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Payment system M-Pesa and Bitrix24 integration

In the middle of 2017 AfrikaLoan сompany contacted us to integrate Bitrix24 with M-Pesa Services ( AfrikaLoan Limited is a financial company which has developed innovative online products and services to cater for the unbanked lower to middle income consumers. Their main products are online pay day loans and installment loans to encourage and support the unbanked. It develops the culture of benefiting from financial support through microloans.

M-PESA Services include:

1. Disbursement (Business sending money to customer)

2. Collection (Business receiving money from customer):

    a. Validation of correctness of payment

    b. Confirmation of payment completion (via sms)

    c. Transaction Status Query (In case of Confirmation fails).


The tasks were:

1. to send money from Bitrix24 via M-Pesa to the customer,

2. to have info about receiving money from customers into Bitrix24.

3. The information about all successful payments / payments cancellations / payments error should be at Bitrix24 report.

4. If the payment to the customer fails Bitrix24 sends query to M-Pesa for repeating the payment.

5. Bitrix24 allows loan controllers to see the payments balance and each the payment to / from customer.


The actual logics of the payment system is described in the picture below.

C2B - accounts for sendings money to customer

B2C - accounts for customers’ money acception

Working Accounts - money buffers for temporary money storage

Utility Accounts - accounts for monetary transfers with customers

So AfrikaLoan Company deposits B2C Working account from  its own bank account (1). Bitrix24 user sees the B2C Working account balance and can move a sum to B2C Utility account (2). If the Loan is Confirmed at Bitrix24 (3) the money is sent  to customer automatically (4). When the borrower pays back the loan via M-Pesa, the Service validates and confirms the payment (5), money gets at C2B Utility account (6). Bitrix24 user sees the C2B Utility account balance changing and can move money to C2B Working account and then to B2C Working account (7).

Besides the report with all AfrikaLoan Company borrowers and payments including payments in progress, payments errors and cancellation statuses are available at Bitrix24.

One more feature is the link from customer payment to the CRM Deal with the information about the customer and the history of the deal.


The integration task is done. The information about payments is available in Bitrix24 reports. The payments management is executed at Bitrix24. Bitrix24 users can see the balance of Working and Utility accounts and execute payments via Bitrix24, manage the system of payments.

If you have the same or other integration issues just call INTERVOLGARU.

  • 23.05.2019