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Overview of CRM systems: amoCRM, Bitrix24

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Comparing CRM systems is a thankless task. Very much they are different in order to create, implement, in detail.

In this article we will try to separate flies from cutlets. The description of the systems given in it will help to make a choice or at least bring it closer to solving this task.

How to understand which CRM system to choose? You need to go from your goals and objectives, your willingness to pay for achieving your goals. We will understand everything in more detail.

General objectives of the implementation of CRM-systems

  • "Optimization!"

  • “Optimization of business processes.”

  • “To be comfortable, everything is in one place.”

  • “So that the system does everything itself.”

  • “To keep customers on track”

and the like - very similar to the thoughts with which a person proceeds to choose CRM. To make the right choice of common words is not enough, you need to clearly understand what result you want to achieve: highlight what will be and what will not be after implementation.

Example: all applications in one system, applications are not lost by managers, are processed according to the general rules that exclude violations.


Tasks grow out of the difference between your target result and reality. The formulated problem is the problem that needs to be solved. It is important to understand what needs to be changed in order to save time, resources, and therefore money.

For example, all applications will be automatically distributed among managers. Managers agree on the order, the delivery with the customer, check the payment, appoint a courier, collect feedback. The head can see all the actions of the employee in the system, CRM is configured in such a way that the omission of mandatory action is impossible.


Implementing CRM, the business is counting on additional profits. At the implementation stage, sees the costs. If the implementation is successful, there will be a tangible increase in revenue. But first you need to invest power, time, money to buy and configure the system. CRM itself can not optimize anything without aligned workflows within the organization. She is a tool to help you achieve your goals. Often, to improve the efficiency of simple automation is not enough. Needs revision of approaches to work.

The table below shows the minimum regular costs of different CRM under different initial conditions. All prices are for base rates with no discounts or system revision costs.

Minimum regular costs for CRM (as of December 2018)
Users / Period
amoCRM tariffs without a digital funnel, from (RUR)
amoCRM tariffs with a digital funnel, from (RUR)
Bitrix24 cloud, from (RUR)
Bitrix24 box, from (RUR)

2 Users/ 1 year



from free version 

(max 12 users)

59.000 (1 year licence,  max 12 users)*

* license renewal for renewal is      once a year ~13.000

5 Users/ 1 year


5 Users/ 6 Months



10 Users/ 6 Months



15 Users/ 6 Months



7.140 ( max 24 users)

139.000 (licence for max 50 users)*

*license renewal for renewal is      once a year ~31.000

30 Users/ 6 Months



35.940 (max 50 users)

50 Users/ 6 Months




The result of the implementation depends on its preparation. It is at the preparatory stage that important decisions are made: the goals of the implementation are determined, the priority tasks are highlighted, the options for their solution are worked out. It is crucial to correctly assess the current situation and adequately prepare the company's work after the introduction of CRM. Here it is useful to conduct a swot analysis of the organization . This work allows:

  • think about what functions will be important tomorrow,

  • understand whether the tasks you chose CRM,

  • to develop an implementation solution,

  • to plan system improvements.

With this approach, the result will be more predictable and understandable, and to achieve the goals - easier.

Let us consider below what tasks are solved and what tools are used in different CRM, what goals and results are intended to achieve.


Implementation targets

If your goals are:

  • Quickly start using the system.

  • See requests from different sources in one place (mail, website, telephony, social networks, instant messengers).

  • To process customer requests according to specified rules, stages.

  • Operatively manage the work of sales managers.

AmoCRM may suit you.

Tasks and Tools

And now let's see what tasks amoCRM solves:

  • Training to work with the system.

The system itself has many tips and instructions on how to work. The company's website describes in detail the functionality, system configuration. You can start working independently without attracting specialists.

  • Setting tasks for employees to process an order or customer.

The CRM allows:

  • assign a task to an employee

  • bind a task to a transaction, company or contact,

  • set up task creation triggers under conditions defined in the sales funnel.

  • Reduced collection time.

When configuring integrations, all applications can be collected in amoCRM, do not lose them, process applications in the desired sequence.

  • Phased work with the client from interest to purchase, rules for working with clients:

  • setting up sales funnel stages,

  • triggers

  • custom and required fields when moving from stage to stage.

  • Tools will help reduce the time for processing applications and automate customer processes:

  • setting goals,

  • assignment of statuses

  • sending messages and content

  • etc.

Thanks to the triggers, you can automatically “promote” the customer through the sales funnel.

  • Reduce time to work with a client.

All information about the client and work with him is available in one place, some actions are performed automatically.

  • Improve customer service.

Less transaction costs, more attention to each client, work with clients on the funnel.

  • Quickly track statistics on the work of sales managers.

In CRM there is a simple analytics, reports on the main parameters of the sales department, managers, sales funnel, it is possible to drill down reports.

