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Anton Ziryanov

Case study: "Invoice approval” business process with entry into the company’s payment calendar" for Bitrix24

Description of the task

Invoice approval is a routine but necessary process and usually before an invoice is sent to a client, 2 or more managers and the CEO need to give their approval.
If a company carries out invoice approval procedure at least once a week, it needs to be automated.

Our task was not only to automate and simplify the invoice approval process but also to make it contactless. You can approve an invoice from home, the only requirement is to have access to Bitrix24. In addition, we added a reminder mechanism for the accountant - 

  1. notifications about the task of a business process

  2. entering the event in the payment calendar.

We developed a tool to help you coordinate invoice, budget, contracts and other document approvals. 

Approval parties can be both people in your company (colleagues, supervisors, etc), as well as contractors, clients, counterparties, etc.

Installation and settings

Installing a business process in your cloud Bitrix24 is quick and easy. Our specialist can help you with the installation of the universal Invoice approval Business Process in your CRM.

We can also customize the solution to include other needs which may be peculiar to your company.

Once set up, your employees will be able to launch invoice approval processes right from the live feed!

How does Bitrix24 invoice reconciliation work?

Step 1

The user starts a business process from the live feed. 

In the form that opens, the employee indicates the title of the approval, attaches an invoice file, a comment (which describes the purpose of the payment), the name of the contractor and the amount to be paid. Also, the user enters the date for which the payment is scheduled. In the “Approval type” field, select the algorithm according to which the process will work:

  • by hierarchy - the invoice is consistently passed on in a hierarchical order (team leader -> head of department-> ... -> CEO)

  • sequential approval - the invoice is approved by the users specified in the business process settings

If someone whose approval is needed does not have access to Bitrix24, you can use sequential approval. A user with CRM administrator rights can configure the list of approvers at any time.

Step 2

A task from the “Invoice approval” business process is displayed in the live feed of the first “approver” (depending on the choice of the type of approval).

An “approver” can:

  • read the attached invoice document

  • approve the invoice

  • Decline (with mandatory explanation) - in this case, the business process will be terminated, and the initiator of the process will receive a notification and a new task “Correct errors”. The error checklist will indicate the reason 

Step 3

After the invoice has been agreed to by all users, a “Pay invoice” business process task will be displayed in the accountant's live feed.

The accountant (as well as the other approvers) can pay the invoice, or refuse with explanations (in this case, the business process will work according to the same algorithm as when an approver refuses).

In addition to displaying the business process task in the live feed, the accountant and the process initiator, the date of the invoice payment is entered into the payment calendar - an event for “invoice payment” is created. In case of non-payment of the invoice on the appointed date, the payment  is automatically postponed by 1 day.

Step 4

After the accountant has paid the invoice (and clicked on the “pay” button), the business process is completed. A notification about it is posted in the live feed. The initiator also receives a  corresponding notification.

Who did we design the “Invoice Approval” business process for?

For companies which need to reconcile invoices at least once per week. As this is the case for every company, We can say that our solution is for every company.

Our solution will not only help automate, but also control every stage of this process. User notifications and entries into the payment calendar will not allow the responsible parties to forget about the account.

Instead of wasting time looking for approvers, the manager will contactlessly launch the business process and deal with other tasks, and will return to the invoice only when it has been paid or if adjustments are required. To approve an invoice, you do not need to be physically present in the office - you just need to have access to Bitrix24.

If you need to automate document approval process, we have a solution for this case too - the “Universal Document Approval” business process for your Bitrix24.

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  • 10.06.2021