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Stepan Ovchinnikov

Stepan Ovchinnikov
Bitrix24: Key performance indicators and custom reports based on CRM

Bitrix24: Key performance indicators and custom reports based on CRM

Bitrix24 is used to solve management tasks in different organizations.

In some cases there are 5 employees, in other cases - 500.

Maybe you have 5 transactions a week in CRM, or maybe 500 calls a day.

Even the concept of "project", "transaction", "offer" have different meanings in different organizations.

How do you use it then? Why does it work at all?

I must say that creation of a software product "for any company", what Bitrix24 has become, is a surprising phenomenon. Who is this system for? What organizations is it for?

For everybody? or for "nobody"?

You can say that Bitrix24 is suitable for everybody to solve 80% of tasks. And for the remaining 20% everybody needs a fine setting and update.

In accordance with the principle of Pareto the first 80% are easily implemented. We are trying, studying, watching videos, getting used. Everything works. This is a small implementation.

The remaining 20% are more difficult. You need the research and the expert's work. Sometimes - "in terms of workflows". Sometimes - a database designer, a REST API expert and a programmer on some kind of React JS.

In this article we talk about a most interesting case of developing "the second type applications" for cloud Bitrix24 and show the possibilities of expanding the service functionality.