System description

In amoCRM, you can easily set up integration with the main sources of leads: mail, website, social networking chats.

The sales promotion transaction is the basis of amoCRM. The rest of the functionality serves the transaction. The transaction includes all information about the lead, the history of relationships.

To manage transactions, the sales funnel stages and transaction fields are configured. Also a convenient means of searching and entering information - tags. Tags can mark the desired objects, and then easy to find them.

To work with clients in the transaction can:

  • correspond by e-mail,

  • through social network chat rooms,

  • set up autoresponders for messages.

The system also provides for chats between employees: in a transaction or through the notification section. The correspondence in the notification section can only be used to solve quick short questions. Old correspondence to search for a long time. Store information in these chats can not.


The cost of amoCRM ranges from 499 to 1499 rubles per month per user. At the same time, the system is easily integrated with many systems and is actively developing. More about tariffs

There are also more favorable annual rates with a limited number of users.

For example, for the tariff “Micro-business” the year of work of two users in amoCRM will cost 4999 rubles, or about 208 rubles per month per user. The annual Start-Up package for five users will cost 14999 rubles or ~ 250 rubles per user per month. These rates will suit small organizations with a limited budget for CRM. At the same time on these rates are not available:

  • connection of new users over the limit,

  • triggers, digital funnel,

  • integration with cash registers

  • sales forecast and planning,

  • call report,

  • other functions.

The base rate for 499 rubles per month for functionality almost completely coincides with the annual packages. The cost of 6 months for five users, for example, will cost 14970 rubles, which is commensurate with the cost of the annual package for five users on the Start-Up tariff of 14,999 rubles. With a small sales department and a limited budget, we can recommend starting work at one of the annual tariffs and only after that make a decision about the expediency of a significant increase in the cost of CRM - switching to a more expensive monthly payment.

The digital funnel is available starting at Advanced Rate. The cost of a year of work for two users is ~ 24,000 rubles, the cost of a year for five users is ~ 60,000 rubles.

Fees are also different:

  • available space,

  • limits on the number of contacts, open deals, additional fields.

If you have a very small business and the main goal of CRM is to collect and store information, then amoCRM annual tariffs will suit you. In addition, free widgets are available that will expand the basic functionality.

The cost of using advanced functionality is commensurate with the cost of using other CRM.

Results and limitations

As a result, you get a custom module for organizing the work of the sales department. The disadvantages of the system include the functional limitations of the base system. For example, digital funnel, triggers, sales bots, business processes and scenarios, sales forecast, KPI and sales plan for managers, integration with social media advertising offices, calling lists, mandatory filling of fields and some other functions are not available at basic rates. In the presence of a large number of integrations, the one you need may not turn out, and the existing ones may not correspond to your requests.

CRM Bitrix24

Implementation targets

If your expectations for implementation:

  • CRM: all orders in one place, sales funnel, order processing rules.

  • Task setting and working time control.

  • Project implementation.

  • Automation of business processes of the company.

  • Creation of sites and promotion of goods and services.

  • Corporate portal: organization's social network, shared calendars, meetings, tasks, document repository, Wiki (corporate knowledge base).

  • Analytics of employees, sales.

Bitrix24 - a good option to achieve your goals.

Tasks and Tools

Highlight the tasks that solves Bitriks24.

  • Processing customer requests in one place:

- leads from different sources (mail, instant messengers, website, telephony, customer base import), 

- contacts, companies, deals, 

- trade directions or multiple funnel, 

- history of relationships, correspondence, affairs, calls, comments in a transaction, contact, company, 

- customizable cards and required fields, 

- tasks and mandatory cases, 

- event Ribbon, 

- reference books, products, product sections, filters, 

- letter templates, 

- details and document templates, 

- customer accounts, online public accounts and regular accounts. Read more:

  • Creating rules for processing leads and transactions, documents: robots, triggers and business processes.

  • Setting tasks for company employees, tracking progress and elapsed time:

- evaluation of completed tasks or sending for revision, 

- responsible, co-contractors and observers, 

- deadlines and time spent on the task, 

- change settings for a task group (responsible, deadlines, etc.), 

- checklists, 

- related tasks, 

- task filters, 

- creating tasks via email and from posts in Buzz,

- task templates and their periodic opening (you can set the frequency of creation, other task parameters), 

- tags and task groups. 

  • Organization of project work for groups of employees, Gantt charts, deadlines, tasks, project documents:

- combining tasks into projects, 

- separate Buzz for each project, its own messages, photo gallery, tasks, its own files on disk, 

- external and internal links to objects (tasks, documents, chats, messages, etc.), 

- discussing issues within the project team in Buzz, including with partners and colleagues that are not in your Bitrix24 (via e-mail), 

- synchronization of the computer with the Disk Bitrix24 and elastic disk ( ), 

- Project wiki, documents, images, comments to them and version control system, version comparison, restoration of the old version, table of contents, cross-references, categories and tags, 

- counters with the total number of tasks for different roles, the number of tasks requiring attention, 

- assessment of employee performance for the current month, 

- individual, general calendars, group and department calendars, 

-scheduling meetings and events, 

- absence graphics, 

- working time reports. 

