marilyn.

And you can run campaigns on our account?

We run Google AdWords advertising campaigns on a client account, while linking them to our account.

My ads are set up, it works well, can I just give it to you to manage?

Yes you can. But we will definitely conduct an audit of advertising campaigns and fix problems before taking campaigns for service.

How to order Contextual advertising

You can order the service of maintaining contextual advertising, leaving a request on our website through the feedback form, write to Alexander Davydov by mail or by calling +7 (495)  648-57-90 , +7 (8442) 95-99-99 .

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation.

Please send your questions about the article to
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