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New in the email Bitrix24 - release Bitrix24. Sydney

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Почта в Битрикс24

Today we will talk about one of the new Bitrix24.Sydney release.

Bitrix24. Mail is a full-fledged email client with integration with other sections of Bitrix24.

Waited for such a module for a long time. The request “we want managers to use the portal as a mailer” we have heard repeatedly. Let's see if the new section responds.


Work with the mailer begins with the connection. It is important that it is simple. Then it is enough to write a short instruction and distribute to the staff - everyone will set up their own mail.

For popular email services (Gmail, iCloud, etc.), simply enter your username and password or simply confirm authorization in a pop-up window.

Consider the connection using the example of my mail (on gmail).

The screenshot shows that authorization is requested in a google account. After that a window will open asking for permissions. Bitrix24 will ask for access to your contacts, calendar, etc.

Nearby, in the settings window, you can enter additional parameters:

  1. The time for which to pick up the mail.

  2. The name of the box and the name of the sender.

  3. Configure sending via external SMTP server.

  4. Customize CRM integration. This paragraph specifies what to create from letters from new addresses, whom to appoint responsible, etc.

  5. Mailbox access is an interesting feature if you connect, for example, company mail or a sales department. Often several people work with her. In this case, each of them will see letters from this post in his Bitrix24.

After saving the settings, synchronization will start and after a while you will see a list of your emails.

Bitrix24 - how standard mail functions work

I checked the basic standard functions - send, reply, receive messages, etc. Everything is working.

Here is an example of a letter written from Bitrix24:

The letter arrived, did not get into spam, there is formatting, the attached file is saved.

What's more interesting, the letter was saved not only in CRM, but also in my work mailbox in outgoing.

Another interesting point, if you try to send an email to an email address unknown to Bitrix24, a window will appear where you will be asked to enter the name of the addressee.

This user will be saved to Bitrix24 as a mail user.

All other usual functions (answer, answer all, send, delete, in spam, read / not read) work correctly. There were no bugs during testing.

ATTENTION! Be careful - deleting a letter in Bitrix24 will also lead to its deletion in your mailbox.

Mail integration with other sections of Bitrix24

Judging by the buttons, the following functions are planned to link the letters with other sections:

  1. Create a task;

  2. Save to (or exclude from) CRM;

  3. Discuss lively;

  4. Discuss in the chat;

  5. Create an event.

At the time of this writing, two of them were working - task creation and CRM communication.

The task is created by quoting the last letter in the chain. It is clear who wrote what to whom. It is gratifying that the files attached to the letter are correctly attached to the task.

But the connection with the CRM in the task is not automatically entered. Even if the letter got into CRM.

The full text of the letter can be opened in a pop-up window by clicking on details. This is convenient because the created task does not close.

Directly integration with CRM works - all unknown letters to the portal fall into the leads (or contacts, as configured).

You can quickly go to the lead or contact created from the letter from the list of letters.

Can you work in the mail in Bitrix24

In short - apparently, yes.

During testing, I did not find a single problem that would not fundamentally allow me to work in the mail in Bitrix24, without going to the mail client. And this is great news.

The main complaint is slow synchronization compared with browser clients. I admit that this moment will be adjusted as more and more users begin to use the tool.

The only big question now is when will it appear in the boxed version of Bitrix24?

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation.

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  • 17.06.2019