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Anastasiya Shevchukova

Advertising wedding rings with bloggers on Instagram. Coverage of half a million to 30 kopecks per user

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реклама у блогеров инстаграм

We already wrote about how to work with bloggers in instagram. Over the year, we have made significant progress in organizing and working with opinion leaders. In this article, we talk about how we bought advertising from opinion leaders on instagram for 150,000 rubles and did not regret it.

Customer: jewelry studio Specializes in designer engagement rings with meaning.

What tasks solved:

  1. Increase brand awareness

  2. Attract subscribers to instagram client account

  3. Get orders for wedding rings

For the customer, this was the first experience of advertising with bloggers.

Promoting goods and advertising with bloggers is part of a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is attracting potential customers through the development of expert content of various formats and placing it in places where the audience is present.

Stage 1. Search for bloggers to advertise wedding rings

1.1. We collect the base of accounts: selection criteria

When selecting accounts for advertising, make a stock. We have collected a database of 94 accounts. As a result, bought advertising from 13, since:

  • some bloggers did not respond to the message or refused to advertise according to our technical requirements;

  • some did not fit the geography and / or age of the subscribers;

  • somewhere the price of advertising did not suit us;

  • someone did not have free dates at the right time;

  • When analyzing some accounts, we found cheat.

Recommendation: collect the base with a margin of at least 3 times, we got 7 times.

как искать блогеров для рекламы

The structure of the database by the number of subscribers was distributed as follows:

  • 30% with an audience of 100,000 subscribers

  • 70% with an audience of 5,000 to 100,000 subscribers

We did not use the services of the exchange, preferred to look for advertising platforms through:

поиск по хэштегам инстаграм

We searched for top bloggers from Moscow and St. Petersburg by ratings, and microbloggers by geotags. Checked information about the geo on the description in the profile, usually the data coincided.

The search for an author by age is one of the most difficult. Exactly this is known only to the owner of the account from the statistics. That is what we requested to make sure that the target audience will see our proposal.

For the selection of bloggers by interest, we used ratings (only for the top) and thematic hashtags. Our client sells wedding decorations with meaning for wedding and engagement. We are suitable authors:

  • married or engaged

  • Moms (energetic, beautiful, stylish)

  • businesswoman

  • women who openly talk about themselves and their interests

  • creative individuals combining work and travel around the world

  • photographers who create photos in their style and share moments from life

рейтинг инстамам

Source: Rating instam RIAB in 2018

At first, we visually looked through the accounts and posts for audience involvement (ER). If in the account from 100,000 subscribers there were 3-5 comments on the publication, we refused it. Accounts with 10-15 “live” comments on a post or with greater involvement got into the database. We also checked the meaningfulness of comments: most often, emoticons, links to other resources, and information about earnings are left by the bots, and not by live subscribers.

The style and quality of the content should attract CA and make you want to leave a comment, bookmark a post or buy a product. In our experience, the original content is more of a microblogger, since this is a feature that distinguishes them from others.

For convenience, we created a table in Google Docs and entered into it all the data on bloggers. Working with such a document is more convenient than searching through links and bookmarks: we saved not only time, but also quickly calculated the effectiveness of advertising.

1.2. Analysis

The collected database was analyzed through the service before buying advertising. The service has a whole history of subscribers and posts of business accounts: engagement, subscriptions, cheating by subscribers and posts. We formed a detailed report for the year for each blogger, to see how honestly the author develops his account.

We looked at the indicators:

  • ER (engagement indicator)

  • cheating subscribers

  • cheat posts

пример статистики livedune

пример статистики livedune

Example statistics blogger posts and subscribers according to the service

In terms of ER, we saw what percentage of the audience responds to posts. Subscribers' reaction is the sum of likes, comments, and reposts divided by the number of subscribers and multiplied by 100.

We did the analysis of the blog for cheating through using the subscribers schedule: smooth growth up - the account gradually developed and grew, cutting up growth and decline for a short period - participation in the “boost” or cheat. This criterion is the most important, since a bloated blog does not attract a new audience with interesting and high-quality content, but increases its number with the help of bots. We also looked at the statistics of bloggers' advertising publications: likes to get covered or not.

