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Be more productive with a custom Bitrix24 CRM.

Implementing a Bitrix24 CRM gives you access to all the tools you need to increase sales, put your customers first, and be more productive.
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Our quick start implementation module

Our quick start Implementation lasts for 3 weeks.
Within 2 weeks, we implement a portal that is suited to your company's needs.
The last 1 week is an intensive training for your staff on how to use the CRM effectively.


We conduct 2-3 video conferences with your managers to understand how you work. We determine your goals and expectations from the project, to enable us offer the best solution for your company.


We set up your intranet with your company structure, a company drive, work/project groups, project management and reporting. We synchronize employee work and personal calendars, and create templates for tasks and checklists for monitoring.


We configure CRM entities and stages, remove unnecessary menu items, simplify your work with clients.

STAGE 4 - SALES CHANNEL integration

We integrate your website, mailbox, calls, SM pages with Bitrix24 CRM for automatic lead creation. We set up telephony - add users, configure call processing, queueing, and lead creation logic.

We configure mailbox access, set up automatic signatures.

STAGE 5 - SALES automation

We set up automatic task formation, depending on deal stages, SMS or email notification for customers about the processing status of their goods, and notifications for managers about deals that have been in the same stage for long.


 We conduct an intensive training to teach your staff how to use the portal for day-to-day activities, and to satisfy your customers.

Why choose INTERVOLGA for your  Bitrix24 Implementation project?

  • 19+ years of experience working with web systems
  • Our specialists possess all necessary Competencies, verified by Bitrix Inc.
  • We are recommended by other Bitrix partners. We are well-known in our industry, and have a good reputation.
  • Bitrix Inc. trusts and recommends us for the most complex projects.
  • We train other IT companies. We prepare training courses used by Bitrix.
  • We use a clearly defined and detailed implementation checklist.


A few of our Bitrix24 implementation projects

Bitrix24 Implementation for "RISE" IT company

RISE ( is an experienced IT company with over ten years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of 1C software products. The company is actively engaged in its own development for large enterprises.

Despite the fact that the company employs professional pros, RISE approached us with a request to implement Bitrix24. Moreover, RISE is a certified partner of 1C-Bitrix. Paradox? No, just a prudent and thoughtful decision since INTERVOLGARU is a renowned Bitrix24 Implementor.

Increasing the efficiency of “Smolmash” engineering company

In this project, we were presented with a classic problem:

Here is a large engineering company that manufactures and sells construction equipment throughout Russia, but whose Sales department lacked effectiveness, manageability and transparency in its relations with clients.

How did we solve this problem and increase their efficiency? by implementing a Bitrix24 CRM

Development of business processes for “MYBOX sushi and wok”

MYBOX actively applies the tools of goal setting, time tracking, scheduling meetings, internal correspondence, etc.
However, their work process consists of the same types of projects that require precise execution of repetitive tasks. But here is the major problems of such projects - The staff usually forget to move on to the next implementation stage, they forget to pass the baton on to other departments, and to make reports within a specified time.

How much does it cost?

€ 1490 - Implementation only

€ 2438 - Implementation + 1 year License for a team

Review of our Implementation project

The Midas-group company thanks INTERVOLGA for the successful implementation of Bitrix24 CRM system. Thanks to the implementation, our business processes go on much faster, we have an automated document approval process, and it's easier to work with tasks.

Our CRM implementation was done in a short time and with high quality.
When we notified INTERVOLGA specialists of chnages to our Business processes, they were promptly reflected in the CRM.

Elena Romantsova
General Director of Midas-Group LLC