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How to configure Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence?

Recently INTERVOLGARU and Bitrix together issued a training video course about Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence. This article gives a brief reference to the much more detailed course.

At some point every business deals with the problem of advertising effectiveness. A website, advertising, social media give leads to the company. Money is spent, it seems that the results are quite good, you can’t stop ads, but can’t realize which ads are effective?

Bitrix24 can write down the source of query at Deals:

  • phone call,

  • CRM-form,

  • open channels (they connect your Bitrix24 chats with social media and messengers),

  • email messages.

Usually we can’t understand the ads channel by the source of query: how the client came to the company: from social media, by street banner or online banner.

Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence helps to measure effectiveness of advertising channels and sales managers.

Sales Intelligence tells us about:

  1. channel which gives the best result: more leads and sales,

  2. managers’ work: which manager sells more through which channel,

  3. ROMI (return on marketing investments rate),

  4. best way to distribute the budget.

At first let’s configure Sales Intelligence at Bitrix24.

Ads source configuration at Bitrix24

In order to gather the information about the sales sources at CRM automatically, we connect advertising channels to Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence. For that purpose we configure Traffic Sources at Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence section.

The connection scheme is the same for each channel:

  1. Authorise at ads channel (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

  2. Choose the channel at CRM. You can also create a new one.

  3. Click “CONNECT”.

  4. Specify UTM-marker. The best UTM-marker represent the name of the channel.

  5. Save the changes.

Configuration of tracking sources of clients’ queries

To track the sources of clients queries we use:


A UTM-marker should be pointed in the link to your website in the ad or on the social media page. The same marker ought to specify the channel connection at Bitrix24. For example, if someone goes to the website by the link with a UTM-marker and then sends the request for our service, a new deal is created at CRM. In that way Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence identifies the query’s source automatically by the UTM-marker.

UTM-markers are created while connecting the ads sources to the Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence. Then you should add the UTM-markers to the link to your website in the ads channels like this:


https://intervolgaru.com/ is the website,

facebook - UTM-marker created while connecting the ads sources to the Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence.

Summing up:

  • create the UTM-markers during the ads channel connection,

  • add the UTM-marker to the website link at the contacts of the ads channel.

You should change the links to the website at every ads channel by the same way.

Call tracking

A special phone number  is used for every ads channel to identify a query source exactly. The call tracking is configured at Bitrix24. A single number refers to each source of queries. When the website opens from the particular channel the phone number at the website is replaced by the one related to the channel.

To configure the call tracking:

  • connect telephony to Bitrix24, 

  • buy relevant quantity of the phone numbers: one for each ads channels at Bitrix24 and one additional for other sources,

  • distribute the numbers by the channels at Birtix24 calltracking, see the picture below,

  • specify relevant phone number at the contact information of the ads channel.

Email tracking

Email tracking works like call tracking. It replaces email addresses at website contacts with the channel email address relevant to the source of the client’s query.

For CRM configuration you should:

  • connect email to CRM,

  • distribute the addresses by the ads channels,

  • specify relevant email addresses in the contacts of ads channels.

Website configuration for Sales Intelligence working

After the configuration of Bitrix24 and the ads channel Bitrix24.Sites works for Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence automatically. Bitrix24.Sites shows phone numbers and email addresses relevant to the ads channel to the clients, and Bitrix24 memorizes the source of query automatically.

To make other websites work with Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence JS-code of Bitrix24 widget on a  website is needed.

Besides, the website should be connected to the CRM. For that:

  • copy the web-address of the site, 

  • go to the Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence section -> Own Site and paste the web-address into opening window.

There are two widgets for the website connection.

1. JS-code of Open Channels widget is at Contact Center section -> Website widget:

2. If Open Channels are not used then the JS-code of Sales Intelligence is needed. You could find it at Sales Intelligence section -> Own site:

JS-code ought to be added to  a website.

Offline ads channel connection

To connect Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence and traditional ads channels such as outdoor, radio ads and tv commercials  it is needed to:

1. Create new channels at Bitrix24 as shown below.

2. Specify a single phone number and email address for every offline ads channel. 

3. Distribute the phone numbers and email addresses by the channels at Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence. Don't forget to use relevant contacts at your ads campaign as at Bitrix24.

More details are at Bitrix24 Sales intelligence course.


It is the most interesting part after the Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence configuration. Now we have the tools to operate objective data, which helps to realize effectiveness of our advertising and various ads channels.

The next step is using Sales intelligence reports. Read our new article on the reports.

This article provides basic information on how to configure Bitrix24 Sales intelligence on your own. 

If you have no time for that or have some problems with the procedure, just call INTERVOLGARU.

  • 22.08.2019