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Bitrix24 and BillMo integration: how we developed CRM Payments functional extension

Today we are going to tell you about the CRM payments functional extension developed as a separate module. This module is ready for reuse.

As we wrote before INTERVOLGARU made integrations of Bitrix24 and BillMo, OpenPay, Extra, Oxxo, etc. payments systems for Prestalatino company. It should be reminded that the company gives out micro loans in Mexico.

At first we needed to integrate Bitrix24 and BillMo. The task was to add information about BillMo payments to Bitrix24. We developed a web-interface at Bitrix24 and started the integration. 

Basic Features

First of all our payments module allows adding CRM Deals “Payments” type (incoming and outbound) to basic Bitrix24 CRM entities.

We restricted changing payments for ordinary users. A CRM user can’t edit, start or finish the Payment Deal. A user can see the detailed information about the payment on the deal page with the history of payments. The Deal is just the fact of money transferring. The module CRM Payments automatically manages the payment deals.

Every time when the information about payments changes deals update. The deal is deleted if there is a payment error. If the payment is in progress the deal will not be finished.

The payments module by INTERVOLGARU is made to be used by different payment systems not only with BillMo.

Masters of the outbound payments and data import

The next task was to create a way for employees to add payments to Bitrix24 manually.

We developed two options. The first one is to add a single outbound payment via step-by-step wizard. At the payment section we added a button for manual outbound payment recording. So besides viewing the information of payment deals, users can create a payment via Bitrix24.

Another new function is importing information about payments from a file. That was needed to import a history of payments. We developed:

  • avoiding interruption errors;

  • choosing data format;

  • checking empty fields and setting up correct values;

  • file uploading.

Other functions

The filters were developed to search a payment at a payments lists. They are: search by templates, full-text search, additional fields for searching.

Another developed function is balance audit. Depending on a payment system the function shows different types of balance for auditing and decision-making.

Besides, we developed a function to make payments automatically via workflow. If there is a manual or automatic payment confirmation via the workflow then the payment is processed. In case of payment refusal by a person in charge, the money isn’t sent automatically.


The intervolga.crmpayments module was developed in respond to our client’s request. The module development is still in progress.

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  • 05.08.2019