1.3. Audience statistics: what indicators are requested from bloggers

Data on the audience can be provided only by the blogger by email or via direct, so in the first letter we described our offer in detail (product, brand, format and month of advertising) and asked for audience statistics (geo, gender, age), price, nearest dates advertising. So you can immediately understand which bloggers fit us by these criteria. 53 bloggers who answered us had our Central Asian Office: women between 25 and 34 years old from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

1.4. Price advertising: placed in the tape and in the horiz

With the growing popularity of storybooks, advertising on Instagram can be effective when placed in both formats. Now more than half of the Instagram audience in the story and the price of this format is only growing, and at the top bloggers - constantly. Since we bought the advertising package, it was possible to get a discount on the store. As a result, we got a lot of coverage and involvement within the budget.

All bloggers have their own pricing methodology, which is affected by the number of subscribers, blog popularity and other factors known only to the blogger.

For example, in October 2018 we paid the following price for an advertising package (post + store):

  • microblogger (from 5 thousand to 100 thousand subscribers) - from 700 rubles. up to 7000 rubles

  • top bloggers (from 100 thousand subscribers) - from 12,000 rubles. up to 60,000 rubles

пример рекламной публикации

пример рекламной сториз

Stage 2. Purchase and placement of advertising rings

2.1. Graph of advertising posts: why it is important to start with it

In order not to merge the budget, but correctly distribute it, we have drawn up a schedule of advertising publications. So we excluded the exit of several posts in one day and provided constant advertising of products for a month. According to our schedule, 1 post per day was published, 3-4 publications per week. In addition, since we have eliminated the intersection of Central Asia from different bloggers and the risk of reducing the effectiveness of advertising because of this.

First, we made a draft version of the schedule of posts: the first to bring those bloggers who have 1-2 free dates, and after - all the rest. Then they re-requested the available dates and confirmed them, since not all dates were already free.

2.2. How to make the TK for publication

For the convenience of interaction with the authors, we have compiled a check list of the publication.

We are sharing a blogger TK that helped us get good quality advertising content on time:

  1. Publication date: agreed separately for post and storiz.

  2. Product photos: suggested using ready-made photo rings or making photos in your style in the studio. The main requirement for the photo - the product must be clear, close-up shot.

  3. Post text: keep blogger style. But they offered ideas: rings as a source of inspiration, the story of a wedding or engagement, jewelry with meaning.

  4. So we made the content non-commercial and original.

  5. Advertising format: all bloggers have chosen photos for the post. But they experimented with storis: a poll for the best engagement ring, a video review from a jewelry studio, a photo and video announcement of a post about rings.

  6. Approval of the post: stipulated a period of 2-3 days before publication.

  7. Advertising statistics: indicated the date the day after the publication of all advertising formats.

  8. Contact method: clarified a convenient way to contact the author.

2.3. Content for advertising: coordination with the client and the author

Let's be honest, not all bloggers write advertising posts well. It is important to enter the idea of ​​the product in the text, without selling "head on." All information about the rings was on the site and it had to be processed to the style of the blog. In our experience, not everyone succeeded. In such a case, we ourselves did rewrite publications or wrote a post from scratch in the style of a blogger. We sent all the content to the client for approval. And only after approval they confirmed the placement of the original post or sent a new post to the blogger for publication.

So that the choice of photo content for the post did not drag on, we uploaded all the good quality photos to the cloud disk. The finished selection of photos reduces the likelihood that the author will choose products that are irrelevant for promotion.

фотографии для публикаций

Some authors refuse to post ready photos. We invited them to a photo session in studios in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some authors agreed to publish the finished photos, but if the first one on the carousel will be the photos from their wedding or engagement. Both options suited us, because this content was original and non-commercial.

2.4. Publication of advertising posts: control the placement of content on time

We saved the link to the post, the screen post and the story in the reporting table. Access to the links to the posts helped the client to quickly monitor commercial requests in the comments and invite those interested to see other options for rings in the studio. We needed screenings of publications to confirm the placement of advertisements and to check statistics.

