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How to carry out large Bitrix24 development projects

This article is a guide on “the best practices when working with large projects”, “How to organize and maintain the quality of the development process at a high level” and all things “Large project”. 

Get your notepad, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, and let’s begin!

The implementation of a large project is associated with many potential risks and so, requires a competent contractor to handle it. The contractor needs a lot of experience, high qualifications, discipline and the ability to manage risks.

From the customer - an understanding of the principles of work and an employee who makes decisions and manages internal processes.

How to work on large projects

INTERVOLGA is a company with experience in launching many large projects. We develop:

The more complex a project, the more attention one needs to pay to every detail. Such a project would need competent and experienced managers who can understand the specifics of the business and understand how to improve it. The organization and discipline of the team is important. For a contractor, this is an opportunity to prove their reliability and competence.

INTERVOLGA employees can implement and develop complex solutions from scratch. Briefly about our achievements:

How to recognize a large Bitrix24 development project

Every large Bitrix24  development project is a whole system aimed at creating a specific product. The development of such products takes from 2500 hours of work per year.

Large projects are different. They could have: 

  • complex architecture, abundance of integrations, involve business units and processes; 

  • the need to create an integrated accounting and automation system for all key business processes, link sales channels with production / supply and logistics;

  • multilevel coordination of documents and applications;

  • a high load - many users interact with the product at a time;

  • increased requirements for data protection;

  • systemic complexity - many links within the project, a large number of tables in databases;

  • the need to calculate many indicators - personal prices, exchange rates, delivery times and others;

  • data protection requirements.

Examples of large Bitrix24 Development Projects we have done:

  • Development of a personal user account for B2B clients, taking into account the company's business processes,and the integration of the user account with another information system (which we developed ourselves). A personal account allows customers to receive up-to-date information from your accounting system. Relevant for wholesale online stores, companies with a large number of B2B clients, manufacturers with an extensive dealer network.
    Read: Personal account on the b2b website of the GRASS company.

  • Implementation and launch of an HR portal in Bitrix24 CRM with corporate design, company news, internal services  (application for leave, and other additional options. The HR portal increases the efficiency of the HR department, allowing you to publish information for employees in CRM. Suitable for companies with strict corporate requirements.
    Read the case: Implementation of Bitrix24 for Velesstroy Construction Company.

  • Creation of a marketplace for use within the company for ordering materials, tools for work and other inventory items. Accelerates the execution of requests from employees.
    Read: Development and launch of a marketplace.

INTERVOLGA's approach to working with large Bitrix24 projects

We carry out large projects according to one of two models.

  • Fixed Price with iterations (with each iteration lasting 1 month and up to 500 hours);

  • team rental (at least 2 specialists for 3 months).

We organize work on the support and development of an already working project with small volumes in the "hourly pay" model (from 50 hours per month).

Each model is accompanied by weekly (or daily) calls and discussions with our employees. Therefore, customers are always aware of the progress and stage of work. We will tell you what the customer needs to know about the specifics of working with large projects, what stages it consists of, and what the role of the client's specialists is in this work. As an example, consider the approach used in INTERVOLGA.

As a rule, the customer does not have a ready-to-go team to carry out the project. The only option is hiring or building a team or organizing a tender. Many people face difficulties already at this stage:

  • It takes months to find specialists from amongst the staff. Without the required knowledge, it will be difficult to assess the preparation of candidates. And it takes time for new employees to work together and become a productive team.

  • The option of choosing a contractor through a tender has its drawbacks. It is necessary to prepare a comprehensive task description -this takes a long time to do, and is difficult.
    Implementation will be carried out “strictly” according to a prepared document, which is not so effective, and there is still a chance that you will get unqualified specialists.

Therefore, it is important to find a contractor with a wealth of experience.

Collaborating with a specialized team is the best option. Hiring a project team has many benefits in getting results. We recommend hiring a team if certain conditions are met:

  • The complexity of the project requires not less than 6 months of man labour.

  • The team should deal only with this project and know all its nuances. 

What We offer you:

  • Qualified specialists.

  • The entire team is located in one room, which simplifies communication and discussion of work issues. 

  • Full transparency in work and regular reports on the results. 

In INTERVOLGA, every Bitrix24 project team is made up of:

  • Project manager - head of the group of executors, business analyst.

  • Designer - creates a functional design taking into account UX factors (user experience).

  • Programmers and testers - involved in backend development and testing solutions.

  • Frontend developer - Responsible for responsiveness and client-side optimization.

The client, on his side, provides a Product Owner - an employee who formulates tasks in terms of business requirements,  accepts the result of the work and participates in managing the development process.

Project team for the development of a large project

An important part of our work is maintaining communication with customer representatives. We pay a lot of attention to the goals and objectives of the project at different stages, we discuss important details. We try to respond quickly to customer requests - within an hour.

How we work with large projects:

The key points in an iterative approach are constant analysis and testing.

How to achieve positive results

Questions arise between the two parties before launch and during the work process. Our working methods help to find answers to them.

At all stages of work, we discuss the intermediate results and further actions of the participants. With the right approach and communication, problems and alterations are unlikely to arise.

Upon completion, the customer receives a finished project. Before launching it into a business process, it will take time for training, testing and implementation.

To further support the project and implement improvements, our technical support and development specialists come to the rescue.


As you can already conclude,  INTERVOLGA is able to work with complex projects. Our company is an experienced web integrator who will integrate your website, ERP and CRM into a single business development system. Simply put - we will find solutions for your business processes.

We offer high quality code and fast development. Please contact us if you are planning to implement a large project.

  • 26.07.2021