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Bitrix24 and Quickbooks accounting service integration

Quickbooks accounting service ( is finance management software. QuickBooks provides a real-time data to business. It gives a 360 degree view of sales – by customer, product, project, or location. It generates an accurate profit-and-loss statement, helps to identify and analyse trends in business, displays incomes and expenses in year-over-year comparisons using pie charts and bar graphs etc.

AfrikaLoan Company asked INTERVOLGARU to automate data transferring from Bitrix24 to Quickbooks.


The task was to send data about customer payments and loans to Quickbooks from Bitrix24. The data was:

  • Unique number of Bitrix24 Deal

  • Full Names as at loan request

  • Loan amount

  • Sum of all loan repayments (customers often pay in several payments scattered throughout the time)

  • Interest rate for every loan 

  • Profit of the loan payments interest rate 

  • Profit of penalties

Besides it is needed to parse Bitrix24 data for changes and update information at Quickbooks. Changes can be at Bitrix24 deals, payments, interest rates.


The task was done. Now it is easy to make correct reports at Quickbooks. All necessary information and data is sent from Bitrix24 to Quickbooks automatically.

Now AfrikaLoan Company can be sure that there isn’t any lost data and it pays taxes correctly.

Does your business face the same issues? Just call INTERVOLGARU.

  • 22.07.2019