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Elena Fedianova

Bitrix24 and TransUnion integration

AfrikaLoan Limited asked INTERVOLGARU integrate Bitrix24 with TransUnion credit history bank ( Before we had integrated Bitrix24 and M-Pesa for that Company.

Such online loans lender as AfricaLoan needs to prevent fraud delivering customers a seamless experience.

Transunion produces a comprehensive assessment of risk. TransUnion Identity Verification verifies consumer-provided information by bringing together vast data and analytics. It combines insights on consumers, their digital devices, transaction behaviors and known associations.

The task

We ask TransUnion for the credit history and credit score of their customer. That is needed for risk assessment. So we send customer’s full name and ID number to TransUnion to receive the credit history and score.

AfricaLoan needs to receive a report for each borrower monthly.

The TransUnion requested results are saved at CRM Deals.

What INTERVOLGARU has done

Below is the scheme of the systems collaboration.

The issue was that African customers have several not mandatory Names: Christian Name, Tribal or Original Name, father’s Name, Surname. The Names can be written at ID Card and requested randomly, some names can be absent. The names searching seems difficult. But in that case it was not.


INTERVOLGARU has integrated Bitrix24 and TransUnion. That allows making decisions about loans quickly, automating loan payments for customers with high credit score. Automated receiving of credit history and credit score complements CRM Deal Card and customer portrait. It makes the dialogue with Customer well-structured, you know who you are talking to. We implemented in the system the workflow for AfrikaLoan employees who process the loan requests. The workflow contains a  questionnaire for Customer at every step of the loan request confirmation. The time for the loan request processing decreased significantly.

  • 30.05.2019