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Document Designer Bitrix24

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Конструктор документов Битрикс24

Automatic generation of documents in Bitrix24 waited a long time. Previously, in the cloud it was possible to generate an invoice and commercial offer. The ability to customize the templates was, but minimal - insert your logo or change the field in some places.

Business needs much more:

  1. Contracts;

  2. Acts;

  3. Invoices;

  4. Management Notes;

  5. Approval sheets.

Partially these tasks were closed by third-party applications. But the request was so powerful that Bitrix could not help releasing his tool.

The announcement of the designer of documents from Bitrix took place during the presentation of the new version of Bitrix24 at March 2018. Today we will analyze the release version.

Where is the document designer

You can generate a document from several entities:

  1. Lead;

  2. Deal (different branches);

  3. Contact;

  4. Company.

All basic CRM entities are covered. There was a special button for generating documents:

Кнопка генерации документов в Битрикс24

How to generate documents for new templates from invoices and proposals is not yet clear. But the setup has already been done: 

Привязка к элементам CRM в настройках шаблона

Why not, but really want:

  1. Generate documents from tasks using their main and additional fields.

  2. Generate documents on arbitrary entities (lists in the cloud, information blocks in the box).

  3. Generate documents in their applications. That is, the methods in the REST API. What scale will there be for creativity!

  4. Generating documents from business processes is a very popular request. We did this for clients several times. A separate BP step is requested - document generation.

What templates are there now?

Patterns are linked to countries. This is a logical decision - the standards for workflow are different.

For Russia there are the following predefined templates:

  1. Act;

  2. Score;

  3. Invoice;

  4. Consignment;

  5. Power of attorney;

  6. Commercial offer;

  7. Contracts:

    1. work agreement;

    2. delivery agreement;

    3. service agreement.

They are available in leads, deals, contacts and companies.

Список готовых шаблонов документов Битрикс24 для России

How to add your template

Your template is added to the menu where the generation of documents takes place. Editing and deleting existing templates are available at the same link.

Добавление своего шаблона документов в Битрикс24

First you need to prepare a template in .docx format

To make it easier, you can download one of the preset templates as a sample.

Загрузка своего шаблона документа

The list of fields for substitution in the template can be viewed by reference:

Ссылка на список полей, доступных в шаблонах

It is very pleasing that fields from different entities are supported (leads, companies, deals, contacts, accounts, offers). Well, a real gift - support for custom fields. To quickly find the right field, there is a filter and search.

QIP Shot - Screen 1094.png

To insert a field into a template, you need to know its symbol code. It can be copied from this page.

To work with the goods implemented the similarity of cycles.

Variables related to products must be wrapped with tags {PRODUCTS.BLOCK_START} and {PRODUCTS.BLOCK_END}. All goods will be withdrawn from the transaction or lead..

After preparing the template, you need to load it into Bitrix24. After downloading, a window opens in which you need to enter the basic settings:

  1. Title.

  2. Activity.

  3. Binding to CRM - you need to choose where this template will be available. Unclear point is only with the account and the proposal. You can select them, but how to generate documents according to the template created is not clear. Interestingly, transactions in different directions may have a different set of templates. It may come in handy.

  4. Setting rights (who will work with the template) - special thanks to Bitrix for a flexible tool for setting up rights. You can give access to specific people, groups or entire departments.

  5. Binding to the country.

  6. Numerator. You can use the existing numbering rule or create your own. A set of variables for your numerator is good — a sequential or random number, a day, a month, a year, a prefix, a customer or company ID — you can make an identifier to your liking.

All - click save and start using our new template.

Window with new template settings:

Настройки шаблона документов Битрикс24

It can be seen that Bitrix24 intends to actively develop the product - even made a special form for the wishes:

Форма обратной связи по конструктору документов

Let's all together ask through it for REST API for the designer of documents. :) 


The document designer Bitrix24 is quite functional. When the main bugs are fixed, it will close the tasks of most clients.

However, there are limitations. The main thing is that this constructor cannot be used in business processes and applications, as well as on information blocks.

Several times faced with such a task for financial organizations. There is a process of consideration of the application (transaction). The process goes through several responsible ones and is implemented as a Bitrix24 business process. At different stages it is necessary to generate documents. First, the contract for the processing of personal data. Then the form. Then the contract with the borrower. Etc. Conveniently, if such documents were generated directly from the business process.

So far, such problems are not solved in the document designer Bitrix24. INTERVOLGARU does that.

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation. 

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  • 08.08.2019