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Integration Bitrix24 with Carrot Quest and One Signal

Carrot Quest ( is an online service of internet-marketing: eCRM, email-circulation, pop-ups, online chat, triggers and web-analytics.

One Signal ( is a service for sending messages and push-ups by events.

AfrikaLoan Company asked INTERVOLGARU to send information about events from Bitrix24 to Carrot Quest and One Signal services.

Event is an action of users on a website, application or server. For example, such events are visiting a website, clicking a button, making an order etc.

Recording the events helps to analyze users’ data, segment users and send messages.

At Carrot Quest some data are collected automatically:

  • session begins;

  • UTM-parameters are transferred;

  • user begins the chat;

  • user sends a message;

  • user reads the message;

  • user answers the message;

  • etc.

Carrot Quest records the date of the first and the last events and counts the number of events. Each event has properties. That helps to recognise the context of event.

They are user’s details such as name, email, phone, city, UTM-parameters, list of visited products, number of items in a shopping cart etc. Carrot Quest collects basic details automatically and allows creating additional attributes via API or via other tools.

One Signal service works better for push messages. Besides it is free up to 30.000 user messages a month.

What has INTERVOLGARU done?

INTERVOLGARU has developed a special mechanism connecting Bitrix24 and Carrot Quest which processes big data in Bitrix24 and calls external services.

 Our mechanism sends more than 80 events and users’ details from Bitrix24 to Carrot Quest and One Signal services. 


  • loan is approved;

  • contract is signed;

  • customer has added personal data;

  • customer has uploaded documents;

  • loan has been transferred to the customer;

  • customer has paid amount owed;

  • early loan repayment;

  • etc.

Users details (properties):

  • date of the next payment;

  • sum of the next payment;

  • original payment sum;

  • current loan number;

  • customer has a delay;

  • sum for next payment including the delay sum;

  • customer has no delay;

  • etc.


The result of Bitrix24 and Carrot Quest  integration is wide analytics of customers’ activities, analytics of processes, customer notifications sending, sending marketing messages by events.

  • 08.07.2019