2.5. Publication statistics: when and which indicators need to be requested

Likes and comments promote advertising posts on Instagram. But there are indicators that are more important and can be seen only in the statistics of the account. We requested all statistics from bloggers in a day. We were interested in indicators:

1. By post:

  • likes - you can see by them how many products you like

  • comments - show active discussion of the product

  • bookmarks - how many people are interested in the brand and thought about buying

  • reach - unique subscribers who have seen product post in a feed

  • impressions - the total number of content views by all subscribers, at least 1 time each

2. By stories:

  • reach - how many unique people have seen an advertisement

  • touch to the stickers is an indicator of the clickability of creatives and the transition to the account with the product

  • impressions - the number of users who saw the ad, and some more than once

статистика публикации

Although the coverage of some Story was 2 times less, the interaction with advertising was higher at times. If post users add to the post who are ready to purchase the product in the future, then a warm audience will come to your account for the stickers in the store, ready to choose and pay now. We recommend using this format while it increases sales and is cheaper than posting to a tape.

Some bloggers published several stories, but to calculate the effectiveness we took the first publication, since the maximum number of subscribers interact with it.

Этап 3. Analysis of the results: top and micro-bloggers who are profitable to work with

The priority for us was the indicators of the involvement of ER and the price of interaction with advertising content. ER data helped us to understand how interesting was the advertisement for Central Asia of various blogs, on which sites content went better: from top bloggers or in microblogs. The interaction price indicator helped save the advertising budget in the future. In our case, microblogger involvement was higher, and the price of interaction is lower. We considered the latter total for post and storiz, but can be calculated separately for each format, if the budget is limited.

ER or Engagement rate (involvement) post = (Likes + Comments) / Followers) * 100%

Interaction price = (Likes + Comments + Markers + Post coverage + Touch to the stickers + Coverage stories) / Advertising budget

The results and effectiveness of advertising at bloggers exclusive wedding rings

Humanities, carefully, a lot of numbers ;) Show table

For a month of advertising from bloggers, we received a total advertising coverage for posts and stories 586899, that is, the price of each unique view is 0.3 rubles. At the same time, the average price for interaction with the post is 6.9 rubles. Of the 874586 blogger subscribers, 5479 rated the product and bookmarked the ad, while 13641 moved from storyboard to account with wedding rings to view more options.

Результаты продвижения

Top 5 tips: the pitfalls of cooperation with bloggers

1. Control the timing of approval and publication of advertising. Bloggers are creative personalities, so don’t expect everyone to send you content for approval on time, even with 100% payment. It is better to remind you in 3-4 days of yourself that you never received an advertising post from them.

2. Discuss photo content before payment, as not all bloggers will agree to post your photos, even in good quality. For example, top bloggers prefer to publish photos in their own style, in this case, offer a photo session with your products in the studio or in the office.

3. Always make a TK for a blogger. So you will receive good quality content and will be able to control all stages of cooperation: from agreeing on the date before publication.

4. Reporting documents: not all bloggers work under a contract or as an SP, especially microbloggers with a small price for advertising. Therefore, specify in advance whether they can provide accounting documents.

5. If you want to advertise, and the budget is limited, offer barter: an advertising post in exchange for a product. Even top authors may be interested in your proposal if the product is expensive or it is relevant to them.


  1. Collaboration with opinion leaders should begin with the definition of the advertising budget. So you will understand in advance which authors you can count on.

  2. Select the base of accounts for publication with a margin of 2-3 times, since not everyone will agree to advertise your products.

  3. What is important is not only a visual analysis of the activity in the comments, but also checking accounts for cheating.

  4. Advantageous to buy advertising package (post + store): you can get good coverage with a discount.

  5. Make a schedule of advertising posts: so you correctly distribute the budget and the number of publications during the month.

  6. Write TK to publications to work quickly, clearly, according to plan. Write down all the important points: publication date, product photo requirements, post idea and style, advertising format, content approval date, date and format for providing statistics.

  7. Control the placement of content on time.

  8. Record all data on bloggers in an online table - it's quick and convenient. You can count the involvement and price of interaction, analyze the coverage for each blogger and total for a few minutes.

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation. 

Please send your questions about the article to

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