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Automation Instagram - detailed instructions for smm-specialist

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An article about the safe work in Instagram using automation software. Perhaps you will be useful:

Automation problem in Instagram

Instagram is hard to automate, and most operations are a solid routine. The platform is closed, strict paranoid security requirements.

When one specialist works with several accounts, there is not enough time for thorough study. We'll tell you about the services - assistants in promoting Instagram.

Instagram algorithms regularly undergo changes. To promote your account, you need to consider a large number of factors. Therefore, for promotion we recommend using popular and proven services that monitor changes in algorithms daily and take into account these changes in the operation of services.

Account Security in Instagram

General safety requirements

If you use the auto-posting service, account promotion programs and other third-party services, then never login to your account from your phone or computer. Perform all necessary actions (posting, replying to comments and correspondence in direct) only through services and only from one ip (for one login on Instagram, use one unique proxy on all services).

Why? Instagram has high security requirements and blocks accounts that commit suspicious actions. Registering and working on Instagram with different devices on different ips refers to suspicious actions.

When maintaining more than one page, do not use the same link to the site. For one instagram account there can be only one link to the site. On another account, the link to the same site can not be specified, it is better to specify links to the profile of the FB.

Autoposting services - such as parasitelab - we recommend using, it is very convenient. Especially when several employees are working on content (better than climbing from different devices). However, services to cheat subscribers do not always give a positive effect. If your product is massive, and there are no special requirements for subscriber quality (target audience compliance, high% conversions, low% of formal responses, high LTV, high% of brand advocates and active users among subscribers), and the budget can have a good effect on expense of great cheap reach. But just be sure to comply with the entire team safety requirements.

крутая обложка

Limits and restrictions (March 2018)

  • Likes: no more than one within 28 - 36 seconds (1000 at a time, a break of 24 hours);

  • Subscriptions: no more than one for 28 - 38 seconds and no more than 200 per hour (1000 per day, 24 hours break);

  • Subscription + Like: no more than 2000 (1000 + 1000) per day with an interval of 28 - 38 seconds;

  • Cancellation: the interval is 12-22 seconds and not more than 1000 per day from non-reciprocal and 1000 from reciprocal (a pause between nonreciprocal and reciprocal 15 hours);

  • Mention: 5 nicks in one message with a delay of 350-450 seconds;

  • Comments: no more than 12-14 per hour with a delay of 350 to 400 seconds, any excess of the limits can be perceived as spam.

  • Adding photos: on a new Instagram account, you can’t add many new photos at once, preferably no more than 2-3 per day, for old accounts no more than 9-12 photos.

Limits on promotion of new accounts in 2018:

  • the first 12-20 days interval for all actions performed 36-48 seconds;

  • the total limit per day should not exceed 500 for all actions (subscriptions, unsubscribe, likes);

  • the publication of photos: 2-3 photos per day;

  • Ideal: create a new account, fill out a description (do not post a link to the site right away), place 2-3 photos and postpone the account for 2-3 weeks.

  • We also recommend connecting your account to the autoposting service in 2-3 weeks.

Instagram limits allow you to bind several pages to one phone number and one facebook account, but this is not done for your convenience.

All accounts with the same number and facebook in the profile are filtered and checked especially carefully.

Work with instagram through proxy

Get new IPv4:

мои прокси

Before using the ip address check it for blocking on Instagram: The address must not be in any blocklist. To work with a Russian-speaking audience, we recommend buying only Russian ip.


It should be like this:


Install Firefox browser and configure ip according to the instructions: . All further actions take place only in this browser and only using proxy.

Secure registration instagram

Safety regulations

  1. Each Instagram profile should be tied to a phone number. Important: 1 phone number = 1 account. If the account is now linked to the phone number /, then it is better to purchase a new sim card. Access to the phone number should be at any time. On it, Instagram will send sms-code verification * to restore access.

  2. Each Instagram profile must be linked to email. 1 mailing address = 1 account.

  3. Each Instagram profile must be tied to a facebook profile. The facebook profile should be real real, i.e. belong to a real person. IMPORTANT: 1 facebook profile = 1 Instagram account.

  4. 1 ip = 1 account

What if there is no possibility to connect a new number?

There are services that provide a number for sms: , . Services state that they fulfill the requirements for Instagram limits and there will be no blocking, but this is not accurate.

*The SMS verification method is used by the Instagram server to confirm that the actions in the program are performed by a person, not by an automated program, as well as to protect against spam

The order of steps during registration

  1. Go to website

  2. Enter your email address, create a username and password. Click “Register”. When registering via mail, use the new email, which has never been used anywhere before, and which nobody knows about. We recommend using the gmail mail service.

регистрация в инстаграм

After registration to the mailbox will receive a notification. Be sure to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email.

After that, you will automatically go to the address confirmation page.

подтверждение регистрации

Alternative registration if you have facebook. Click on the “Login with facebook” button. Enter your username and password and click Login. Allow the application to access the profile.

регистрация в facebook

авторизация через facebook

Instagram will automatically fill in the Name and Surname, will offer a login. You need to come up with a password and click "Register".

Fill out the profile description. Do not include a link to the site in your new accounts (!), This will increase “suspiciousness”.

настройка аккаунта instagram

Configure unwanted word filter:

фильтр нежелательных слов

Method number 2: Register through the Social Kit according to the instructions:

Method number 3: Registration through the service , use the support: .

In all cases, let your bed rest for 2-3 weeks.

