Work Hours
8:00 am - 6:00 pm UTC+3

Mikhail Filippov

Increasing the efficiency of “Smolmash” engineering company

In this project, we were presented with a classic problem:

Here is a large engineering company "Smolmash" ( that manufactures and sells construction equipment throughout Russia, but whose Sales department lacked effectiveness, manageability and transparency in its relations with clients.

Our job

  1. Implement and customize Bitrix24, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of customer interactions and automating routine business processes. 

  2. To automate mail processing and 

  3. To configure Telephony for the enterprise.


  1. Our experts analyzed the client requirements and identified bottlenecks of the existing system. We suggested tools and methods of improving efficiency within the planned budget and features of Bitrix24, and then developed a Work Statement - a clear plan for our project.

  2. We deployed the Bitrix24 portal, helped to find a server to host the portal, installed and configured it.

  3. We configured the portal and set up the CRM system for effective teamwork, using the following data: company structure, already existing users, lead statuses and deal stages, user permissions set by role. 
    Communication between employees and working with clients has become faster and more transparent, as all the information on the relationship with customers is stored and processed in one place.
    We increased the efficiency of internal processes of the company management by transitioning to project work in the form of tasks and workgroups.

  4. We configured telephony - Calls can now be made right in the Bitrix24 portal. The entire call history with a client and the call recordings themselves are now available in CRM in all corresponding entities.

5. Integration with email - They can now communicate with customers via email through the portal, send commercial offers directly from the portal, and when employees receive emails from potential customers, the system creates a new lead automatically and notifies the responsible Manager.

6. Customized integration with company website - now all requests, enquiries or orders from the company’s website, as well as callback requests are automatically entered into the CRM, and the managers responsible receive notifications about these

7. Refining of the portal: We added a custom entity “special notes” in the CRM for managers. Only managers have access to view and edit this field.
Previously, managers had to write  “secret” comments about customers and transactions in a separate notebook or in a special file, now they can make these comments in the CRM, without fearing that this information will be seen or edited by someone else.


The client is pleased with the increased efficiency of the company and has contacted us to continue work on the enterprise portal — for the automation of business processes and reports.

  • 21.04.2020