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How to create document templates in Bitrix24

The ability to generate document templates is a necessity in any CRM.
In Bitrix24, it’s possible to generate templates for invoices, quotes, packing sheets, order confirmation, and more. 

The list of document templates available by default vary depending on the locale of your Bitrix24.
But, you can always load more ready-made  document templates or create your own. 

 For example:

  1. Contracts;

  2. Acts;

  3. Management Notes;

  4. Approval sheets.

Where can you find the Bitrix24 document template designer?

On any CRM entity card:

  1. Lead;

  2. Deal (from all the various pipelines);

  3. Contact;

  4. Company.

To load more templates, documents -> Add new template

The list of document templates available by default in your Bitrix24 is loaded.

To access even more templates, click on the wheel -> Load templates from library -> select country

Then, remove the country filter by clicking the “X”.

How to add your document template or edit a template in Bitrix24

Click on the hamburger icon beside the template -> edit.

On the page that opens, click on “download template”

Document templates are all in .docx files, so it’s easy to edit them. 

Information about your company like company name, address, VAT ID, logo, etc hardly change, so it’s better to make this information static. 

You may also want to remove unnecessary information, add more fields or change where the information is copied from.

For example:
We do not create separate company requisites for our clients in our CRM.
We save company details to the company and contact CRM cards. This means that we cannot use {RequisiteRqCompanyName}, {RequisitePrimaryAddressCity}, and all other details that are copied from Company Requisite cards by default.

Our client information will be copied from the Company CRM card {CompanyTitle},Contact Person: {ContactFormattedName}, Company Address: {CompanyAddress}, Company email: {CompanyEmail}

Where can you get the codes from?

From the document button -> add new template. Click on the wheel, select “fields”

In the search bar, we type in “Company” because we need company details.

Paste the copied fields where you want them to appear on the document template.

A helpful feature in the search is the ability to filter fields according to their source

When you select “deal” as the source, fields which exist in deals will appear. If there are fields that exist both in deals and other CRM entities (e.g company), they will also appear in the results.

Custom fields are also supported and will appear in the search.

Repeat this process for any new field you want to add to the template.

Another important part of an invoice is PRODUCTS. For products to be available on the invoice, they must be available (created) in Bitrix24.

On the deal card, click on the “Products”tab. Add or select a product. The product name and total amount will be reflected on the invoice.

When you are satisfied with the changes you’ve made, Upload the new template.

To upload the new version , Click on “upload new” on the edit template page.

Next, you need to

  1. set a name for the new template

  2. Make the template active

  3. Bind it to CRM sections - you need to choose where this template will be available. An interesting point to note is that deals in different pipelines can have a different set of templates.

  4. Access permissions (Template users) - You can give access to specific people, groups or entire departments.

  5. Bind to country.

  6. Numbering - You can use the existing numbering rule or create your own. You can use sequential or random numbers, day,month, year, prefix, customer or company ID.

Click save and start using your new template.

The next time you click on generate  invoice, on a deal card, You will have something like this:



The document designer Bitrix24 is quite functional and meets the needs of most clients. It is great that document templates can be generated from the CRM. But there are also other sections where documents are needed. 

For example:

  1. Business processes - Generating documents from business processes is a very popular request. We have done this customization for clients several times. Usually, a separate “document generation” Business Process step is requested.

  2. Document templates can also not be used with applications, information blocks

We’ve solved several such tasks for financial organizations. Usually, they have a process for deal consideration. The process goes through several people and is implemented as a Bitrix24 business process.
At different stages it is necessary to generate documents. First, an agreement for the processing of personal data. Next a application form. Then, a contract with the borrower. Etc. 

It would be convenient if such documents could be generated directly from the business process.

So far, such problems cannot  be solved with the Bitrix24 document designer.
INTERVOLGA develops such solutions. We will be glad to help you. 

Write us!

  • 26.07.2022