Registration through unverified services carries high risks.

How to work with Instagram to not block

We recommend to store information in quick access:

  1. When the account has been registered.

  2. Have you ever blocked? When?

  3. Have you used the services of massfollowing and massliking? If yes, when and how. It is also desirable to recall the conditions for which it was configured.

  4. Is Instagram tied to the phone, if so, to which. This number must have access. If not, link Instagram to a new phone (to which no account has been previously linked).

  5. Whether Instagram is attached to the mail, if so, to what. This mail must be accessible. Request a username and password. If not, create a new mail and link an account.

  6. Is your account tied to your facebook profile? If yes, facebook should be accessible. If not, create an account and link. It is desirable to register Facebook on a real person, in case of blocking a passport scan is sometimes required. If a Facebook profile is new or has taken suspicious actions, this should also be taken into account: blocking on Facebook is a very frequent phenomenon. At a minimum, a unique phone and email should also be tied to the profile.

  7. If someone other than you (the previous contractor, colleagues, etc.) used the account, we recommend changing all passwords to new ones before starting work.

How to moderate comments?

  • Option number 1: through the service

  • Option number 2: through the “Notifications” section on facebook (if Instagram is linked to facebook profile)

  • Option number 3: through the Social Kit

In order to quickly track new comments, use the notification service: .

How to respond to direct incoming messages?

How to write in direct to new users?

  • Option number 1: through the Social Kit

  • Option number 2: if these are partners for contests or bloggers, you can create a working Instagram account on your tablet.

What to do if Instagram is blocked?

Leave your account for 2-3 hours without any action. If after this time nothing changes, you have to wait 1-3 days, for the most serious violations, you can get a lock on Instagram for up to 5 days.

If you are asked to confirm your account via SMS, this is a reason to think and significantly reduce its activity.

If you have not unblocked it after 5-7 days, contact technical support:

How to restore an account from a mobile device:

What to do if Instagram is hacked?

  1. Check access to linked mail. Usually mail and account are stolen at the same time.

  2. If the mail is also stolen, first of all, restore access to it (through the mail services support service).

  3. Contact technical support:

  4. Change passwords after restoring access

How to protect Instagram from hacking and theft?

In order to avoid theft observe safety rules:

  • do not use unchecked web services to promote Instagram

  • do not enter your Instagram username and password on unverified / suspicious resources

  • do not log in using Instagram on suspicious sites

  • Use separate email for account registration. No one should know and use it earlier.

  • Your login and password can be stolen through web services. Check which of them you are connected to: https: // Deny access to suspicious or unfamiliar people.

Programs for promotion in Instagram


What is it doing

Cost of*

*prices for March 2018

Deferred posting and moderation

  • postponed posting photos and videos

  • direct access

  • access to comments

  • the ability to connect a personal IP address

599 RUR / month for 1 client

Mass following and mass liking (MF & ML)

  • launch of several attraction channels: likes, subscribe, unsubscribe, comment

  • conversion for each channel

  • operation speed - up to 180 likes and subscriptions per hour

  • the service works online

  • the ability to connect a personal IP address

499 RUR / month for 1 client

Full automation of work to attract customers with a lot of service functions.

Full list of features here:

Negative: install only on PC, no online access. But there is an option to install the program on a virtual server:

990 RUR /month for license

Customers can connect an unlimited number of.

Notification service for new comments to publications

399 RUR / month for 1 client

Instagram Statistics

  • general statistics (audience with distribution by sex and age, coverage and views, profile views, clicks on the link)

  • post statistics

  • number of subscribing / unsubscribing (for accounts up to 10 thousand subscribers)

Connecting to the autososting service

Important: connect the new account to the autoposting service no earlier than 2-3 weeks after registration.

  1. Purchase a new IPv4 or use the same proxy as when registering Instagram.

  2. Before using the ip address check it for blocking.

  3. Register at Fill in the data, be sure to turn on the proxy and click “Add account”:

добавление в паразитлаб

  1. Result:


How to publish photos and videos

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to the section "Publications", click "Add Publication".

  3. Upload a photo or video.

  4. Adjust image size:

регулируйте размер изображения

  1. Add a description and emoticons, select the time of publication, if you want to place a geotag and add a publication:

публикация через parasitelab

How to moderate comments

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to "My":

parasitelab - мои

  1. Select a publication and comment to answer. Click “Reply”, write a comment in a special field and click “Send”. Click the cross to delete a comment:

модерация комментариев parasitelab

  1. In order to quickly track new comments, connect the notification service: Notifications of new comments will be sent to the mail.

How to respond to direct incoming messages

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to the "Direct" section

  3. Receive incoming correspondence requests and files, respond to messages, participate in group chats as well as in the application on the phone:

ответы в директе через parasitelab

How to work on Instagram in conjunction with the agency INTERVOLGARU

To promote your Instagram we use:

  • autoposting services

  • Proven Massfollowing and Masslaying Programs

These programs work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

At this time, logging into your account from a phone / tablet / computer is prohibited. This could jeopardize the security issue and lead to your account being blocked. Notify all employees who have access to your company account on Instagram.

If you need to use Instagram for a live broadcast or publications in stories, please inform the project manager in advance. We will suspend the operation of all services to avoid blocking the company account.

For all other operations, use special services. Instructions for their use above.

We hope that you will be able to organize automation in Instagram and our instruction was useful.

If you need help, we are waiting for your applications :)

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