All this helps to quickly respond to the wishes of the client in the process of solving his tasks, track the project in detail at all its stages and build communication between the client and the project team.

  • Fast creation of landings, an online store using a designer already integrated with Bitrix24.

  • Built-in telephony.

  • Mailings, advertising companies by segment, repeat business and leads.

  • Ability to work in multiple portals, desktop and mobile applications.

  • Automation of business processes (coordination of leave, procurement, workflow, etc.):

- automatic recurring tasks 

- business processes in Buzz, 

- typical business processes for solving production problems: 

  • an invoice for payment;

  • outgoing documents;

  • cash advance;

  • vacation application;

  • travel application,

- Business process templates for customization, export and import, 

- ready-made business process templates are available: 

  • automatic launch of new documents approval processes,

  • approval of changed documents,

  • publishing a document on a connected site,

- business process designer or “visual designer” that allows you to create and customize business processes for narrow tasks. 

  • Reports on sales, work of managers, on sales funnel, reports on tasks, use of working time:

- sales funnel, 

- transaction amount, 

- transactions in work, 

- payment control, 

- forgotten deals, 

- groups of sales funnel stages, 

- product reports by manager, 

- employee and department time statistics, 

- fixing the beginning and end of the working day, break, time of task execution, 

- daily reports on completed tasks and events, 

- custom reports. 

  • Communication of company employees, communication within groups and between individuals, polls, greetings, announcements:

- links to all objects Bitrix24, 

- sending Buzz information to an email and the ability to add comments via email, 

- sending a message to Buzz with email, 

- group and individual chats, video calls, 

- screen demonstration during a video or audio call, 

- search for group chats and conversations, 

- chat history and file attachments, 

- quoting, links to messages, editing messages, 

- mention of the employee with the notification of it (well used to attract the right employee to the discussion), 

- attaching files to the message, 

- communication with external Bitrix24 users - not company employees, 

- company logo on the portal. 

  • Company structure, subordination:

- employee profile, 

- employee lists, 

- departments, managers, department employees. 

System description

Bitrix24 combines three-dimensional functions: corporate portal, CRM, automation of design work. In addition, there is a convenient visual editor of business processes. It allows you to customize the system very flexibly.

Corporate Portal:

  • common space for work and communication,

  • creating traditions and history of the company,

  • photos, multimedia,

  • storage, editing, coordination of documents/.

Bitrix24 contains a designer for flexible customization of business processes. It requires special knowledge or at least a deep understanding of the configuration and operation of the system.


The cost of using Bitrix24 depends on the version. There is a cloud version and a box. The cost of the cloud version starts from the free tariff, other tariffs are paid monthly. The boxed version is paid once at the time of purchase and then an annual renewal of the use of a license of about 22% is paid annually. Read more

The cloud version of Bitrix24 can be used for free by up to 12 users. The free version has limitations in functionality.

The boxed version requires the cost of purchasing and renewing the license, but in the long run the investment pays off.

Bitriks24 is a good option, based on the cost of use. It competes with other CRM, because cost calculation is not tied directly to the number of users.

Results and limitations

Introducing Bitrix24 you get a multifunctional system with the possibility of refinement for your tasks. The cloud version has limitations in refinement. The boxed version of Bitrix24 can be fully customized.

From the obvious advantages of the system:

  • the ability to communicate with company employees and outside people, to work together,

  • the ability to quickly create landing pages and online stores,

  • almost unlimited storage of documents, media,

  • possibility of complete customization.


There are always a lot of goals, determine strategically the most important: why do you need CRM.

Limit the list of tasks that you want to solve in CRM. Choose the most important for business. Think about what features will be needed in the near future.

If you sell expensive services / products and you do not flow, most likely you will need amoCRM.

If you have an online store, you need to quickly process orders, promptly manage sales, the best solution is retailCRM.

If you need a corporate portal, Bitrix24 is your solution.

Money, results and restrictions are always interrelated. As a rule, CRM systems make it possible to refine the functionality, but this requires additional costs. The main functions sought must already be implemented. Making a choice and determining the rate of use of CRM, check that the functions you need are supported at the selected rate.

There are many different systems on the market. They are constantly evolving. The law of the market - one who does not change - dies. Choose the system that develops in the direction you need.

Still not decided what you need?

Chose CRM, want to implement?

Write, leave applications - we will help.

This article was translated automatically. We are working over improving the translation. 
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